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-Chapter Four: Power revealed-

Naruto woke with a start, he unconsciously flicked his wrist up so as to try and activate his arm blade. Noticing he only wore his brown pants and his black shirt, he saw his cloak and his boots in a neat stack next to him. His sword, gauntlets, knives and crossbow lay next to him as well, all laid out and freshly cleaned. He dressed quickly and walked from the room he was in, leaving nothing in his room. He heard activity to his left so he walked that way. He saw Sasuke, and Sakura being tutored by Kakashi from some scroll. An old man, a younger woman and a small child watched attentively as he taught from this scroll, Kakashi looked up before speaking.

"Good, you're awake."

"How long have I been sleeping?" Naruto questioned. Flexing his seemingly long dormant muscles.

"Just over four days, you may not have realized this, but you were moving faster than even I could hope to. No one had ever gotten that close to Kisame, let alone hope to kill him at that range." Kakashi continued. "Many thought he was immortal because he was always leaving battles unharmed."

"Yeah, but obviously I'm not ready to move that fast yet."

"Clearly, where are my manners, Naruto, this is the architect Tazuna, his daughter Tsunami and her son Inari."

"Nice to meet you all." Naruto bowed slightly, he looked at Sasuke.

"You want to learn to use that sword I gave you?"

"Yes, but you're not in any shape to spar." Sasuke replied.

"You underestimate me, I just need to warm up and I'll be fine."

"Whatever, but it's not my fault if you get hurt." Sasuke stood up.

"Let me see your blade, I'll teach you a jutsu that will allow you to dull your blade so we can fight with them without decapitating each other." Naruto said a few words in a language that was incomprehensible to all except those in the Brotherhood. His finger sparked at it's tip, and then he ran it along the blade, the edge looked exactly the same but it was no more useful as a piece of curved metal. "The jutsu's name is blade duller, it's got no official seals, but the ones that will work are dragon, monkey, boar then tiger." Naruto drew his two edged hand and a half sword and used the same jutsu. "Now defend yourself." Naruto thrust his blade forward quickly, to have it parried, he went through strike after strike, landing one on his shoulder, his calf, and his ribs. Sasuke was doing okay for a beginner. Naruto stepped in and parried the blade, causing it to fly out of his hand and then he put the point to his chin. Naruto smiled under his cloak. "Dead". He picked up the blade he's knocked out of Sasuke's hand and handed it back to him.

"Why do you use such a strange sword?" Sasuke asked.

"Well you see, the brotherhood has used this sword since their beginning in Jerusalem, they brought it over from there, They crossed it with the methods to forge a katana and made an almost perfect sword. No one blade is perfect, but these are the closest thing to it." Naruto began training Sasuke, both steadily getting faster, the assassin's muscles were waking up, and Sasuke was getting used to handling a sword. They fought for an entire afternoon until dinner.

"Well, it seems you'll be nursing some new bruises Sasuke." Kakashi laughed.

"So Naruto, what's this brotherhood you spoke of earlier?" Tsunami asked.

"A group of killers. The best ones. That's all I can tell you." Naruto took a bite of the food.

"What about the ANBU, or the Akatsuki?" Tazuna asked. "Or the Seven swordsmen of the mist?"

"All have come to us for help, I recently killed one of the former Seven, who was part of the Akatsuki. so that proves that we're better than all three of them." Naruto was speaking quickly and precisely.

"You lie! No one could kill Gato's thugs!" Inari yelled.

"Boy, take care what you say, I may lose my patience." Naruto uttered in barely over a whisper, but everyone heard. Inari got up and stalked off.

"You'll have to excuse him, you don't know of Gato, he's fairly infamous around here. On top he's a regular businessman, but underground he's an overlord of some of the most powerful assassins and mercenaries. You can expect to run into one or more of his men on the way back. Especially if word of Kisame's death reaches him." Tazuna said "His men killed Inari's father. And they nearly killed many others in our village."

"Why weren't we warned of this in the briefing? we could have sent better men to protect you." Kakashi had thought they may have been deceived.

"We simply don't have the money. The artifacts my teams find are only enough to get our village by if someone buys them. Most museums within the next 30 leagues in all directions buy from us. But it's usually months or years between finds."

"I'm sure Sarutobi sensei understands."

"We'll protect you none the less, it's our duty." Naruto said.

"Once I master this blade I'll be able to fight even more efficiently than Naruto" Sasuke bragged.

"Don't get ahead of yourself. You do show promise, but I'm not just a swordsman. Plus I'm multiple times faster than you." Naruto laughed some with Sasuke, they had joked earlier when they sparred about Sasuke being better than Naruto, but they both knew who was better.

"We'll move out in five days When the convoy is ready. Until then Sasuke will train with Naruto, and I'll take Sakura and train her in other techniques." Kakashi announced. They then spent the rest of the day talking and enjoying each other's company, Inari even came down and spent some time before going outside and sitting on the porch stairs. Kakashi later came and sat with him.

"You'll have to forgive Naruto, he's not spent much time around anyone else but the brotherhood he grew up with, he nearly killed Sasuke several times when they first met, he doesn't really pay much attention to who he's talking to, he'll mouth off to anyone who isn't one of the people he grew up." Kakashi explained.

"He just doesn't get it, these guys can't be killed. They even killed daddy." Inari felt tears coming from his eyes.

"Naruto never really had parents, Al-Tair who he was raised by was his Godfather, but he doesn't have a single family member, Sasuke only has one left, but Itachi slaughtered the whole Uchiha clan. My dad also died when I was about your age, life and death are natural parts of life, they hurt sometimes, but that's also part of it." Kakashi stood up. "Just remember that Inari." He then went inside.

The next day Naruto and Sasuke were up early and at it again. Sasuke showed a slight improvement, but nothing noticeable by the untrained eye.

Naruto parried and blocked, sometimes dodging or using his arm blade to catch the weapon.

"Alright, Naruto is an exceptional climber, I've seen him scale buildings in a few seconds, Sasuke is also that way. They're more suited for that, I'll teach them the chakra control exercise later." He explained to the Kunoichi the process of focusing the chakra necessary to do the exercise, he then had her climb a tree using her feet only.

"Sensei, I did it." Sakura shouted from up in the tree.

"Good, now come down, I need to teach you some special Jutsu that I think would help you out a lot for your style of fighting." She quickly descended the tree and began to learn the jutsu from the Cyclops of a man.

Naruto and Sasuke sat exhausted from sparring, they also did some hand to hand sparring.

"Let's go for a run Sasuke." Naruto stood up, re-sharpened his blade, and sheathed it. Sasuke also did.

"Alright, just don't tire yourself out keeping up with me." Sasuke grinned as he took off.

They ran into town, but they had no intention of just running, they quickly climbed on a roof and began jumping form roof to roof at unfathomable speeds. Naruto saw a pole at the end of a group of buildings and dove forward. Catching the pole, his momentum carried him over and he planted his feet on the shaft. Sasuke stood on the top.

"You done already?"

"Hardly. Just warming up." He back flipped off the pole and began running again. There was a watch tower in the center of town, he ran to it, and found a single handhold, he ran up the wall to catch it, Sasuke immediately used him as a step ladder to catch the next one. They leap frogged all the way up the building until they reached the roof.

"So how are we getting down?" Sasuke asked.

"We jump."

"We jump?"

"We jump." Naruto muttered a few words in the magic language, and then jumped from the tower. Just before he landed, he vanished from sight and landed safely on the ground five meters away. Sasuke smirked, he'd remembered something Itachi had done once when they were younger. He began focusing chakra to the soles of his feet, and as soon as they adhered to the building, he ran down it.

"You've got all sorts of strange jutsu don't you?" Sasuke asked, jumping to the ground.

"Yeah, plenty. These are just the ones I can't really use in battle. I've got a lot of battle worthy jutsu. Come on, we've gotten our run today, let's go do some more sword practice." Naruto turned towards the direction of the house he stayed at. They arrived and went into the backyard where they normally practiced. Inari was alone swinging a stick around like a sword. He saw the two ninja and then just looked at them.

"You wanna see how it's done?" Naruto asked, smiling slightly, he drew his sword and dulled the edge, Sasuke did the same, they began fighting with the swords. Inari watched in amazement, he saw steel clash against steel, then when Sasuke lost his grip, he ducked the blade of the assassin's sword, and planted a solid fist into the ribs of the blond. The fist staggered Naruto, giving Sasuke enough time to roll backwards and grab his sword. He held it to Naruto's throat.

"Dead." He smirked.

"You got me finally, if you had one of these hereā€¦" Naruto pointed to his arm blade. "I'd really be dead. Well, now we'll start using more than just swords, Sasuke if you want to get a knife, go get one in town and we can practice with that too. I really don't want you to use the arm blade, it's our trademark in the brotherhood, I'm sure Kakashi knows a Jutsu that can emulate it though." Naruto re-sharpened his edge and sheathed it. "I've got to go shave my head again, it's been a few weeks since I last did, I'll see you at dinner." Naruto walked into the house and stood in the bathroom, he pulled out his small pocket knife, sharpened it a little, pulled his shaving gel out of his pack, and put some on his head, he began sliding the blade along his head, taking gel and stubbly hair from the top of his head, he rinsed the blade in the sink, and ran it across his head again. He repeated this until the hair on his head was all gone. "Al-Tair, I'm sorry I haven't been able to write you yet, I'll write as soon as I get home. I hope you're doing well." Naruto rinsed his blade, felt where the brotherhood had tattooed him on his scalp, and then put his hood up.

Sasuke sat in his room, thinking, today it seemed as if Naruto was slower, like he could predict his moves. He could almost feel the next move he was going to make, he focused on his eyes, trying to push chakra into them. He saw chakra signatures in the house, he could identify all of them, he then looked in the mirror, his iris' were red, each with two flame like marks around the pupil. He'd awakened the Sharingan.

-Chapter Four: End-

Author's notes: Okay if anyone's read the book Eragon they'd know where I got the idea for the language that activates Naruto's jutsu, but in my story it's not some ancient long lost language, It's just the language of their ancestors, yes Arabic. Naruto and Sasuke are definitely growing closer, and Sasuke's going to have his Sharingan slightly earlier because I want him and Kakashi to have some time together so he can learn the skills required to manipulate it. Please continue reading & reviewing.