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-Chapter 5: Team Building-

Naruto and Sasuke had built quite a friendship over the swordplay lessons that Naruto was giving to his house mate. They also practiced with daggers, but considerably less. Tazuna said that they would be moving towards Konoha the day after next, so they packed their gear. Sasuke and Naruto spent the day practicing their blades, Sakura was doing something with Kakashi like it had been for the past few days. Naruto stopped the training with Sasuke early, he'd wanted to see what was going on.

"Sasuke, let's go find out what's going on with Sakura and Kakashi." Naruto un-dulled his blade and sheathed it. Sasuke mimicked his friend. They remembered seeing the other members of his team walk northeast. They followed the path into the forest. Naruto and Sasuke saw Sakura striking a tree that had a large dent in it, a conditioning used for styles like Karate. He smiled, he could feel that her chakra had grown as well. A knife struck the tree next to him.

"Naruto, quit sneaking around where you don't need to." Kakashi announced. Sasuke and Naruto walked out, both grinning.

"So you've been training her in hand to hand combat?" Naruto asked.

"Among other things yes. Say Sasuke, let's see how well you can do with that dagger. Sakura!" Sakura reached behind her and drew a tanto. She used the jutsu that Naruto had shown Sasuke. Sasuke smirked, drew the one edged dagger that he had gotten from Naruto, did the same and stepped forward.

Sakura stood with her knife in her right hand, her left the front hand. Sasuke stood crouched with his dagger in his left hand, Naruto had taught him the use of is with his off hand so he could wield both his sword and dagger. He held it in reverse grip, stepping forward he ducked under the first thrust and lashed out with the butt of the knife. Sakura put her hand out to intercept the pommel, dropping her blade down, barely missing Sasuke. Sasuke caught Sakura's wrist and stepped around her, pulling her arm over her shoulder and throwing her with a Judo style shoulder throw. Sasuke waited for her to stand, flipping his dagger in a forward grip, he assumed a similar position as her, she stepped in and then dropped, to try a leg sweep, but Sasuke jumped over the leg, slashing downward only to have her roll back. As she stood, Sasuke lunged and with an open hand strike knocked the wind from her, she fell to one knee. He put his blade to her throat and said the single word.

"Dead." he re-edged his blade and sheathed it, helping her up. "But you've improved a great deal, I remember watching you use the tanto in the academy, you were terrible at it."

"Thank You Sasuke, Naruto has also helped you a lot." Sakura blushed slightly at the compliment.

"Naruto also taught me a great deal of empty hand fighting, early on I kept losing my sword so he showed me how to get inside someone's range and take them down from there." Kakashi seemed mildly interested in the conversation. They were behaving more like a team than before when Naruto would likely have killed Sasuke as helped him. He'd been teaching Sakura about chakra control, how to use the kodachi and tanto, and several jutsu. She had an affinity for water jutsu which weren't his best but he knew a great deal still because of his time spent in the ANBU. Sasuke had shown the usual Uchiha fire affinity, he didn't know what Naruto used.

"Naruto, what kind of jutsu do you use?" Kakashi inquired.

"My best are wind and fire. But I can use all sorts of other ones." He replied.

"I see." Naruto's eyes suddenly sharpened, he sensed something that wasn't right.

"Sir, we need to get back to the house, something doesn't seem right." Naruto turned and began running at his unnatural pace towards the house.

They arrived to see the door cut to ribbons, he drew his sword and walked into the courtyard. They heard Tazuna's daughter Tsunami scream.

Naruto ran to see two men carrying katana, one had grabbed Tsunami by the hair.

"Let her go!" Naruto stepped forward but topped when the samurai put his tanto to her neck.

"Now now, this is one of the Konoha ninja that was hired by Tazuna huh?" He looked at his friend and nodded, he removed his tanto from Tsunami's neck and drew his sword. Both men charged him, he ducked the overheard strike, using his arm blade to impale one man and end his life immediately, he then pushed the body in the direction of his other enemy and then stepped forward and used his sword, cutting the man down. He wiped his sword clean and then walked over to Tsunami.

"Are you okay ma'am?" He asked politely.

"Yes, make sure Inari and father are okay!"

"The others are on it."

In another part of the house, Sasuke had drawn his dagger, the hallway was to narrow for his sword. He heard Inari cry out in fear. He ran to the room where Inari stayed in and saw two men dressed in black outfits, one holding a wakizashi. He threw a kunai, killing one in an instant, he then stepped back as the other swung his short sword, catching the arm, he cut the face, then the arm and finally he cut the man's chest open, finishing with a thrust to the heart. He saw to it that Inari was fine.

Sakura and Kakashi had walked around back to where Tazuna would enjoy his tea, seeing him surrounded by multiple men, Sakura threw two shuriken, one hit a man's chest, the other hit nothing. They used the distraction and moved in quickly, Sakura grabbing Tazuna and moving away as Kakashi eliminated all threats.

All met in the courtyard of the house.

"Kakashi, who were these men?"

"Just some thugs hired no doubt by men who wish to kill Tazuna and get his artifact." Kakashi saw the convoy coming down the road. "Everyone, grab your stuff, we're heading out." They all went to their separate rooms and got their bags. When everyone returned they set out towards Konoha. It was only a two day expedition so it would not take that long. They set out shortly after everyone returned.

For the most part the first day went rather uneventfully. A man had sprained his ankle on a rather steep hill, but that was the only mishap. Naruto had taken the final watch, he sat with the fire in front of him, but he didn't look at it. He heard a noise behind him, and he turned, his arm blade ejecting from its casing. He saw Sasuke standing there, carrying his sword.

"Sasuke, you can sleep for another hour, we don't leave until sunset." Naruto said, closing his lethal companion.

"I know, but I couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to give you an hour of sleep." Sasuke smirked slightly, looking at his best friend. He sat in front of the fire, and waved off his friend. Naruto simply laid down and went into a light sleep.

Naruto jumped to his feet at the sudden noise. The noise was Sakura waking up and screaming when she found a spider had joined her on her bed roll. Naruto had never expected that she'd be afraid of spiders. Naruto laughed, but then realized that the sun had risen all the way so they could move out again.

The first half of the trip, seemed rather boring, they ate breakfast, packed up and then left the rest spot. They arrived in a massive plains, one they had crossed on the way there. Naruto sensed something and then yelled.

"EVERYONE HIT THE DECK!" Naruto was down, the rest of the convoy as well, then a flurry of arrows went flying above. Naruto pulled his crossbow off his back and three bolts, he loaded one, then reached his senses to search for one of the men that had shot at them. He found one, adjusted his aim and fired, he loaded another, then rose to a crouch, and ran in that direction. Everyone else stayed to guard the eight non shinobi members of the group. The assassin ran at a surprising speed for his stance. He found another member of the enemy group and promptly planted a bolt in his chest. He loaded his third bolt and saw another in the grass, he fired, seeing the final member he could see with a bow fall. He stood, sensing a fourth presence.

"Uzumaki Naruto, your reputation is fast becoming one that is worth being heard about." A somewhat feminine voice said from the grass. He stood and smiled. "The name's Yumeshi Arima."

"What do you want?" Naruto spat.

"Well, me and my friends, most of which are hiding still, want that artifact that you have." He drew a katana. "So we'll take it from you all." He dashed forward swinging the long blade. Naruto blocked with the blade on his arm, he drew his sword and swung for the man's mid-section. He stepped back, and came in with another swing.

Kakashi had a kunai drawn, Sakura her tanto and Sasuke had his katana out, they could hear the mercenaries encircling their position. Sasuke stuck his katana in the ground and began making seals.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" He breathed a massive fireball that set many of the enemies ablaze as well as a portion of the field. Naruto looked back and saw his friend light the field on fire.

"That idiot! He's gonna kill us all!" He put up his sword to block the blade that came in.

"Naruto you forgot about me!" Arima yelled, thrusting his sword only to have it parried. Arima jumped back several meters, and began making seals, Naruto in an effort to stop him threw a knife which became lodged in his chest, as he staggered back, Naruto stepped in and launched a flurry of sword swings at the man, only to find his defense was very well put together. Kakashi picked off the enemies with the deadly efficiency to be expected of the ANBU while he also watched Sakura and Sasuke's back. The three of them all guarded each other as well as the archeologists while fighting the massive number of inexperienced thugs.

Naruto blocked another downward stroke, he then smiled, this man was rather repetitive, so he came up with an idea. As the man came down with a stroke of his blade, Naruto blocked it and parried it to his left, he then came in with his arm blade and planted it firmly in his ribs.

"You fought me too long for your repetitive style to be of any use to you Arima." Naruto turned the blade and then pulled it out. Naruto closed the man's eyes and then rushed to help his comrades. He threw knives into the crowd, killing men as he ran. He then used his sword to cut a path into the middle.

When the fighting ended, the three gennin were exhausted, Naruto especially. Kakashi looked at the man Naruto had killed.

"Naruto, I know I said you were going to have Kisame's bounty to yourself, but you just made another ten thousand ryou, Yumeshi is one of the strongest ronin in the land. So perhaps you could lend your sensei a few thousand ryou?" Kakashi laughed sarcastically. Naruto had made over one hundred thousand ryou in one mission.

"Hmm? Take the cash from this guy, I don't care. I never had much use for a whole mess of money." Naruto decapitated the man he'd just killed. He now had two heads to take home.

"Naruto, you're incredibly lucky, how have you killed two wanted men in one mission?" Sakura asked.

"Al-Tair and the brotherhood never once took my training lightly, your ninja training pales in comparison to our assassin training." Naruto cleaned his blades of the blood and sheathed them. They were only just under ten miles from home so Naruto could collect his small fortune soon.

-Some Distance away-

Itachi was knelt before his leader, after explaining that Naruto had murdered his partner, he came to ask for a new one.

"So you say that he's a master of swords as well as other close combat skills?" the leader's detached voice questioned.

"Yes sir. He killed Kisame from close range with the arm blade that I spoke of, and inured me with a throwing knife, he appears to use a lot of weapon based arts."

"Then we'll require someone who uses the opposite. Satsuki!" Pein barked .

"Yes Sir!" The voice was female.

"Accompany Itachi and capture this Uzumaki Naruto, we require his Bijuu as well as his head. Take him alive, no killing the Jinchuuriki like last time."

"Yes sir."

-Chapter Five: End-