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"Tommy!" Lily yelled, dropping to her knees and pulling him onto her lap. "Tommy, no! Stay with me! I love you, don't you leave me now! "

"Lil-lily…I l-l-love…you," Tommy said through strained breaths. With one last breath, Tommy Ryan died.

"Tommy, no! God, no!" Lily said, resting her head on his forehead. Tears flowed easily out of her eyes. She felt a hand on her back but she ignored it.

Lily heard another gun shot, and looked up just in time to see the officer that had murdered Tommy, fall lifeless to the ocean. Good, she thought, he didn't deserve to live, killing an innocent man like that.

"Lily, we must go!" Fabrizio said. The hand on her back was shaking her slightly.

"Fabrizio, give me a minute! Tommy just died!" She said, looking at him through tear stained eyes.

"Tommy wouldn't want you to die just because you wouldn't leave him. He'll always be with you," he pointed to his heart, "in here."

"You're right, Fabri." Lily said. She kissed Tommy's cold lips one last time and gently laid him against the railing. Lily smiled slightly when she recognized it: the spot where they first met. She whispered in his ear, although he would never hear it, "I love you Tommy Ryan, and always will."

Lily, with one last glance at Tommy, quickly followed Fabrizio. They rushed past the orchestra who were still playing. Lily recognized the tune as 'Nearer My God to Thee'. It was one of her favorites. Ironically, she would soon be nearer to God, or so she believed.

"Where are we going?" She yelled to Fabrizio.

"Anywhere but here!" He yelled back. The water was rushing behind them, threatening to capture them. "If I don't make it, you have to make it to the back of the ship!" Fabrizio said. "Promise me, Tommy would want you to survive."

"I promise!" She looked back but didn't see Fabrizio. Where had he gone?! She promised him that she would live for Tommy, and by God, she would. She ran even faster and made it to the rising stern. She firmly held onto the railing as it slowly began to move upwards. As the weight of gravity became more than she could handle, the ship broke apart. The stern flew downward. Everyone, including Lily, let out a scream of fear. As the ship hit water, it began to rise again. This time, faster than before. She climbed onto the railing so that she was looking down on the water. They reached the top and seemed to hover there for hours, but in reality only minutes.

Please God, I want to survive. I need to survive. Please, if Tommy is up there with you, please tell him that I love him with all my heart.

The stern began to lower. Faster and faster every second. She heard someone yell, "Stay on the boat for as long as possible!" That seemed like a good idea to her. As the surface of the water become closer and closer, Lily braced herself. With the surface only mere feet from her, she sucked in as much as air possible. The water collided with her. The force of the Titanic pulled her under the water. The water was stabbing at her like a thousand knives. She need air! She kicked towards the surface. Lily's head broke surface. Thousands of voices filled the air. She had to no one to yell to, so she saved her strength. She swam as best as she could over to some floating debris which she recognized as a first class door. She pulled her self onto it and waited.

What felt like years passed by. She could no longer feel her body. Her breaths were labored. The only thing that kept her alive was the thought of Tommy. She thought about what their life would have been; how many kids they would have, where they would live, how they would grow old together. Despite the cold, a tear rolled down her cheek. It felt hot against her freezing cheek. None of it would ever come true.

The water had grown unnervingly quiet. Lily couldn't hear anyone moving. More tears rolled down her cheeks. In distance a voice is heard faintly.

"Hello! Can anyone hear me?" Lily moved her head in the direction of the voice. An officer in a life boat! This was her chance.

Her voice weak from the cold, but she yelled anyway, "Help! Over here!"

Her voice was loud enough to be heard. The officer shone his flashlight in her direction. "Over there lads! Hurry!"

They reached her as quickly as they could. They helped her by pulling her onto the boat. The young officer wrapped a warm blanket around her. Lily noticed that there were six other people in the boat, not including the White Star Line workers. Lily saw a trace of fiery red hair.

"Rose?" She asked meekly.

"Lily? Is that you?" Rose replied.

"Yes, where's Jack?" Lily asked innocently.

"He…he…didn't make it," she said, close to tears. Lily scooted closer to her friend and put a comforting arm around her.

"It's okay, he's better now," she cooed.

"Where's Tommy? And Fabrizio?"

"Tommy was shot by an officer," her eyes flicked to the one at the head of the boat, hoping he wasn't like the other one. "I have no idea what happened to Fabrizio. He probably didn't make it."

"I'm so sorry Lily. It seems fate was cruel to us," Rose said, looking out at where Titanic was only hours ago.

"What happened then?" Emma asked, tears threatening to fall.

"We waited. Waited for death, waited for life, waited for hope," the older Lily said, close to tears as well. "Hope is exactly what we got…"

Hours later, well after the sun had risen, the twenty lifeboats came upon another ship, the Carpathia. A smile slowly formed on Lily's face as she gently rocked Rose awake.

"Look Rose, hope," Lily whispered.

The crew of the lifeboats help the rescued up onto the ship. People are waiting at the top with warm blankets and hot tea. Rose and Lily made their way to the steerage portion of the ship. Since their loves where steerage, they considered themselves apart of it too.

Hours after they boarded, Lily recognized a face that did not belong: Cal. "Rose, don't turn your head in this direction. Cal's over there," Lily warned. Rose nodded silently. Lily glanced back at Cal and noticed that he had given up and returned to the first class section.

The days passed slowly. But soon enough, Carpathia reached New York harbor in one piece. They arrived on April 18th, 1914. The sight of the Statue of Liberty was breath-taking. Lily wished that she could be seeing it with Tommy. She could just imagine his reaction. "Look at tha', isn't she a beauty? But not as beautiful as you. Lily smiled at the thought.

The survivors and passengers all got off in a solemn mood. Most had witnessed one of the worst tragedies in history. The survivors lined up and waited to have their names taken. Lily and Rose stood patiently, neither saying a word. Both were too caught up in their own thoughts.

"Your names miss?" A man asked, carrying a clipboard.

Rose spoke up first. "Dawson, Rose Dawon." The man scribbled the name down.

"And you miss?" He asked Lily.

"Lily Ryan." She told him. She liked the way that sounded. From that point on, that would be her name.

"Thank you," he said, before walking off.

Rose and Lily, with their new surnames, walked off together, both stronger than before. They had a new outlook on life. To live for those who didn't get a chance too.

"Rose and I kept in touch until she died a few years ago," Lily told Emma.

"What happened to your mother? Did you ever see her again?"

"No, I never saw her again. Sometimes, I miss her. But then I think about what she did to me, and that empty spot is gone." Lily answered.

"I wish I could have meet Tommy. He seemed like a great man," Emma confessed.

"He was, he truly was. It's true that I married after Tommy, but I never stopped loving him. He was my soul mate, wholly and truly," she said.


Lily Ryan, formally known as Lily Moore, lived another few days after her interview with Emma before she quietly passed in her sleep.

And although she never mentioned it to Emma, the one night she and Tommy spent together resulted in a beautiful boy whom she named after his father. Lily lived in New York with Rose until Rose moved out west to pursue her acting dream. Lily married at 20 to a man named Ethan Harris. Together, they had two children. Lily lived her life to the fullest, just how Tommy would have wanted her to.

God Bless to those who perished on Titanic.

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