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"Let's name him Jasper."

Jasper could mean a few different things or just a name that his mother decided on.

His name could first be defined as an opaque, impure variety of quartz, usually red,yellow, or brown in color. It was easy to tell if Jasper was named after the mineral then it was the yellow Jasper that he was never after, since he had the beaming, bright blonde hair.

Jasper is a county in Texas but that wasn't even close to wear the Whitlock's lived, but maybe his mama read it on a map and it suck out to her.

Jasper can be used as a term for a hopeless lover as well.

Personally Jasper believed he was named after the mineral the yellow Jasper, which turned out to be his mother's favorite gemstone.

Then nearly six months after he had a name Jasper Whitlock was born.

The year was 1843 and the Texas humidity was flaring, the day Jasper was born.

Jasper Whitlock was never a fussy baby, his emotions were kept under control for the most part and they never got to the extreme. Jasper's parents always wondered how a boy never cried or threw tantrums.


Jasper's first human memory was he was six or seven, a few years late of the normal age to start encoding memories. The sky was grey, but the air was hot and sticky. Thunder crackled and lighting danced in the sky. Water started to fall from the clouds and Jasper could hear the neighborhood children saying it was raining. Jasper looked at them like they were stupid. A few drops falling hardly counted as rain, it was more of a drizzle per say.

But anyway, the thunder shook the small houses that already were hardly able to stand, and the loud cracks the thunder made, frightened the mother's of the neighborhood. Jasper ignored his mother's calls of urgency to come inside but started walking to the tall oak tree at the end of the lane. Timothy a local bully, who always picked on Jasper was sitting atop a tree branch. As he approached it a bright flash of lighting, lit up the sky and in seconds the oak tree was ablaze.

Jasper's mother became frantic and was screaming for her son to get away from the tree, but Jasper was mezmorized, you could say. Jasper watched the kid burn,screaming for help, falling to the ground in flames and then the screaming stop. Jasper stared at this kid, half burnt flesh still intact and then half ash lying less than ten feet away from his own feet. Jasper's mother came over tears streaming down her face telling her son how everything will be ok. But Jasper didn't need reassurance then, he wasn't sad that Timothy died.It was kinda weird though how he hated Timothy so much and seeing him acting cocky in that tree filled Jasper with so much rage,that it felt like he was burning alive and yet seconds later his enemy was dead.

Jasper's mother was always a little overprotective and nosy; but that just made Jasper more withdrawn and quiet. Jasper did his schoolwork, played outside with local kids, and helped with the land just to please his mother. While he rather of been in his room, reading or playing war with his imaginary friend. Jasper didn't like to show his emotion and he didn't feel comfortable when other people did.

Emotions had been one of the things, Jasper never quite understood. Like how all emotions were connected really,you could easily say how sadness, lead to fear, and how led to anger, and so on and so forth.He didn't know why some people repressed their emotions while others just let them flow freely for the world to see. Aren't are emotions private things, that our just ours?

Jasper mother always worried about how he didn't show his emotions, but she didn't want to question him.

Jasper was ten when he first saw his father abuse his mother. No, he didn't hit her, he abused her emotionally. Pushing every button,poking and proding at every weakness. Jasper's mother was never a strong woman emotionally or pyshically for that matter. Jasper's mother seemed to put everyone before herself, trying not to hurt their feelings and not worrying about her own. Jasper watched from behind the kitchen door as his father picked up a plate from the cabinet, almost inspecting it.

His father let out a low chuckle before spitting on the plate.

"You can't clean,Emma. The one thing you have to do is clean this house, and you can't clean a plate."

"I..I.. I.. have to take care of the children."

"Child, and Jasper is just a waste of life. He has no emotion, kind of like you." With that his father dropped the plate shattering it on the floor and walked out the door.

It seems more like Verual abuse really, but within seconds of his father's dissaperence his mother broken down in tears. His mother had lost two children before Jasper they were still-born. But his mothers knees seemed to crumble beneath her and her body practically threw herself to the floor. She laid on the cool dirt floor tears staining her face and dress. Jasper cracked open the door more and took a look at his mother, she looked as broken as the plate on the floor. Jasper tried to walk silent across the floor, but being a ten year old he hadn't mastered that craft yet.

His mother looked up and tried to act like nothing was wrong, but Jasper just shook his head.

"It's going to be ok mom." Jasper said pulling the hankerchief from his pocket and leaning next to his mother.

Emma leaned toward her son and cried in his chest, while Jasper just sat their stiff as a board trying to calm her down. He blotted away her tears, sshed her, ran his fingers through his hair. You would think this was going to be a oedious complex but no, Jasper just wanted his mother out of pain. Her tears began to fall at a slower rate and her breath became more relax and calm. Jasper helped his mother off the floor and knelt back down to get the broken shards of the plate.

Jasper never got on with his father after that, his father seemed to believe he worked to hard when he had slaves supposed to be doing their jobs. His father always had to be reminded who held the dominance over his household. Jasper worked in the fields along with the slaves was ordered around like he was in the army. The high point of his relationship with his father was when he was fifteen and his father said he was happy that Jasper never showed emotion.

"Son, I'm glad you don't show emotion, showing emotion is such a girl thing to do. Your a man. Your my son."

Jasper wanted to laugh in his father's face, but he decided against it. Jasper didn't want to be his son, life just worked out that way. But when his father touched his shoulder and pulled his son into a hug Jasper hugged him back. It felt good to be loved, a smile almost spread across Jasper's face, but catching his emotions his expression turned stern.