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Not even two months after his sixteenth birthday, Jasper's father was sent away to go fight in the confederate army. He wasn't even gone six weeks, before Jasper and his mother received a letter. He didn't shed a tear when they read it, Jasper actually had to hide a smile. He knew his father wouldn't last long out in that war. His father was dead in some field somewhere, and Jasper couldn't find it in himself to care; for the first few days at least. But his mother wept day after day, Jasper couldn't understand how she felt grief for the man that abused her, and never really cared for her. But then one day Jasper let one tear escape his eye, and cascade down his cheek; he understood that his mother loved him, through the better and the worst.

Three months before his seventeenth birthday Jasper decided, that he was going to go join the confederate army. Not to avenge his father, and he knew whole-heartily that, there wasn't a fraction of himself that was signing up for that. He was signing up because, he wanted to make something of himself; he wasn't going to watch his south, wither away. He knew that he could change the portion of army that was in Texas, he knew that he could be a good solider; he had to be.

The only Jasper felt uncertain about was leaving his mother. He wasn't sure if losing him would officially break her. But he could tell that when she looked at him everyday, her heart broke into more pieces. He was just a reminder of her husband, the man she loved that tore her apart and left her. He just wanted his mother to be happy, but she wasn't sure if she could ever be happy again.

So in the dark of night, he packed a bag stuffing in only the bare essentials. Then he sat down to the table, the candlelight flickered off the walls and gave Jasper minimal light. The cicadas chirped outside the windows, and the leaves on the trees rustled with the light breeze. A drop of ink dripped off the pen, as his hands shook and palms became sweaty. He wasn't frighten or nervous about going to join the army, or to even write the letter to his mother; he was scared of her reaction to come. Even though he wouldn't be here to witness her reaction, he figured his imagination was more tame then what may really happen when she read this. Jasper sucked in a deep breathe of air and began to write.

'Mama' he started, his letters shaky

As you read this, I will be on my way to being joining the army. I can barely stand to see the look in your eyes everyday you see me. Please, do not cry over me; I will be fine. I promise. You were the greatest mother, you could have been, and I will always be thankful for that.

Jasper had to pause for a moment, pretending that the words won't be smudged with tears as his mother will read this.

Please, do not come after me, I will be to far gone by then. I am doing this for you mama, and for myself. I do not see another way. I am trying to give you true happiness, I want you to find it for yourself. I will hardly have time to write, and how says that you will still be in the house, if I do get a chance. Mama, this may be the last time, we ever have any communication. I do not think that we may ever cross paths again. But I would like you to know, that I love you, from the bottom of my heart; and I will miss you.

Sincerely your son,


Jasper dropped the pen back into the ink,and stood up appruptley. He grabbed his bag, and looked swiftly around his house for the last time. This place had been his house for nearly seventeen years, now it was time to go find himself a home.

Jasper walked into the warm night air, and down the dirt road ready for his life to change.