Pairings: SS/DM, implied DM/HP

Warnings: ummm implied teacher & student fucking? lol yay!

"Get in here now Malfoy!"

Grey eyes cast themselves downwards and Draco followed the Potions Master into his private office.

"What is the meaning of this!? I told you to clean my classroom not destroy it!!" Snape was seething in anger.

"I'm- I'm sorry sir I wasn't paying attention my wand it just kind of-"

"I told you not to use magic!" Snape walked around his desk and advanced on the Slytherin boy, "Are you a complete idiot what were you thinking of that made your magic go completely a-wall and blow a hole through stone!?"

Draco blushed vividly remembering Potter's thrashings and moans of his name, like hell he'd tell Snape, "I'd rather not say."

Snape sneered, guessing about exactly what the boy had been thinking, he took a step closer. Nobody blushes like that when thinking about how depressing their life is, which is what Snape would've normally guessed for any teen-aged adolescent. No, the boy was probably thinking about sex, recent sex if anything and that aroused the Potions Master's senses. He wondered who with, boy or girl, the older man had been lusting after the Malfoy boy for some time now, after watching his figure blossom into what it was now who wouldn't.

"Professor," Draco was backed up against the door now as the Potion's Master drew closer.

Snape disregarded the boy's personal space; he could now feel the blonde's heated breath on his face, "I believe I asked you a question Mr. Malfoy."

"I- I have places to be people will be looking for me," Draco said quickly.

"You mendacious little slut."

"Sir!" Draco pressed himself further against the wall not expecting such language to come from a teacher much less the next move the older man made.

Severus pressed himself up against the younger boy, "Don't worry this won't take long."

A/N: sorry it didn't get very slashy... I'm lazy and my pervyside has gone out for coffee, maybe there'll be a second chapter with the actual fucking... if that's what the public wants.