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Shocking Isn't It.

Chapter 1: Aishiteru


"Mogami-san!" Sawara-san shouted when he spotted Kyoko. "I have good news for you!"

"Ohaiyou Sawara-san!" Kyoko greeted, "What is it?"

"The president just informed me that you've been requested from a drama called Aishiteru. The character you are wanted for is a rich young lady."

Rich young lady?! Yes!

"Demo Sawara-san, why would they want me to play a rich young lady?" Kyoko asked, "I mean, most people request me to do a scary person."

"Ah… You see, this character is somewhat scary and you portrayed Mio's hatred really well." Sawara-san explained, "However, she only show this deep hatred to her father.

And from time to time, she has to express some pained facial expressions to show how she feels. "

Hmph. That's why! I'm getting kind of scare that all the part I get is someone who will be hated from the audience point of view.

"Sawara-san, I'm sorry but I'll have to decline…" Kyoko trailed off. The she remember what Kuu-san had said, "Take all the parts you can for now and someday, you

would ascend to a even higher level."

What he said echoed in her mind.

"Mogami-san?" Sawara-san said slowly, wondering why she suddenly spaced out.

"Ano, forget what I said," Kyoko said quickly, "I'll take the part!"

"Mogami-san, don't worry, you get to act as a rich young lady in this drama also." Sawara-san added since he knew that was what Kyoko wanted to hear. And Kyoko would

definitely be extremely happy. "Oh, you would need to go to Polar Studio to meet the rest of the cast members. Here's the address, if you don't understand, then you can ask

me and I'll prepare a car for you that would take you straight to the studio."

"ARIGATO!! Ja nen Sawara-san." And off Kyoko went, her head full of her new role as a rich young lady!

"Remember, 2 P.M. sharp!" Sawara-san shouted after Kyoko.


BANZAI!! I'm going to be a rich young lady!! I'm going to be a princess!! Kyoko twirl around while people around her eyed her strangely. The she gasped. Oh, and

also, I'm going to wear make-up!! Make-up and look like a PRINCESS!! Opps, she screamed that part out, but Kyoko didn't really cared, she was too happy!!


Kyoko? What is she doing?

"MOKO!!!!" Kyoko shouted when she spotted her friend. She skipped to her friend with a starry-eyed face.

Ah! She heading this way looking like THAT!!! No, I don't know her!

Moko walked toward the other direction as fast as she could but Kyoko managed to caught up with her .

"MOKO!!" Kyoko looked at her friend with a freaky smile on.

However, Moko just kept walking without looking at Kyoko.

"Moko, guess what, I got a new role!!"

Eh? A new role?

"And why are you so happy?"

"Beacause I get to be a RICH YOUNG LADY!!!!!!!!!"

"Kyoko, don't be over-excited, it might be somewhat a disadvantage to you."

"Disadvantage?" Kyoko echoed, "How?"

"Did you forget about the other role you also accepted?" Moko said, "For Tenshi Ja Nai!?"

"AH! I forgot!!" Kyoko exclaimed, "I completely FORGOT!!!"

Moko shook her head. What am I going to do with her? She's just so naïve. But, I guess that's what I like about her. She smiled at her friend who she have never thought

would be. At first, she had hate Kyoko and after she found out that Kyoko has talent in acting, Moko had looked at Kyoko as an enemy. But no matter what happens, Moko is

still glad that Kyoko is her friend.

"Kyoko, are you sure you could handle two roles at a time?" Moko said, her eyes filled with concern. "it would be really hard and tiring."

"Moko, arigato!" Kyoko smiled gratefully at her friend.

"Eh? For what?"

"For being worried about me," Kyoko said smiling. Then her face changed into a solemn expression. "No one had even care about me like that."



"Uh, Ren," Yashiro-san said. "Sawara-san just called, looks like you have a new job already."

"I see."

"Ren, you could reject it if you want."

"No, I'll take it." Ren said, "Besides, it wouldn't be Ren-like if I decline an offer."

"Ah, I guess you're right."

"So, what is it this time?"

"A new drama by a rising director, Kuran Koichi. It's called Aishiteru."

"A love drama?"

"Apparently, yes."

"I guess it can't be helped."

"Don't worry, Ren," Yashiro-san said, "Dark Moon came out a hit."

It's been a month since Dark Moon was released to the public and it was a HUGE success. And because of this, Kyoko was requested for some dramas and Ren too.

However, to Ren's disappointment, they had no dramas together.

"So, who would I be playing?"

"I believe it's an older bodyguard to the main character of the story."

"A bodyguard to the main character of the story?" Ren was kind of surprised that he wasn't the main character.

"Uh, actually, you're also part of the main character category." Yashiro-san quickly explained, "And like you, the bodyguard is a very gentle person to the person he's protecting and very serious."

"I see."

"All the cast members will meet at the Polar Studio tomorrow at 2'o clock."

Ren nodded and drifted away in his thoughts.


"Hey Sho, what do you think about you going to acting?" Shoko asked.

"I don't wanna." Sho said without missing a beat. "Pssht, acting."

"But Sho, I think your fans would like it very much." Shoko continued, "I mean, their favorite singer is also gonna act. It would be a good publicity for you and a huge hit!"

"Shoko, I'm not an actor."

"But Sho, it's not hard." Shoko said, "Besides, there's an offer for you from a new drama series called Aishiteru. The character that was offer to you is important but I'm sure you can make it."

"SHOKO! I don't want to act!"

"I heard that Kyoko is going to be in the drama too."

Sho jerked his head up when he heard this.

"Asami-san! What are you doing here?"

"I heard the Sho got offered to be in a drama," the producer of Sho's PV explained, "So I just decided to drop by to see what his decision would be."

"Asami-san, I'm sure you heard his answer 10 miles away.' Shoko pouted, "No matter how much I try to persuade him, he just flicked it off."

"I'll do it." Sho said. It was barely audible but they heard it.


"I'm not repeating myself." Sho said, clearly pissed. "But, if I did a horrible job and the director wants me to quit, I would not."

"Sho, I'm sure Director Kuran knows what he's doing when he offer the role to a singer instead an actor." Asami-san assured Sho and Shoko, "He's a rising director and he

has a talent for judging people."

"Yeah, whatever." Sho said, "Just leave me alone."

"Ok." Shoko said. 'God, what's wrong with him today. He probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed.'

Hmm.. This should be interesting. Kyoko…