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Shocking, Isn't It?

Chapter 4: So Tired


Yesterday was great! Kyoko smiled as she walked into LME. Director Kuran is such a funny guy but he really makes me laugh. The memory of seeing Ren's alarmed face flashed through her mind and she couldn't help laughing. HAhahaaa.. Oh, I can't stop laughing.

People passing by her eyed her strangely as Kyoko kept laughing and slam her fist on the door.

"What's the door ever done to you?"

Kyoko turned around and found her friend frowning at her.


"Kyoko, quiet down, people are already staring, if you continue, they're going to think you're crazy."

"GUESS WHAT MOKO?! The filming went GREAT yesterday!!!"

"Argh, forget it, you ARE crazy." Moko mumbled to herself.

"And Director Kuran was really funny too!"

Moko looked at Kyoko strangely. "The director?"

Kyoko nodded. "But he's kind of weird.."

"So, I guess you have no problems."

"Yep!" Kyoko exclaimed loudly. "All the cast members were pretty ni-.."

"Kyoko?" Kyoko had stopped in mid-sentence and the aura around her had immediately change. "Ky-ooo-koooooo." Moko said as she waved her hand in front of Kyoko's face.


ARGH! That bastard, why is he in the same drama as me?! He's a singer! Kyoko clenched her hand into a fist and her grudges surround her.

Shotarooooo, I wiiilllll get youuuuuu.

Yessssss, weee wiiilllllll.

You better watch out!

NO! Stop!

Moko watched in amazement as Kyoko grab something in midair. Confused, she looked at Kyoko again and saw that Kyoko is still in her own little world.

"No, you will do as I say!" Kyoko shouted. "I promised Tsuruga-san!!!!!"


Her friend's voice snapped her out of it and Kyoko looked over her raised arm at Moko. Moko's mouth was twitching at Kyoko action.

"Ah-heh-heh-heh… I'm so sorry." Kyoko said as she scratched her head.


What am I going to do with her? She's just so… Moko tried to find a word to describe Kyoko but none of them fit. Crazy? Maybe. What about weird? Yeah, that could be it.

"As I was saying, everything was fine yesterday?" Moko said, slightly tilting her head to look at Kyoko who suddenly found the floor to be more interesting than her friend.


"Moko," Kyoko began slowly, "Sho was there."

"Sho?" moko repeated. Who's Sho? .. I think I've heard of him before.. Oh wait, he's Kyoko's childhood friend. Hmph, that jerk.

"Moko, it's hard to act with him around," Kyoko continued, "Whenever I'm near him, I just want to kill him."

"Kyoko, I'm sure you'll be okay," Moko said with an encouraging smile, "You said you would be alright, didn't you?"

Kyoko looked at her friend slowly then nodded her heard with determination.

"I'll do my best!"

Good, she's back to normal. Moko sighed with relief.


Kyoko said goodbye to Moko and went to the section where Tenshi Ja Nai! would be film.

Tenshi ja Nai! is actually a movie where in the beginning, the main character dies and became a ghost. She's very depressed and hate all the people who are still living. Then, this guy, who can see her thinks she's some kind of goddess that grants wishes. The girl can grant wishes but they always end up really bad, even so, the guy continues with the wishes. The girl had fallen in love with him but he liked someone else and asked her to make the girl he likes to like him back. The result was that she likes him but only because he saved her life and ended up dying. The guy now hates her for making him die. The girl became really depressed too but the guy finally realize that he likes her.

Let's see. Kyoko flipped through the script and skimmed through her lines. Good, I still remember my part.

"Kyoko is here!" one of the cast member shouted. "Hi Kyoko!" He plays the guy who thinks the girl is a goddess.


"So, how was the filming yesterday?"

"It went great."

Whew… today's really tiring. At least I only have to go to three more filming and Tenshi Ja Nai would be finished. Then, I can focus on Aishiteru. Kyoko smiled at the thought.

She checked the time and realize it was already eleven. Oh, no! Okami-san is going to be really worry. I didn't know today filming would take so long. Kyoko panicked and started to run. … But I should've expected it. I mean, I had a day off from the last filming so I had to work harder than the others. And I bet Sei is as tire as I am. He was in most of the scene I'm in. (Sei is her partner : The guy who thought she was a goddess)

Then, Kyoko realized she had stopped walking in the middle of the street. She started to walk and picked up her speed.

"Kyoko! Where have you been?!"

"I'm really sorry!" Kyoko said as she bowed her head. "I didn't know that the filming would take so long."

The old lady sighed and shook her head at Kyoko. "Just call home first, okay?'

Ah! I forgot I had a cell phone! Kyoko slapped herself on the head. Her Okami-san looked.

"Kyoko, go clean up and go to bed," she said, "I'm sure you need lots of rest since you have to film for Aishiteru tomorrow."

"Oh! 'kay, Night!"

Why can't I sleep? Argh! This is aggravating! Kyoko got up and went to the little box where she kept the Ren doll and Sho doll.

I'm so sorry! the Sho doll said, I'll tried harder next time.

"Hahaha! Sho, you're just no good enough to be an actor!"

Mogami-san, good job, the Ren doll said, You were great.

"Arigato Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko blushed a little. Tsuruga-san is complementing me!! Oh my god, why is my heart beating so fast?! Kyoko placed her hand on her heart. "NO!! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! I SAID I WOULD NOT FALL IN LOVE EVER AGAIN!!!!"


'What is Kyoko doing at four in the morning?'


Kyoko didn't know when, but she had fell asleep on the floor instead on her futon. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and got up to get ready.

I'm so TIRED!! Kyoko yawned as she walked into Polar Studio. Must focus! Kyoko slapped on both of her cheek and looked ahead.

The scene for today is where Hana and Yoji meet again. This time, it's in her school and Yoji is the new student.

Hana: (Sat at her desk by herself, looking outside the window while the other girls talked to each other)

Akane: Did you hear? We have a new student today.

Tsukushi: Eh? Seriously? Is in a guy?

Akane: Yeah, (nod) I overheard the teachers talking this morning.

Rika: I hope he's cute. (hands clasped together)

Yumi: Yeah. (breathless whisper) I hope so too.

Hana: (look toward the girls)

Yumi: What are you looking at!

Hana: (remains silent)

Rika: (sneer) I heard Leon dumped you.

(Yumi, Akane, Tukushi, and Rika laugh)

Hana: (glared)

Kyoko's glared was so real that they flinched. "CUT!"

They all turn toward the director. "Himeka, Sakura, Kurumi, and Yuki! Why did you girls flinched? Let's do that again!"

"Kyoko-channnnnn, good job!" Director Kuran gave Kyoko a thumbs up and was proceeding to hug her .

"Uh… director, you can let go now." Kyoko pushed Director Kuran gently away and went back to her seat.

The scene was re-shoot and it went better since they didn't flinch this time. When Yoji was introduced, Kyoko was trying so hard not to glare at Sho. And now, they had moved on to the next scene: where Yoji and Hana talks to each other and Yoji asks A LOT of questions.

Yoji: Hey, it's you again.

Hana: (look at Yoji)

Yoji: Uh… are you oaky?

Hana: (looks away and stare out the window)

Tsukushi: Kaori-kun, don't talk to Hana.

Yumi: Hey, Kaori-kun, can we call you Yoji?

Yoji: (frown) uh.. Sure?

Akane: Okay, Yoji! Here's an advice, don't talk to her.

Yuki: (Smirk at Hana) Well, unless you need some quick cash. Her dad is willing to pay you.

Hana: (watery eyes, angry glare) Would you guys stop it!

Yuki: Why? It's true.

Yoji: (looks confuse) Uh.. Hana, is it?

Hana: (look at Yoji) What do you want?

Yoji: You know what's the truth, you don't have to listen to them. (smile) As long as you know what's true or not, it doesn't matter what others say.

Hana: (surprised. Then smiled softly)

Kyoko managed to not twitch when she smiled at Sho. This is impossible. I can't believe I'm smiling at this guy! And I didn't know it was going to be so hard.

"Okay, and CUT!" Director Kuran shouted. "Everyone, take a break while we change the set."

"Kyoko-channnnnn, Sho-kunnnnnnnnnnnnnn, GREAT JOB!!"

"Thank you!" Kyoko said with a smiled.

"Okay, Ren-kunnnnn, it's your turn next," Director Kuran said to Ren.

"Hai." Ren said with a small nod.

The next scene is where Hana goes home from school. She sees her father and had a fight with him. Kyoko actually had a lot of fun fighting with Makino-san. He burst out laughing at the least expected moments, making Kyoko laughed and Ren to smile. Even though they had to re-shoot this scene over and over again, the director seemed to be having fun as well.

Hana: I can't believe it! He doesn't have the right to tell me what to do! (cross her arm and sat next to Keisuke on the floor)

Apparently, after that, Hana went to her room and Keisuke sat by her room. Hana came out, looking for Keisuke and sat next to him.

Hana: I mean, after all that he's done, he expect me to listen to him?!

Keisuke: (smile at Hana) Ojou-sama, I'm sure he's only doing what's good for you.

Hana: Keisuke, breaking my heart multiple times is NOT good for me!

Keisuke: (remains silent but kept his gentle smile)

Hana: Keisuke (whisper and lean on Keisuke's shoulder) you'll always be here for me, right?

Keisuke: Of course, Ojou-sama.

Hana: Thank you. (whisper. Close her eyes)

"And, CUT!" Director Kuran shouted, "Great job everyone!! Okay, clean up and you are free to go!"


All the other members started toward the dressing room and putting away the equipment. Ren got ready to get up when he noticed something was still on his shoulder.

'Kyoko?' He looked at Kyoko and found her sound asleep. 'Guess I can't leave yet.' He leaned back against the wall and looked at Kyoko's sleeping face with a gentle smile.

SNAP! Snap! Snap!

Flashes went by. Ren looked around, confused. 'what was that?' The he spotted Yashiro-san with a digital camera and rubber gloves on. 'YASHIRO!' Ren's eyes widened and Yashiro-san just continued to smile his innocent smile.

"That's a good picture." Makino-san said as he looked at the digital camera.

"You think so too?"

"No doubt," Makino-san nodded, "They look great together."

Ren's jaw almost dropped but there were other people here, he is not going to be seen in that expression. 'Yashiro-san!'

Kyoko is still snoring away on Ren's lovely shoulder. Ren has a surprised look in his eyes. Makino-san and Yashiro-san, looking over the pictures Yashiro-san had took and smiling to themselves.