Pjcool's Night of the Living Dead (1968) Trailer

Narrator (me): Welcome... to a night... of total terror.

(Sally gasp and screams after she discovered that Elias is a zombie.)

Narrator: The dead.. who live on living flesh. The dead whose haunted souls... haunt the living.

(Julie-Su gasped as the zombies bang on the door. Sonic blocked the window. Sally screams as the zombies grabbed her. Knuckles screams as the truck explode with Ash and Mina in it.)

Narrator: The living whose bodies are the only food for these... undead creatures. This horror adventure continues. This is more shattering than your strangest nightmare.

(Julie-Su screams while being stabbed by her own daughter that just turn into a zombie.)

Narrator: A night with the dead... who cannot die. A night of total.. TERROR!!!

(Sonic scared the zombies with a burning torch after Ash and Mina died. Knuckles throws some jars with flammable liquid.)

Narrator: Night... of the Living Dead.