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Chapter 1: Dreams

Natsuki came to awareness, all her five senses flooding her at the same time. It was dark, there was moonlight but her eyes had not adjusted, everything was shadowy. The air was cold and the smell of burnt wood and debris lingered. The only sound was that of breathing, but not hers alone. There was something warm in her arms. She lifted her head and looked around, noticing immediately that she was in the church, damaged and falling apart. She caught sight of two other people sanding at a distance behind her, the Sister and Ishigami-sensei. Her eyes roamed further, landing on the HiME star, and stopped. Her breath caught. That's right, just hours ago she had ordered Duran to destroy Kiyohime and itself, causing her and Shizuru to die in each other's arms. They had been resurrected. So that means the warm thing in her arms…she looked down and was greeted by a head of chestnut colored hair. Shizuru. The head moved, and she released the hold of the body, standing up. Shizuru looked up at her, and she could see confusion in the other's eyes. But the gaze didn't last as Shizuru turn away, looking around until finally noticing the HiME star and like her before, held a transfixed stare.

"Shizuru," she called with uncertainty, unsure of how to deal with her friend now with the events that took place between them right before their deaths fresh in her mind.

Shizuru seemed surprised to hear Natsuki call her name. She turned to look at Natsuki once again, confusion still present in her eyes. She slowly stood up before taking a step back, an action that puzzled the other.


"I'm sorry," Shizuru started with an apologetic smile, "but," she paused, looking straight at Natsuki. "Who are you?"


Natsuki's eyes opened with a start, staring straight above. She took a deep breath before relaxing her tense limbs. Her hands automatically came up and swept her hair back.

A dream…

She knew this even before she regained consciousness. This dream had been recurring for the past week, every night without fail, right after her resurrection and the fall of the Obsidion Lord and the HiME star. But while she understood all the details, she didn't know why this dream had been recurring. She turned her head to look at the clock. It was three in the morning. Not much better than yesterday. She sighed and turned back to look at the ceiling. Why was her brain so insistent on showing her again and again what had happened? She took another deep breath and closed her eyes.

A dream…no…

Shizuru…you've really…forgotten me.

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