This is fanfiction

This is fanfiction. I don't own Teen Titans, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, or the characters in my story.

Thank you for the kind reviews. I want to reiterate my 'take' on the Teen Titans. My characters are a little older than the ones on the cartoon. I'm also a big fan of the comic book, and use situations from that world. I also enjoy the addition of Kid Flash, Jinx, Superboy, and Wonder Girl to my stories.

Titan Down: The Fall of Garfield Logan

A fanfiction story by Lar Lindor

Chapter Twelve: Cessation of Part One

The Story known as Titan Down: The Fall of Garfield Logan is now complete. The name no longer seems appropriate, as Gar is no longer fallen or down. However, this does not mean the story is complete. I will be starting Titan Recovers: The Rising of Gar and Raven this week. The Sequel deals specifically with the relationship of my favorite Teen Titans.

Let me say once again how I appreciate your reviews. I am encouraged to keep writing, and I learn from your (polite) suggestions/critiques.