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My alarm clock was the only proof that it was, in fact, morning. The cloudy outside made it of no indication, seeing as how I could barley make out anything resembling a sunlight entering my window.

I woke up and groggily did my hair, trying to tame the annoying wavy mane until I tossed it into a messy bun. I threw on my jeans and a blue tee shirt, which had only just a few wrinkle spots on it, an improvement from the day before. I didn't really care too much about how I looked to most people; it was an indifferent attitude my mother taught me to have when she used to live with my dad and I. That was until she decided to leave us for a young baseball player and move to Florida. Nothing's been the same since that day in the courthouse when I was 7 years old, the day my mother gave my father full custody of me. I haven't really seen her since then.

The only thing that did comfort me throughout that long, agonizing day was the fact that my two best friends were there for me every step of the way. Edward and Alice Cullen were twins who'd I met back in Pre-K. I still remembered the day clearly; how I'd been helpless and crying in the corner by myself, my father seeming to abandon me with these strange adults I had no plans on listening to, and how a certain young boy had decided to pull a book out and sit next to me in that very same corner.

"Can I read you a story?" he had said quietly to me. "My mommy always reads me a story when I'm sad."

I whipped my eyes and looked over at him, a little surprised he could even make out the words on the page since I had no clue how to read yet. His honest green eyes seemed like he could be the one person I could trust in the strange place.

I nodded, still sniffling a little bit. "OK."

He opened the book, but before he started he smiled at me. "My name's Edward."

It was odd how nice I thought his smile was, but I managed a response. "I'm Bella."

And from there on, we were close friends. At snack and playtime, children from the other class came over. At that time, I found his sister to be a mischievous and hyper child who had already managed to finger-paint on other children's face, trying to give them a make over.

"I don't see what the big deal is," she had told Edward and me. "I thought I was being nice. I didn't know the paint would get into Jessie's eyes, honest."

They were great friends to me, and we spent many play dates with each other. Even through the "Boy's are icky" stage in second grade, Edward and I still managed to be close friends.

In third grade, Alice and I befriended Rosalie Hale, who was a little standoffish towards us. Actually, people in general, for that matter. She seemed to be a little self absorbed around other people, but Alice and I learned that she could actually be a comedic character at times, a more sophisticated sense of humor I envied, along with her perfect looks.

In middle school, though, Rosalie practically abandoned us for the limelight and popularity, and in no time, we found her to be our self proclaimed enemy. Actually, she was mostly just my enemy, for reasons I didn't quite understand; she was always the pretty girl, able to get everyone to do what she pleased. Why in the world would she completely despise plain old Bella Swan?

In high school, she'd tried mercilessly to try and go out with Edward, who was the only guy who'd ever said no to her. Every time I was in the same room with the tow of them, I noticed she was trying hard to flirt with him. If he ever talked to her, or any girl for that matter, a small bit of jealousy formed in me. It was all to do with the fact that not one of those girls understood how much of a gentlemen he was, or how kind he was towards everyone, no matter who they were. I remembered a Valentine's Day freshmen year that his mother, Esme –who loved me as if I were her own flesh and blood –had left over roses from decorating at the hospital where Carlisle, Edward and Alice's father, worked. Edward managed to collect about two dozen roses, and passed them out to every girl he saw at school.

Conveniently, none of them managed to get into the hands of any popular girl on the premises, and just so happened to fall into the hands of any nice and seemingly unnoticed girl at school.

"They aren't pity roses," he chuckled to me after I had called them just that as he finished passing them out, the last and final one held out to me. "They're roses for the girls who deserve them but didn't get any, that's all."

Seriously, this guy was like an angel.

Around that time was when I started taking notice of almost everything he did around me. Every smile he gave me, every time he made me laugh, every moment we spent together was something I came to cherish. He was my best friend, and I was pretty sure there wasn't any chance in the world that this fact would change, for the worse or better.

But that was then.

Alice, Edward and I were now in our junior year of high school, and so far, it hasn't gone all that well.

I mean, between tests, jobs, and taking care of your still lovesick father, who has time to acknowledge that you don't want to be best friends with someone anymore…

You, in reality, want to be way more than that to them.

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