Holding Your Hand

Dark lady Devinity

Chapter One

Tales for a Foggy Day

Early morning fog clung to the earth, plastering the world in thick, wet grey. For so many, the sight is depressing. Yet it is the grey of home. He is home. It's been so long since he's seen the heavy, low lying clouds roll in from the ocean. He only remembers the concrete jungles of the desert. The closest thing to fog was smug in those desert cities.

He thinks they're going to bury him here. The sentiment has presented itself in his crude interpretations of their actions. Yet it makes sense. He feels weak in a way that he's never felt before. Besides, why else would they bring him home?


England was a blessing to its vampires. Angel could sit out on the front doorstep of the flat he was renting and watch the world wake. The heavy fog prevented him from catching fire in the dawn.

He had not come half way around the world to London for its dawn fog though. He could have stayed in North America for that and wouldn't have to watch his step every day. There was fog and ocean aplenty in Newfoundland, for example, and no one there would ever have heard of him. In coming to London he had risked catching Rupert Giles' attention. That would not end well. No, he had come only for William.

In a way, it was Angel's fault that William needed to go to London. He was the one that signed the contract that took away the Shanshu. He just didn't realize that the Powers That Be would take that as consent to give the Shanshu to Spike. Nor did he realize that the Shanshu did not just give a vampire a human body. It also attempted to turn the vampire back into the very human that they had been before turning. Angel had long ago decided that he'd rather never be human again than go back to being Liam. Of course, that was before he realized what being William meant for Spike.

It had been over a hundred years since the love sick, momma's boy poet had blood pounding through living veins. In those years, the poet had died and became a vampire, laughed at the insanity he brought, danced with the demonic Drusilla and murdered for the sheer delight of it. Spike could never be William. Yet the Shanshu had made him human and now Spike could never be Spike again either.

It had been a shock to find this not really Spike, yet not really William, human huddled against a ruined building, freezing in the pouring rain. They had survived the end of the world, taken down all the dragons and made it to the pre-dawn morning. They did not fade away. Illyria stood beside them, untouchable to her enemies, and carried her pet to shelter. Gunn's body was nowhere to be found.

It was soon apparent that Spike- now called William- was not emotionally or mentally stable. Sometimes, in moments of truly being lost, he would talk about home. Angel had made the decision to bring his boy home. It had been risky business. Giles hated Angel more than the devil itself and would not be happy to be in the same country as the souled vampire. Also, everyone thought he was evil due to his connection to Wolfram and Hart. It didn't help that Angel was bringing what remained of his family with him; a barely sane human Spike and the socially-stunned Illyria. Yet… even if Giles proved to be problematic, they would survive. The biggest issue would be Buffy…

The slayer was still a danger even without her history with Angel. He didn't know if Andrew had made her aware of Spike surviving the final apocalypse in Sunnydale. Buffy could do irreparable damage. There was also the issue of Spike and William's joint existence. Spike had been in love with the slayer and William formed such strong attachments. Buffy could break the man so easily.

Rays of sunlight penetrated through the dawn fog. Angel sighed and left his spot of brooding for the interior of the flat. It was likely time for him to start cooking breakfast, as he was the only one who could and was good at it. It was a strange talent for one that didn't need to eat and was human during a time that only women prepared the meals. However, he liked cooking. It was something he hadn't done since living in the Hyperion. And preparing breakfast always brought up the warm memory of the time he cooked for Cordelia and Wesley when Wesley had come to LA as a "Rouge Demon Hunter."

He found William sitting on the large window sill in the living room. No doubt the Englishman had stayed up another night, just staring at the fog. Sometimes, he'd spend hours outside in it, until Angel found him and dragged him back inside. One of these days the human was going to catch the nastiest cold Angel would ever see. Illyria was no help here. She was often out of doors herself, training as she had nothing better to do. Angel was going to have to buy her some ferns to talk to. Still, she was protective of William and still saw him as her pet.

"Hey Will." Angel said as he headed towards the much younger man. "Is there anything in particular that you'd like me to cook?"

"You don't need to be so nice. I'm not dead yet."

William was in one his of moods apparently. Angel didn't know when William got it into his head that they had come to England for his funeral. However, the vampire tried not to act too upset. He tried to behave like how he had with Drusilla when she was being particularly insane and he wanted to be kind to her. Indeed, his childe had prepared him well for dealing with any sort of mental unstableness.

"I like being nice to you. And sometimes the cook just doesn't like coming up with all the meal plans. It is hard work coming up with something that will please everyone while not wearing out the old favourites." Angel said patiently. He was turning into the boy's mother.

"'Pose anything's okay." William said, his tone sounding exactly like it had when Spike was in a sulky mood. "As long as there's tea." And the boy had taken to the old British tradition of tea time as a human like he had to blood and booze as a vampire.

"Of course." Angel said.

It ended up being one of those days. Those few sentences on breakfast were all William said for the rest of the day.

Angel actually missed the Spike that he couldn't get to shut up.