Holding Your Hand

Dark Lady Devinity

Chapter Six

Here Comes the Sunshine

It was a nice little house- a cottage, really- in the country. There were few neighbours but they were kind souls. They tried not to stare too much at Illyria; with her blue hair, she looked like she belonged more at a rave than the country side. Yet they would come by and help if needed. One little old lady would always come by with flower seeds and small sprouts as William was trying to recreate his mother's garden. It was nice.

Angel had written Conner to let him know of the change in address. After the incident with Buffy and the others, the landlord had been none too pleased. Especially once she saw the broken down front door. Angel wasn't surprised when they were evicted. So he reached into what was left of his bank accounts from Wolfram and Hart and bought a cottage in the English countryside. It had been fairy rundown but that way it was affordable. Angel wanted to remodel anyway. He didn't know if they'd ever go back to LA so he wanted to make the cottage suitable for all three of them. And while he knew that he and William may come to agree on some designs, he had no idea what Illyria would like… maybe a throne in her bedroom?

In a week, he would get Conner's reply. The boy had offered to come to England and help them settle. He also mentioned, jokingly, in the letter that he felt he had the right to meet his dad's new boyfriend.

It was a relief to know that Conner was okay with all of this.

And Conner was right, in a way. Angel just didn't know if "boyfriend" was the appropriate term for the relationship that he found himself in. Ever since the night with Buffy, William had been attempting to court the vampire. Eventually Angel gave in and started courting back. William was healing. He had been intimate with Spike before, back when they were both vampires and a family with Darla and Drusilla. And that one time would not have happened if they weren't attracted to each other. Even without the soul, he had cared about the younger man. All the times Spike had annoyed Angelus and never ended up dust was proof of that.

And every day William resembled his old self more and more. He was still mentally ill, and Angel suspected that he always would be. But that didn't mean Angel was taking advantage of William. The younger man had the ability to live his own life and love whoever he wanted. He happened to be unpredictable and talked to things that weren't there but now Angel wasn't sure if that was the fault of true insanity or Illyria. In the few weeks that they'd been living in their small cottage home, William had talked to plants and done many other strange things. All of which Illyria did. It was possible that William had adapted the god's habits and in his insanity, did not know that such habits weren't the norm. Now they were too ingrained into his natural mannerisms. Although it was funny watching William talk to the rose bush in a completely Spikish manner. However, other than that, William was mostly normal. A healthy mix of Spike and the human. So the mortal would be well aware of if he was being taking advantage of and would have Illyria stake Angel if the need arose. Indeed, Illyria had already offered to rip out Angel's sinews one by one should he ever hurt her pet…

Needless to say, Angel felt loved.

All sarcasm aside, Angel really did feel loved. Illyria was like the head of the mafia except she didn't get people whacked every day. If someone messed with her boys they would regret it. And she was actually very creative. She was head of the household. In fact, Angel had almost felt like he needed to ask her permission before he started dating William. Almost. And then William fulfilled the love even more. His boy wasn't shy or bashful and did not play around with his words. He was painfully honest, almost like he had no tact. So Angel had to believe him every time he said "I love or" or "I want you" before getting the human's tongue shoved down his throat.

And now he knew Conner supported him. It was bliss. Angel had almost run out into the sun to cause himself a little pain so he didn't feel as happy anymore. It would suck, for lack of better wording, if Angelus decided that this was enough happiness to break the curse. But then William had come and told him that the toilet wasn't working and Angel sighed. It was the annoying little things that would keep the demon in check. But the annoying little things were what made life the way it was. Being annoyed at appliances and the plumbing was what normal families dealt with. And the thought of being a normal family filled him with a warm, content feeling.


"We'll have to call a plumber." Angel said at long last. He settled down onto a chair, and rested his arms on the dining room table. He had no idea what was wrong the toilet. Sighing, he looked at the curtains of the window. It was blazingly sunny out so they had to keep the curtains drawn. He had explained to the neighbours that he had a sun allergy.

William, who was sat at the opposite end, said, "No need luv. Old man Watson next door knows how to fix it. Or so says the wife."

"Oh? When were you talking to Mrs. Watson?"

"Few minutes ago. She brought muffins."


William rolled his eyes. "Yes, she made her famous blueberry muffins just for you, ya big lug. But they'll just go right to your thighs. And you don't need to eat anyways."

Angel had to fight the urge to stick his tongue out at William. Or Spike, as that was who Angel had the distinct impression he was talking too. Finally, he noticed that the god wasn't present. "Where's Illyria?"

"Keeping me azaleas company. I swear, if taking to plants helps 'em grow, then between Big Blue and me, the flowers are going to be as tall as a skyscraper." William grinned. "Maybe I should plant me some Venus fly traps."

"I don't want to know what you'd feed a skyscraper sized venus fly trap."

William laughed and said, "Peaches, what wouldn't you feed a giant fly trap?" And then the bleach blond smiled brightly at Angel. For a fleeting moment, Angel had an image of Illyria feeding Xander to the giant Venus fly trap. The god had not liked the one eyed man.

Suddenly, William was leaning across the table and quite thoroughly snogging Angel. After a moment of surprise, the elder started to kiss back. Eventually, they stopped as William required breathing.

"What was that for?" Angel asked.

"You looked like you were beginning to brood again or at least think unpleasant thoughts about my Venus fly trap."

Angel laughed this time and he was the one to begin the second round of the make out session. They only stopped when Illyria entered the room and stared at them. They pulled away and looked at her. Finally, she spoke.

"Was the vampire brooding again?"