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Chapter 1


A young woman stood apart from the two rows of captains that were gathered in the grand meeting hall of the First Division. She stood to the left of Commander-General Yamamoto in front of the two rows, silently looking over those gathered as the old man leaned onto the knobby wooden staff he was never without. The woman was silent and seemed not to care that she was the apparent center of attention.

The woman was young, appearing to be in her early twenties. She was in quite good shape, the tone of her muscles was that of someone who worked out often, and hard. Her long brown hair fell just below her shoulder blades, half of it was pulled up and twisted into a bun, secured with two red chopsticks that had a little black crystal on each of the four sides. There were bangs left out to frame her face and her hazel eyes shone brightly in her pale face.

The woman's name was Senna, and this meeting of the Gotei's captains was all about her.

The large, spotless white room was silent. The captains all knew why they were there, they were just waiting for the old man before them to begin. Some of the captains clearly wanted to just get this meeting started so they could leave, after all, most knew what the outcome of the gathering would be. Or so they believed, anyway.

The pale, white haired captain of the Thirteenth Squad, Captain Ukitake, looked at the girl and sighed. 'She's changed so much since she woke up,' he thought to himself sadly. 'She has always been rather forward and confrontational, but she had been opening up, blooming. She had been...happy. Now though...'

Despite the way she stood there, her head held high, and no readable emotion on her face, she seemed broken. It was as if she were missing something and couldn't quite function properly without it. She had, after all, locked away her emotions and tried to throw away the key, but it just wasn't that easy being uncaring, cold, blank. It just wasn't who she was, but if you train yourself hard enough, anything is possible.

"You should all know why you are here today," opened Yamamoto, his raspy voice filling the room.

There were nods and murmurs of agreement.

"As you are all aware Senna Urahara, the former seventh seat of the Twelfth Division, has been cleared of all charges and suspicions against her in regards to the unlawful acts and creations of the former Twelfth Division captain, Kisuke Urahara. This was to be expected. She was in a coma during the time the forbidden gigai were being created, as well as when he disappeared."

Those gathered were already aware of this, and were becoming curious with why it was necessary that the information be repeated.

"However," the old man continued. "As a result of the charges against her, as well as the uncertain state of her health, she had been stripped of her rank and removed from the Twelfth Division. She doesn't wish to return to her former squad and that is probably for the best..." He sighed, the old man looked tired, and worn.

Everyone knew where this was going. He was obviously going to reassign her. Her health had stabilized and she was slowly able to start regaining her strength, which had greatly diminished while she had been 'sleeping'.

It was time for her to rejoin Soul Society as a member of a squad, not a hospital ward.

The captains all believed she would be placed in the Thirteenth Division. She had a good relationship with its captain and lieutenant. She had known the two the longest, they had helped her become a soul reaper. They were like family.

They were...like family...were...

Senna still remained quiet. She looked rather bored and somewhat blank as she stood motionlessly off to the side of the gathering. Her eyes, however, did betray her, but only a little. The small spark of excitement in them wasn't as hidden as she thought.

She had been in a coma for nearly a year and a half and had only woken six months before. Much had changed during that time.

Her close friend the former third seat of the Twelfth Division had disappeared. No one knew where or why or how. At least no one would tell her. She had an idea Kisuke knew, but he, too, was gone.

'The idiot,' she thought sourly.

It was a bit of shock to wake up from sleeping for a year and a half and find two of the four most important things to you were gone. Not only that, but you were apparently a criminal too. She had been under suspicion for possible connections to Kisuke's experiments and his disappearance. On top of that, she had no squad and no rank.

Needless to say, Senna wasn't very happy at that moment. She didn't think she would be again, either.

"Today we are here to reassign her to a new squad. Senna, please come forward."

Yamamoto's voice snapped Senna back to reality, not that anyone could tell she hadn't been paying attention in the first place. She always had the same bored, distant look on her face anymore.

Senna did as she was told and walked over to Yamamoto, standing obediently beside him as she waited for him to announce her transfer to squad Thirteen.

"I have made my decision," he paused here and sighed while glancing at the pale, somewhat anxious Ukitake. "I know this will be a shock, but I have my reasons. I will not explain them." The last part he said while looking directly at Captain Ukitake.

Ukitake and the rather bright captain of the Eighth Squad, Kyoraku, frowned.

Even Senna cocked her to the side and narrowed her eyes a bit to look at the squinty eyed old man next to her.

'Just what's going on here? Shocked? Why? Unless..' she thought while eying the old man.

"She will be placed in the Eleventh Squad, under Captain Zaraki."

The captains were all shocked, but a few shrugged like it wasn't really all that surprising to them.

Ukitake, however, was surprised, and didn't seem too happy either, but he rarely did. His friend Kyoraku just sighed and adjusted the straw hat on his head.

Senna stood still, her blank expression back in place after a brief moment of shock which made her jaw hang open. Only her eyes betrayed her. She was surprised and she had every reason to be, it wasn't every day you went from the Twelfth Division to the Eleventh, anyone would have been surprised. Even if she had only been in the Twelfth because of the strange training techniques Kisuke was so good at developing, she was definitely not 'technically inclined', but to go from there to the Eleventh was a major change.

"The...Eleventh Division..." Ukitake seemed to be asking, almost like needing confirmation he had heard correctly.

"Well, it really isn't too surprising. The girl's been nothing but trouble since she's awoken," said a tall man with long black hair and beautiful smoky eyes. Captain Kuchiki of the Sixth Division.

"Hnh, it'll be fun having her in the squad. I think the men will enjoy having a little girl around. 'Specially one who put quite a few in the Fourth Division's hospital."

Senna sighed and rolled her eyes. "Your men are morons. Picking on the members of the Fourth Division when they're bored. Cowards."

This was the first time she'd spoken and all eyes were on her now. Zaraki didn't seem to care she'd just insulted his men. He just grinned maniacally.

"I think this'll be fun. You got guts, kid," he said while grinning.

"Enough," Yamamoto called. "This meeting is over. Senna, you will report to Captain Zaraki tomorrow morning."

Senna nodded and with that they all began to leave the room.

Captain Ukitake walked over to Senna as the young woman prepared to leave, he seemed concerned about the turn of events. "Are you really okay with this, Senna?"

She looked down for a moment, but didn't respond for a few seconds. "Well, I'll get to fight and besides I don't seem to have a choice, Captain Yamamoto said as much."

"But the Eleventh-"

Senna quickly cut him off. "Ukitake, we both know why he made the decision to place me there. And I understand. After all, I've put quite a few men in the hospital, while I was in the hospital, most of which were squad Eleven members. Not to mention I nearly demolished a wing of the hospital when I found out about that idiot Kisuke's experiments and exile. I've been less than an angel and I honestly don't care."

Ukitake knew what she said was true. She had been extremely confrontational and aggressive since she'd received the news about Kisuke and the disappearance of another young man.

"I know, Senna, but I care even if you don't. Kisuke cared. So did Sh-"

"I don't care if they care or cared. They aren't here, are they? I don't need friends or sympathy, Ukitake, I need opponents and," she paused her to take a deep breath before continuing. "To just be left alone for a while."

That said she turned and walked away from one of the last things left she cared about.