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Chapter 1: Take It, and Make It.




I stabbed my freshly manicured nails into my palm, my tongue clicking in annoyance. My foot slightly tapping against the wooden leg of the lunch table as I shoved forward the red lunch tray; giving me space to lean forward.

"What exactly do you girls not understand?" I sent a glare to the 6 girls sitting before me, daring them to defy me.

"Should I start with why we have to do this, or why should we care?" Imai Hotaru replied with a glare that could challenge mine. I smirked, admiring the girls guts.

"That's exactly why I want you guys to do it. You're fresh and new, guys love that, but the best part? You guys don't care. You can let them on, but then totally crush them. I need that" I explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, was it not?

"Why don't you just get some of your little followers to do it?" Imai Hotaru shot back. I sighed, was she the only one who had enough guts to stand up to me? I scanned the table, seeing that the other girls were shaking in fear, I took that as a yes. God, was I really that intimidating?

"Because, those girls will swoon over those guys like they're the latest Evisu jeans!" I rolled my eyes. The eye-roll obviously didn't convince her and I sighed, slightly slamming my hands against the wood lunch table to catch their attention.

"Come on you guys. Don't tell me you seriously won't accept this offer? I'm offering you all a make-over, no expenses. I'm going to do a better job then the hottest make-over shows out there! And I'm not just re-doing your looks, honey I'm gonna give you confidence, and total A-list status!" I asked in disbelief, I looked at the faces of Imai Hotaru, Shouda Sumire, Umenomiya Anna, Ogasawara Nonoko, Harada Misaki, and Hyuuga Aoi. I hid a smile as I saw they're expressions changing, a sign that they were giving in. I would have sat there and glared them down, knowing they were most likely going to give in. But then again, it's better not to take chances. I swiftly swung my legs out of the chair, slinging my Prada handbag over my shoulders, my charm bracelet tinkling as I did, I got up from the table and sighed.

"Well, I guess if you guys really don't want to..." I was then interrupted by Misaki.

"Wait, come, sit, talk." she said, I would have shot her a death glare for telling me what to do if I didn't need her. I hesitated a bit, but then took a seat.

"Tell us, why exactly are you doing this?" Anna asked. I smiled at them, ready to launch.

"Because the academy is going co-ed, and girls will do nothing but swoon all over the guys. That will only lead to the guys ruling the place, do you seriously want guys ruling the school? You do realize how horrid things will be right? I mean.. they already took the primping rooms we had and turned them into boy's bathrooms over break!" I told them the bitter truth, well most of it anyway. Imai rolled her eyes, having already figured out the real reason why I didn't want guys to rule the school, nothing less to expect from one of the smartest girls in school. The rest of the girls expressions satisfied me though, they had horror written all over their faces. But I highly doubt it was the loss of primping rooms that had horrified them so greatly: they were horrified at the idea of guys disrupting everything else.

"Fine." all of them said, surprisingly even Imai agreed. I clapped my hands together and squealed with delight.

"That's awesome! We're going to report to my house immediately after school, no time can be wasted, the guys are going to be here next week! Ciao!" I sprinted away from the table, not giving them a chance to change their minds. I walked through the school's expensive and re-finished courtyard, thoughts rushing through my mind. The sound of water pouring down from the fountains felt rather relaxing along with the soft wind that caressed my face. I took a seat at the Sakura tree, my back leaning against the trunk. My eyes quickly darted across the courtyard to make sure no one was there before I stuffed my face into my hands and screamed a quiet scream of frustration. Ok, now that's over with. I pulled my laptop out of the book bag that I had grabbed from my locker earlier and immediately started on a chart. I would need to make notes on how to re-make those girls. And boy, I needed all the time I could get because no way in hell am I going to let that wretched Hyuuga Natsume take over, at least not here, not my school.


"I'm glad that you all came! Well, you should be glad you all came. After all, it's not very nice to be hunted down by me in school tomorrow, right?" Sakura Mikan greeted as the 6 girls walked through the door of her bedroom. 5 of said 6 girls gaped at the size of Mikan's bedroom, they were unsure if this was the entire house, or if it was really her bedroom. Mikan simply rolled her eyes, used to the reaction that people always gave when they stepped into her house.

"Yes in case any of you are wondering, this is my bedroom. And yes, it's a very tiny fraction of the size of the abnormally sized house. And no, it is not amazing as it seems, it's actually very tedious. It's annoying when I have to walk 10 minutes to go to even the kitchen" she answered all the questions that the girls had been asking inside there heads.

"So. exactly what are you going to do to us?" Nonoko asked, eyeing the brunette girl with slight suspicion. She had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and she was not going to ignore it. Mikan smiled grandly in response, she turned around and headed towards one of the many doors in her room.

"Follow me to find out" she called. The girls quickly followed, they're feet shuffling against the orange carpet. Mikan twisted open the shiny brass knob, leading them into a giant room, which by the hanger's, shelves, and the rotating circle platform with clothes hanging from it's arms, looked like an extremely over-sized closet with a TV, mini-fridge, and furniture. A girl with slightly curly hair was sitting on one of the the many sofa chairs in the room, smirking with her hands folded on her lap.

"Well, I guess I don't really have to introduce you guys to her, but looks like I have no choice. Guys, this is Ibaragi Nobara" Mikan gestured towards the girl who was now carefully examining the 6 of them.

"Oh Mikan, these girls aren't as bad as you told me they were! Well... okay fine, but they have total potential!" Nobara shot them a quick smile before giving her attention to Mikan.

"I wouldn't have chosen them if they didn't have potential" Mikan reminded Nobara who sighed and strutted over to one of the white shelves in the over-sized closet.

"So, I re-do their look, you re-do their attitude, and we both re-do their style. Sounds like fun Mi-chan!" Nobara winked at Mikan while pulling out a black briefcase from the white shelf. The 6 girls swallowed, eyeing the black briefcase, their stomaches flipping nervously.

"Pardon me, but... um Ibaragi-san, what are you going to do with that case?" Aoi asked a hint of fear on her face. Nobara gave the girl a reassuring smile that made Aoi feel a little better, well that was until she said...

"Why, I'm going to use it to rearrange your face!" Aoi face turned deathly pale, her eyes widened in fear; her stomach dropping to her feet.

"Ok.. Hotaru, Aoi, and Misaki, you guys are with Nobara-chan. Anna, Nonoko, and Sumire with me" Mikan took a seat on a pink chair on the other side of the closet. The girls shot each other looks of fear before rushing to the A-list girls they had been assigned to. Nobara watched as the girls hurried to Mikan before clapping her hands together and turning to her own group with enthusiasm.

"So, who wants to go first?"

--X --

"The main problems here are your attitudes. You girls so totally lack confidence!" Mikan explained to the girls who were sitting nervously in the plushy chairs biting their nails, only to have Mikan slap they're hands away from there mouths.

"Don't do that! Not only is it just un-hygenic, but it ruins your nail beds! It's a double kill!" she scolded them.

"Well, it's kind of hard to be confident when everyone makes fun of what you wear and what you look like" Sumire stuttered, pushing the glasses on her face upwards. Mikan pulled the glasses away from her face and threw them aside.

"It doesn't matter what you wear or what you look like. Sure, it definitely helps to look good, but that's not the most important thing!" Mikan screamed at the girls like a strict mother would discipline her children.

"Then what is the most important thing?" Anna asked, playing with her fingers. Mikan smirked, glad that the girl had asked the question she was waiting for. She leaned forward on the coffee table, letting the table support her.

"The most important thing is to take what you have and make everyone else be jealous that they don't have it. Take it, and make it"

-- X--

"Oi! Natsume! Wait up!" a blonde-haired boy called, running down a path of cherry blossom trees along a river back, his blue eyes sparkling almost as much as the river itself. A raven-haired boy in front of him stopped and waited for the boy to catch up.

"So, we're really gonna go to Alice Academy in a week, huh? Seems like forever ago that we were talking about the whole thing with Sakura-san" Ruka smiled, slightly sad that the girl no longer hung out with them,

"Hn" Natsume grunted in response. But in his head he was overjoyed. He was going to give that girl a wake-up call. Sakura Mikan, I'm gonna wake you up from your stupid little fairy tale. The fairy tale that had been written thanks to him. Him and his stupid way of pushing her into things that had completely ruined her naive and innocent character. Take it and make it? Then it would simply be his job to destroy it.


To Be Continued


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