Kakashi leaned back in the chair staring at Tsunade. It was nighttime; the moonlight filtered in through the window behind the hazel-eyed woman across from him. "Shouldn't Naruto be here?" he asked shifting his weight slightly.

"I'm hoping he won't be needed. I'm hoping you can lay the rumors to rest now and we can all go back to work." Kakashi didn't say anything. After a long pause Tsunade continued "So its true then." She then poured herself a cup of sake.

"I can't be sure, but it's …probable."

Tsunade nodded then sighed. " Kakashi, I don't want to treat this as an interrogation but I need to know what happened."

Smirking underneath his mask Kakashi poured his own cup of sake but didn't drink it just held it both hands and stared at it. "Well if the rumors are true then I'm sure you can figure it out" He stood up as if to leave but merely strode over to the window.

" Don't play coy with me, I meant the whole story."

Kakashi turned the cup around in his in his fingers, glanced out the window and sighed deeply. Tsunade, who had followed Kakashi around the room with her eyes, turned her chair around and waited patiently (something she was normally not inclined to do) and waited for him to start.

" I never knew why she came with me. For me it was simple enough, I had had a bit too much to drink and she was just there but for her… she was completely innocent.

It was late, not so much for Kakashi but late enough that looking around there were few people about, civilian or ninja. Kakashi walked down the dimly lit street heading home preparing for a night alone with Icha Icha Tactics.

Feeling someone else's presence he looked up to see the Hyuuga heiress sitting back on the roof of one of the buildings. Her hands were supporting her upper body, her eyes were closed and a cool breeze danced through her hair. I think I need to lay off the sake for a while. He had to admit she was a pretty nice drunken hallucination though.

As if finally feeling his presence she opened her eyes and stared at him staring at her. "K-kakashi-sensei?" she questioned in surprise, a blush rising to her cheeks. So it's not a hallucination then. Only the real Hyuuga Hinata could blush like that, the same blush she had right before she passed out whenever Naruto came near her just a few years ago.

Kakashi jumped up beside her, he supposed he could use the company. "Yo." She didn't seem capable of saying anything else so Kakashi assumed it was his turn to speak. "A little late to out and about isn't it." he commented but even she could tell what he really meant was 'a little late for Hyuuga Hiashi's seventeen year-old daughter to be outside the compound'.

"I just returned from a mission, my father doesn't expect me home until the morning." She explained.

He noticed that she didn't stutter and absently wondered if she had outgrown it. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't spend the night alone." She looked down sadly, sensing her change in emotion and the reason for it, he continued. "Do expect me to believe that you don't have boys chasing you around everywhere you go?"

She didn't answer, seeming to find the texture of the roof top way too interesting to pry her eyes away from it.

Kakashi tried again. "I'm sure even Sasuke is secretly lusting after you, and everyone knows she has the sexual appetite of and apple, practically asexual." There he saw it, a hint of smile playing across her lips. "In fact, I'm quite sure the only reason he hasn't confessed his undying love for you yet is to protect you from the slow and painful death that would surely be inflicted upon you if his fan girls ever found out."

She laughed, the beautiful sound drifting through the cool night air, and Kakashi couldn't help but smile as well. Still laughing, Hinata began to shake her head at the thought.

"I certainly would if I were him."

She stopped laughing and looked up at him as if seeing him for the first time, and with this newfound curiosity she studied his features carefully. They both sat there for a minutes just starring at each other, neither one willing to speak. Unexpectedly, Hinata raised her hand to Kakashi's face and pushed a delicate finger beneath his mask, feeling the second mask, she reached the finger beneath it as well so that she could feel his bare skin. Slowly began to pull them down together. Kakashi's surprise at her actions and curiosity as to what she would do next kept him from stopping her.

She looked at him with such intensity in her white eyes that he felt compelled to keep silent. Still keeping her gaze, she traced the back of one finger along his jaw line. Slowly she brought her lips to his kissing him lightly before pulling away. Realizing what she had just done she blushed seven shades of red and stood up abruptly.

"I should get going," she whispered, trying to compose herself. But as she moved to jump down on Kakashi grabbed her arm. Hinata turned to him, looking up at him with wide eyes. For the first time that night, ever really, he took the time to really look at her. Her jacket was open and I could see the toned but curvaceous body hiding beneath. Anyone would call her cute but what he was seeing was the beauty that other people missed when they passed her off as a shy weak little girl.

"Come home with me." Kakashi didn't expect the innocent Hyuuga heiress to say yes and she didn't, she didn't say anything. However, after a moment her posture relaxed and she nodded. It was quick it was simple but it was all he needed.

She allowed Kakashi to lead her to his house. Neither spoke the entire way.

He led her inside and as he turned to close to door behind them, her shyness returned and she stood there awkwardly with her arms wrapped tightly around herself. "Kakashi-sensei…" He cut her off moving so close to her they were almost touching.

"I'm not your teacher."

Her eyes widened but she kept going. "Yes, but—." He cut her off again this time with his lips upon her, something he had been waiting to do since her has left his on the rooftop.

For a moment she just stood there like she didn't know what to do and as the initial shock wore off her eyes drifted shut and she return the kiss.

Testing the waters, he licked her bottom lip and surprising enough she complied opening her mouth just a little at first but he took full advantage of it. He reached around the back of her neck and pulled her closer. In turn she hesitantly brought her hand to his chest laying her open palm against it.

It was then that all the year of needed to be loved to be wanted took over with a passion and using it she grabbed Kakashi's shirt with one hand and placed the other on his shoulder using it as leverage to pull herself up and wrap her legs around his waist. Heat coursed through both of their bodies at the new contact. Hinata gasped as Kakashi pushed her against the wall a little harder than he should have andhis lips never leaving hers. Still without breaking the kiss she leaned against him, away from the wall in order to shrug off her jacket. Each remaining piece of clothing stripped away one by one after that.

He took her there in the living room then again in the bedroom; making sure to strip away every barrier she had, revealing an unexpected hidden sexiness underneath. She was quite the passionate little thing after that.

Afterward Hinata let her exhausted body succumb to sleep and Kakashi let himself nod off too. She wasn't asleep long though, barely an hour after she closed her eyes he was brought back to the world, by the feeling her leaving the warmth. She walked out of the room and he could hear her gathering her clothing.

He imagined her getting dressed delicately and carefully starting first with the black cotton boy shorts, then wrapping her plump breasts which was more practical for female shinobi than a bra, she would put her fishnet shirt on next and then layered on top her three quarter length black shirt and her navy blue pants then finally her lavender jacket and her forehead protector tied around her neck as a finishing touch. As he lay listening she left quietly closing the door behind her.

"That was over two years ago now" Kakashi finished.

Tsunade nodded, "That wasn't the only time then?" Kakashi walked back to his chair, sitting down again. His cup of sake was still full while Tsunade had downed another five or six during his story.

" I wish I could say it was, that once was enough, but I can't because it wasn't"

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