"Katara! Let go of her you jerk! Katara!"

"Sokka I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Katara cried to her brother as Sokka threw insults at the laughing Zuko. Their trip had been for nothing. Aang wasn't here he probably would be alive and worried looking for them. But Aang wasn't going to be safe anymore and she knew that very well. Katara felt a few tears run down her face, why did she do that silly dance anyway? If she hadn't had done it she might have found that Aang wasn't there and they could've gotten off the ship before anyone noticed they were even on the ship. Zuko dragged her closer to her brother who was retained by three fire nation soldiers. Zuko and her brother eyes were glued to the others.

"Let my sister go!" shouted Sokka. Zuko smiled mischievously at Sokka and made a small laugh. Katara felt Zuko grip her more tightly but not in a harsh why but surprising a soothing and comforting sort of way. What was Zuko doing?

"Who's going to save your sister now?" Zuko said softly to her brother and he put his mouth close to her ear. Katara inhaled sharply at the feel of his icy, cold breath on her ear and she looked at her brother who looked as if he was ready to murder someone and make it bloody. Sokka leapt at the prince but the three soldiers held him back. Zuko stopped his smile and looked at the soldiers seriously.

"We only need the girl let the boy go and warn his Avatar friend. We'll keep her as a hostage" he instructed. Sokka's face went blank and he tried to free himself again. This time the soldiers were unaware and he nearly got free of their grip. All three of them hauled him back a few feet away from the prince and they tightened their grasp on him. Sokka kept on tugging but the soldiers were prepared.

"Let my sister go! I'll stay here!" he screamed at Zuko but Zuko just laughed mockingly at the speech.

"Why would a want two benders on my tail you and the Avatar are easier to defeat?" asked Zuko. Sokka replied the insult with a war cry and another attempt to lunge at Zuko. Katara tried to free herself and hit Zuko but the grip he had on her was too strong.

"Sokka I'm sorry! Don't worry I'll get out! Don't try and come after me!" Katara pleaded. She knew it was her that should stay. It was her fault. All her fault that they were trapped, that now Aang might have the risk of getting caught to now.

"Katara are you crazy! I promised Gran gran I'll look after you!" shouted her brother back. Zuko looked at both of them and then looked back at the soldiers.

"Take him away" he ordered coldly.

"KATARA DON'T WORRY I'LL GET YOU BACK! I SWEAR I'LL GET YOU BACK!" promised her brother. Katara smiled and made a bit of a sob at the same time. She watched as the soldiers took her brother away and even looked when they were out of sight. Suddenly she felt a pull from the back of her shirt and she yelped from the surprise. She looked at Zuko who stared at her angrily.

"Come with me" he said in a dark and secretive sort of manner, and he pulled the back of her shirt again with a bit less force. He dragged her down the metal stairs in a medium pace but not to fast so Katara wouldn't trip from being dragged along on the stairs. Their footsteps clanked loudly and she was thankful that she had tiptoed before when she went down the stairs. Katara started to remember their surroundings of the path they were taking, they were going the same way she took when she went on board. Katara drew her eyes to Zuko and she watched him as they traveled down the flights stairs. It looked like there was something wrong with him. Something making him sad or worried but she couldn't tell what it was. Of course there is something wrong with him; he's trying to destroy the world's last hope there has to be something wrong with him she thought. She didn't want to start worrying over a nasty prince who had tried to kill her and her brother, stole her necklace, chased them all over the place and zapped red fire at them. Katara continued to stare at Zuko. Something from him made him pleasing to look at in a way. A thought buzzed in her mind which alarmed her. Did she think Zuko was hot!? That he was actually cute somehow!?

No. Certainly not.

Katara looked at Zuko a bit more carefully. Well he does have some good muscles I guess and he probably would look like a pretty cute guy if he didn't have the scar. They reached the lowest floor on the ship and setting came back to her clearly. This one was the one she went to before and where she found the shrine and was she got caught. Katara brushed the thought of her capture away and set her mind on what Zuko was doing. He opened one of the metal doors close to them and chucked her in violently. She landed flat on the ground and used her arms to pull herself back up.

"Don't you dare try to escape or I'll find the Avatar without a hostage to help me" he threatened and he slammed the door in her face. All light from the outside disappeared. Katara sat there and started to cry as she heard Zuko barking orders for someone to stand guard at the door. Why was this happening? Why was she here? Why was she like this? Katara forced the tears back. Sokka will come for you and Aang too, and then the family will all be back again. The positive thoughts helped her and she looked around her surroundings. There was nothing there but a little privy hole, a mattress that looked like it was infested with the entire population of bed bugs and a window with bars on it to stop her from getting out. The voices from the door vanished and new thoughts entered Katara's mind. Where was Aang now? Was he looking for them? Was he scared? Katara couldn't bear thinking Aang being cold and alone in the darkness. She admitted she was like a mother to him in a way, always helping him and cooking the food for him. Come to think of it she was a mother sort of figure to Sokka as well. Katara smiled at how it was ironic. She remembered before when her mother was still there she could act as a spoiled child and always have someone to do work for her. Ever since her mum died she had to grow up and do work. A tear fell from the thought of her mother. The fire nation was pure evil for killing her mother. They had ruined so many lives and hers was just one of them. She banished the thought away and focused back on Aang and her brother. She looked through the barred window and saw the moon glimmering back at her.

Sokka, Aang wherever you are please be alright.

Beauty and the Beast

"Go tell your Avatar friend to come for your sister. We'll be waiting" said the fire nation soldier. Sokka hauled himself up and started to run at the man but they closed the door before he could get there. He howled in anger and fell to the ground. He banged his fist on the ground and yelled.


Tears streamed down his face and he gritted his teeth. I'll be back for you. If the fire nation prince wanted him to get Aang and come back that was what he was going to do. But they were going to have a little surprise. Sokka pulled himself off the ground and ran into the forest and started to call Aang's name out. He ran instead of walking and ignored the cuts he was getting from the plants around him.

"Sokka? Sokka? Is that you?"

Sokka smiled at the sound of Aang's voice and he followed it until he could see the little bald monk holding the reins of the sky bison. The Avatar's face went white as his eyes met his own.

"Sokka where is Katara?"

Beauty and the Beast

Katara's head flung up as she heard her brother call her name. She felt tired and drowsy as she lay back down on the mattress (which turned out to be hard as a rock) and sighed deeply. It probably wasn't her brother's voice but just her dream, and that was particularly odd since she didn't remember dreaming about anything. She closed her eyes once more but opened them when she heard someone knock on the metal door.

"Come in" she croaked. He voice was cracked and dry and she longed for a drink of water. She sat up slowly as the door creaked open. An old man came into view who seemed to be carrying a pot of tea.

"Hello. I was wondering if you'd like to have a cup of tea. But if you're tired I can come back later" said the stranger. Katara looked at the old man curiously and then smiled.

"Thank you a cup of tea sounds really good right now" she answered her voice a little bit better. The old man smiled and entered the cell then closed the door behind him which creaked noisily again. He sat down on the cold metal floor and put the pot of tea down. Katara hopped of the bed and sat down with him. He revealed two cups from his jacket and starting to pour out the tea.

"I don't think you know who I am. My name is Iroh, I'm Zuko's uncle and you probably know who he is" said the man called Iroh. Katara snorted at the speech.

"After him chasing the Avatar, my brother and I all over the world I should know him enough. My name is Katara"she replied. This time Iroh laughed and Katara couldn't find why. She hadn't said anything funny. The laughter of the old man died and he handed the cup to her.

"My nephew is a bit head strong and foolish yes, but he has good inside him you'll see" said Zuko's uncle. Katara wasn't that sure if she wanted to see Zuko's good side. If his bad side was really bad than his good side wouldn't be any better. She took a sip of the tea and felt it slip down her throat warming her body and giving a tingling sensation down her spine.

"This is really good tea" she complemented and Iroh beamed with proud.

"Thank you. This is jasmine tea Zuko likes it very much as well" said Iroh. Katara froze at the comment slightly confused, why was he making connections between Zuko and herself? What was he trying to do match make them up?

"Why are you being kind to me? I'm a hostage here" she said bluntly. Iroh's head went down and he stared at his own cup of tea.

"My nephew hasn't treated you kind. I want you to have some happiness at your stay here. I hope Zuko starts to treat you a little bit better after he gets over what you have done" he said. Katara was even more confused at Zuko's uncle now. What had she done to make Zuko hate her even more other than go on his ship? Then she realized it.

"That woman. That woman is his mother isn't it? Or was his mother" she said quietly. Iroh nodded in despair.

"Many things have distorted physically and emotionally in my nephew through his life and that is just one of them" said Iroh. Katara looked with interest. She guessed another one of the 'things' that Iroh was talking about was Zuko's scar. She had always wondered where Zuko got his scar from. Most of the time she thought that it was just a training accident or when fighting rebels or something like that. The scar always made Zuko look more evil and wicked in some sort of strange way but Katara couldn't find out why it did so.

"The scar on his face is another isn't it" she said softly. Iroh's face went even more solemn as he nodded back at her. A long moment of silence stretched between them as they both took a few sips of their tea.

"Where did he get it? The scar he has" she asked hoping she hadn't offending him by thinking he would be so open that he would tell a horror of his nephew but her curiosity got away with her. To her surprise he opened his mouth a little bit to answer but then he looked down and closed his mouth after a short decision he made.

"No I won't tell you try and get it from him yourself. Then you will see" answered Iroh. Katara felt a slight pang of disappointment and confusedness to the response given to her. She knew it would probably be impossible to get anything out of Zuko and what would she see after she found out (or if she found out). That Zuko wasn't that much of an Angsty Prince? She nodded her reply to be polite and smiled then handed back her cup to the old man.

"Thanks for the tea"

"It was my pleasure and it was very nice meeting you Miss Katara" laughed the old man and he stood up and then bowed to her before leaving. Katara went back on the small mattress and looked through the window out to the moon. It wasn't full that night but a little over half. She wondered what made the moon dark. It was like the shadows of it were not light came from. It was the shadow of the moon.

Beauty and the Beast

Iroh closed the door behind him and smiled. She was a very nice girl and was quite a bit like Zuko in a way. They would make a nice couple if the relaxed around each other. Iroh laughed at the thought of Zuko having a girlfriend and then turned to go back up the stairs. He looked back again and saw Zuko staring crossly at him with his arms folded.

"You're not meant to mingle with prisoners" said the teenaged prince. Iroh reacted calmly at what his nephew said and walked a few stairs up.

"She deserved to have a cup of tea" said Iroh plainly and Zuko's eyebrows bended down.

"It is not appropriate to-

"You'll find she is a very nice girl Zuko just wait and see" interrupted Iroh. Zuko pointed to the cell the water bender was kept in.

"Do you know what she did? She went into her shrine! She went into her shrine!' repeated Zuko angrily. Neither of the two made a sound until Zuko calmed down and lowered his hand.

"She- she was doing that dance. The same dance too" he said quietly. Iroh looked at his nephew understandingly. He put a hand on his shoulder and looked straight into his nephew's eyes.

"She was very kind to show respect to someone she didn't even know. You should thank her for that, your mother would've liked that" said Iroh comfortingly. Zuko sighed and took his uncle's hand off his shoulder.

"Fine" he breathed out with a touch of hate in his voice and he walked back up the stairs. Iroh watched him go sadly. His nephew still had much to learn and so much to understand. He looked back at the prison cell where the young water bender lay down in sleep. It was funny how similar they were and how different they were at the same time. But there was something else about this girl that traveled with the Avatar. His hopes were in her. His hopes that she could help his nephew and relieve him from the pain that lay inside him. Zuko already had enough trouble going through puberty anyway. Even without that his nephew would probably still be twisted and demented anyway. This girl could be the key to it all. Iroh grinned mischievously. After all they made a cute couple.


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