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"So you've got a 'furry little problem'." Sirius said as though he was stating common knowledge, "What do you want me to do about it? It's not like we did it, so why are you punishing us, lying to us? What were you thinking Lupin?"

"Sirius, I think -" James started, eyes wide with concern for his friend.

"No James, Remus needs to here this. You listening to me Loopy Lupin?" Sirius said, never taking his eyes from the top of Remus' bent head. From his bed Peter squeaked and tucked his knees to his chest, feeling uncomfortable about the intensity of Sirius' stare. He hoped Sirius would never look at him like that.

"Yes." Remus said in barely a whisper as he fought to stop the tears threatening to spill from under his closed lashes.

"Lupin, we have known you for the past two and a half years, you have been our dorm mate since our first night at Hogwarts. You're a Marauder, but most of all you've been a good friend. So I think it's only fair that I should make this as easy as possible for everyone, including us. Remus, we don't care!" Sirius explained.

Remus slowly opened his eyes, barely believing that these people, his friends, didn't care about what he was. With wide eyes he looked at the three boys before him: Sirius looked calm, almost bored as he picked at his nails trying to remove the nail polish Mary Macdonald had put on when he had fallen asleep in History of Magic. Peter was huddled up on his bed, but he still smiled warmly at Remus. James flashed him a comforting smile before standing up and crossing the room to Remus' bed. "But I'm a werewolf…" Remus whispered, still terrified that they would change their minds.

"So what?" James asked, sitting on Remus' bed and slinging a comforting arm around his friend. "Now we know why you are moody once a month, n-"

"Just like Jamesies lady love Evans!" Sirius declared "Maybe she's a werewolf to! Do you have like a Were-dar Loopy?"

"Shut up! I do not like Evans!" James yelled as he hurled a pillow at Sirius' head and a blush crept across his cheeks. "Anyway, so you're going to be moody once a month."

"No James, not 'moody'," Sirius interjected, "he's going to be 'Moony'. Get it? Moony?"

The three boys stared at Sirius for a moment before Remus muttered, "I feel dumber just for listening to that…"

"You know how muggles say 'Judy Attitudie'? Well we've got 'Moody Attitudie!" Sirius chuckled.

"Are you about done with the moon jokes yet Sirius?" Peter squeaked.

Sirius had a look of intense thought before declaring, "No, nowhere near done. Should I save the rest for later? Give you all a break from my witty repertoire?"

"Yeah, much appreciated." James replied before standing up and stretching. A loud growl was heard across the room and James turned to see Peter blushing and muttering about being hungry. "And the Pettigrew clock says it's time for dinner. Gentlemen, shall we?" James asked with a large, sweeping motion before heading down the staircase closely followed by Peter.

Remus sat in stunned silence for a moment before Sirius hauled him off his bed and dragged him towards the door. Sirius slung an arm around Remus as they headed down the staircase. "And just think Mr Lupin, we have a lifetime of 'Moony' jokes ahead of us."

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