"-In every generation, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer"


"It Hurts…"

Faith awoke drenched in swear after having the same nightmare she had been having all week, Myra's death and re-life kept flashing through her head every time her eyes closed it was what she saw.

"How did you sleep?"

Giles said as he entered the room with two mugs one in each hand.

"Can't Complain"

Faith replied as she sat up in her bed taking one of the mugs from Giles.

"What's the time?"

She asked as she placed the mug down and stretched her arms behind her head.

"its only 21:15 you only slept for an hour"

Giles said as Faith peered outside realizing It was still night time.

"Well as long as im up I guess we should head out again"

Faith said as she rolled out of bed and walked to the open wardrobe in the corner of the room where she had placed all her belongings which consisted of a wife beater a leather jacket and her lucky biker boots, all of which she took out and put on.

"We should check out the night life"

Giles said as he removed his glasses and cleaned them on his jacket sleeve before placing them back on, he grabbed his mug and took a long drink from it before placing it back down.

"The Nightlife?"

Faith said sounding taken aback.

"Why Rupert I never took you for a club hopper"

Faith replied smiling as she began to lace up her boots.

"I did a little research and my sources have confirmed Myra has been hitting the local hot spots"

Giles said sullenly as he sat at the foot of Faiths bed.

"So we been searching for her all week and we got nothing then all of a sudden she gets a hankering for some underage drinking?"

Faith replied as she pulled out a trunk from the back of the closet and opened it revealing an assortment of weapons she had liberated from Buffy before she hit the road.

"forget them"

Giles said as Faith had begun sifting through the trunk.

"Forget what?"

She asked confused.

"Forget them all what's past is past"

Giles replied as Faith turned to face him.

"Im not following G"

"When you were sleeping you were calling out her name"

Giles replied looking Faith in the eyes.


Faith asked knowing that wasn't the case.

"Faith you are a Slayer your not a body Guard, what happened wasn't your fault no one could say it was, Myra had the strength and potential to protect herself, the only person that failed Myra was Myra herself"

Giles said as Faith listened.

"No one can blame you for what happened not Myra not you and not her"

Giles said not mentioning "her" by name yet Faith knew full well that the "her" he was referring to was Buffy, Buffy the great the almighty slayer Faith felt like a bug compared to Buffy she had had it all a caring watcher a loving mother and sister and a supportive group of friends who understood and helped with all the troubles that came along with the slayer lifestyle, yet Faith had not been awarded these privileges instead she had been forced to go at it alone.

Giles looked at Faith from across the room she held herself well but Giles could see the hurt little girl behind the façade.

"We should go soon"

He said as he stood up and walked out of the room.

Faith looked out the window at New York she could see the spot where it had all gone down where it had happened.


Giles spun around to the direction which the scream had come from.



Giles called from the doorway as Faith stared blankly out the window.


He called again as she snapped out of her daze.

"Sorry, mind was all wandering"

She said as she strode across the room.

"So lets do this thing"

She said as she left the large New York Mansion and headed to the car with Giles trailing behind her.


Giles shouted struggling to be heard over the pulsing music in the latest club he and Faith had come across.

"At least this one is better then the last one"

Faith laughing referring to the last club they had hit up which unbeknownst to them was a gay club, Faith had never seen Giles blush but once they were in that bar he had been approached by more males then Faith and he turned a brighter shade of red then the lights outside the club.

"Hey Sugar"

A Female patron said as she danced up against Giles.

"I err um Faith?"

Giles said confused by all the attention he was getting.

"Beat it sweetie he's with me"

Faith said interlocking her arm with Giles's as The Female gave her a sour look and then disappeared into the crowd of people.

"Giles look!"

Faith shouted pointing to the back exit where a blonde girl was carrying a young looking male outside.


Giles said as he reached into his jacket pulling out a stake as he and Faith shoved their way through the crowd to the exit.


Faith shouted as she shoved another person out of her way.

They reached the back door and threw it open as they heard they male scream.

"Get away from him Myra!"

Faith shouted as she ran into the alley in time to see the blonde dust the Male who had been a vampire.

"What's a Myra?"

The Blonde said as she turned around.


Giles said shocked as he saw the former Sunnydale it girl in front of him Slaying a Vampire.



Eliza Dushku



Mercedes McNab



Carly Pope




Anthony Steward Head



Guest Starring:

Taylor Momsen – Myra, Heidi Montag – Divinity, Jim Sturgess – Hazmat

Leighten Meester – Artemis, Blake Lively – Soleil, Will Yun Lee – Aigle

Chiaki Kuriyama – Vox, Arnold Vosloo – Pharu, Drea de Matteo – Qali


Divinity descended the long stairwell in silence when she reached the bottom of the dimly lit stairwell she stopped and took a deep breath to prepare herself for what awaited on the other side of the door.


She sighed as she reluctantly pushed the door open and entered into a large circular room, in the centre of the room was a large round table with Ten seats spread around it the majority of the seats were filled with the exception of three of them.

"She's back"

Said one of the women seated at the table as she turned to the Brunette woman to her right.

"I think she failed"

She said as the two women burst into laughter as Divinity ignored them both and sat in one of the empty seats

"Ill be able to kill her"

The Woman with the blonde hair said causing the Brunette to laugh out loud.

"It's no problem at all"

She said again mocking Divinity who sat calming ignoring the two women as they continued to harass her.

"It looks like she had a few problems"

The Brunette said in reference to the bruise on Divinity's cheek from where Faith had kicked her.

"Shut up you pitiful Whores"

Divinity roared across the table silencing the two girls for a few seconds.

"Soleil did you hear what she called us"

The Brunette said looking horrified.

"Indeed I did Artemis seems she hasn't quite learnt her lesson yet"

The Blonde known as Soleil said as she got to her feet and clenched her fist which burst into a purple flame.

"Care to dance?"

She said staring to Divinity who smiled back.

"if it is your wish to die"

Divinity said slowly getting to her feet as the others around the table sat back and watched.

"Then so be it"

She said as she threw her arm forward releasing a small blade which seconds before connecting with Soleil was caught mid air by an Asian woman who threw it down into the table.


The woman shouted

"Stop acting like children"

She said as the door on the far side of the room opened and another woman entered with a large Python draped over her shoulders.

"Why Vox"

She said referring to the Asian woman.

"You took the words from my mouth"

She said as she took the seat at the head of the table.

"Soleil Divinity takes your seats"

The Woman said sternly yet calmly.

"As you wish"

Divinity said as she took her seat to her left sat a strange looking man with a gas mask on they called his Hazmat Divinity had never seen him in action but she knew he was dangerous, to her right said a tall bald intimidating man named Pharu Divinity had worked with him many times before and knew to stay on his good side he was one of the more deadly assassins in the room he was able to manipulate sand grains so that he could summon a sandstorm with nothing more then a child's sandbox she had seen him do it to, next to Pharu sat the Asian woman Vox she was a master of all blades and had the ability to be undetectable literally she was able to pass though walls and objects making her the one that was often burdened with the high profile assassinations, sat next to her were Artemis and Soleil both had been a thorn in Divinity's side since they had arrived on the scene Divinity didn't care for either of them but she did hold some respect for their power over the elements Soleil could manipulate flame with Artemis held control over water able to freeze an entire lake with the blink of an eye, although she would never admit it Divinity had always resented them out of jealously of the bond the two woman shared, Next to Artemis their was an empty seat belonging to the newest member of the group who was out on a mission and seated next to the empty chair was a middle aged Asian man named Aigle like Vox he was an Assassin Divinity had never heard him speak she had never even heard him breath but she knew one thing he was lethal, on the other side of him was another empty chair a chair that had been empty for as long as any one in the room could remember it belonged to the master they served the Puppeteer who pulled their strings he was known only as Durge he was an ancient demon of the old times who had been banished due to his immense power, the Woman at the head of the table Qali was a powerful Sorceress who had brought together the individuals in the room in order to bring him back to power.

"We have a problem"

Qali said as she looked around the table.

"it seems we have some new players in town"

She said as she glanced toward Divinity.

"We can't afford for anything to go wrong not now"

"Allow me the chance to return Mistress I will not fail"

Divinity said cutting Qali off.


Qali began to say as he Python slid off the table and slid back through the door which they had entered.

"You were not able to defeat them once you will not be able to triumph now"

"I will not fail you a second time"

Divinity said as the anger rose within her.

"You shall let me right my wrong"

She said as her voice took a deeper sultry tone.

Qali looked stunned then her smile returned.

"If you are so certain it can be done then I shall allow you on one condition, Hazmat!"

She said as Hazmat looked up.


He said in a deep German accent

"You will accompany Divinity keep her out of trouble"

"Yes Madam"

"Oh and Divinity"

Qali said in her menacingly calm voice as Divinity looked on.

"If you attempt to control me again"

She said in reference to Divinity's ability.

"I will feed you to the Maggots"

She said as she stood up and left the room slamming the door behind her as she left causing all the lights in the room to go out.

"Mr Giles?"

Harmony said as she threw the stake she was holding to the side and approached the stunned Giles.

"Harmony what are you doing here?"

Faith said looking at Harmony who hadn't aged a day since she had last seen her.

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

Harmony said as she began to look Faith up and down.

"I was friends with Buffy"

She replied as it suddenly clicked in Harmony's head

"Ah yeah you used to be like a Uber Skank"

Harmony said casually.

"Grace is it?"

Harmony said confused.

"Actually her name is Faith Lehane"

Came a voice from behind them as a young attractive brunette stepped out of the shadows adjusting her glasses.

"born December 4th 1980 in South Boston, Massachusetts"

The woman said as she stopped beside Harmony and held out her hand.

"Im Lilith Fairchild but you can call me Lili or Lilith or whatever you like really"

Lilith said as Faith shook her hand somewhat lost.

"Does some one want to let me in on what's going on"

Faith said completely lost now.

"Ok well Angel fired me"

Harmony begun before being interrupted by Giles.

"you worked for Angel?"

"Well yeah but there was a misunderstanding where i accidentally leaked some information which angel knew I would do and he fired me for it"

Harmony said sounding kind of Hurt.

"Anyone so I decided that since I wasn't working with the good guys anymore that I should go solo like Harmony the vampire vampire slayer!"

She said doing little air quotes.

"But then I rescued Lilith here from a group of Polgara demons and she convinced me that going solo wasn't the best approach that I should find other like us and take the baddies down as a team like Angel did!"

Harmony said as Giles and Faith looked on not really listening to the ranting vampire.

"Wait so what are you"

Faith said looking to Lilith.

"Liliths a library!"

Harmony squealed excitedly.

"Im Not a Library"

Lilith said annoyed

"She totally is"

Harmony said as Lilith pushed her aside.

"I have an advanced eidetic memory"

Lilith began to say as Faith interrupted her.

"An idiot what? Did she just insult herself?"

She said turning to Giles for an explanation.

"Basically … I remember things"

Lilith said as Giles stared on in disbelief.

"Wait that's nothing special"

Faith said as Harmony stared off into the distance absent mindedly.

"well its more then that really I am able to recall anything I have ever read, seen or heard instantly with extreme accuracy"

She said trying not to confuse Faith anymore then she already had.

"So your like a human Dictionary"

"Sort of"

Lilith replied as Harmony snapped back to reality.

"This is incredible"

Giles said stepping forward studying the young woman.

"Iv read over Nine hundred books and can recall every single word of every page"

Lilith said bragging.

"I can also speak forty eight languages fluently"

She said as Giles stepped back and nudged Faith.

"That girl could truly be an asset to our Mission"

He said as Lilith looked on smiling as Harmony fidgeted behind her.

"What about Blondie"

Faith said as Giles looked over at Harmony who vamped out and began playing with her hair.

"She means well but we would have to keep an eye on her"

"seeing as how she is a creature of the night"


Giles said as he turned to Lilith and Harmony ready o welcome them into the team.

"Were in"

Lilith said before Giles could even open his mouth.

"I once read a book about lip reading"

she said smiling.

"And don't worry about Her"

She said signalling to Harmony

"She has been off human blood for over a year"

Lilith said as Harmony changed back to normal.

"Your joining our team?"

She squealed excitedly hugging Giles.


Faith said.

"Your joining ours"

She said sternly as Harmony frowned.

"Why should we do that?"

She said pouting.

"Cause we live in a mansion"

Faith said as Harmony suddenly lit up once again.

"Oh yay lets go celebrate!"

She said grabbing Giles and Lilith by the hands and dragging them back into the club as Faith looked on shaking her head.

"this is going to be interesting"

She said as she turned and entered the club.

High above the alley Divinity sat watching as Faith and the others walked back into the club.

"Was that her?"

Hazmat asked in his deep German accent.

"It was"

"So Puny"

"She's Strong"

Divinity snapped as Hazmat stood up and walked away.

"You will wait for my command before you do anything"

She said sternly as Hazmat kept walking, Divinity looked back down at the alley her eyes as black as the night sky behind her…