10 Things You Never Knew About Percy Weasley

1. He hates his name. Who calls a child "Percy Ignatius"? His brothers might have boring names, but none of them are as horrible as his. Ron isn't a brilliant name, but it's better than Percy. (Though he does have to admit that Ignatius might be marginally better than Bilius as a middle name.) "Percy" just invites nicknames – "Percy the Prat", "Perfect Prefect Percy", "Pompous Perce" – especially when you have brothers like Fred and George.

2. He wishes he were more like Bill. He doesn't understand how Bill managed to work hard, get "Outstanding" OWLs and NEWTs, be a Prefect and Head Boy, and still be popular and cool. Even if he grew his hair long, and wore dragon-skin boots and an earring, he'd never be cool. It's not in his nature, but he wishes it was. If he didn't admire him so much, he'd hate his eldest brother.

3. Being the odd one out in his family never bothered him. Bill and Charlie were close; the twins were inseparable; Ron and Ginny were thrown together by being the "babies", but he was one on his own. And, although it worried his parents, he never really minded it.

4. It was the proudest moment of his life when he got the letter saying he was Head Boy. Even now, years later, he still cannot quite forgive the twins for spoiling it for him.

5. Before the Battle of Hogwarts, he had only ever been really petrifyingly, stupefyingly afraid three times in his life. The first was when Ginny was taken into the Chamber of Secrets; the second was when Ron was a hostage to the merpeople during the Triwizard Tournament; the third was when his father was hurt in that mysterious incident at the Ministry, and he could not even go and visit him in hospital because of his estrangement from his family. Until those things happened, he had always sincerely believed that he could get by without them all.

6. When he had the row with his father, and left the family, he honestly thought he was right. He wasn't being pig-headed and awkward like so many people thought he was. He hated that his actions hurt his parents, but he thought they were wrong, deluded, led astray. He really did. He didn't think he had a choice.

He wanted to go back so often. He wanted to say "sorry", to acknowledge his father at work. He wanted to keep the Christmas jumpers that smelt of home. He wanted to stay at The Burrow that Christmas when Scrimgeour used him to get at Harry (until George splattered his glasses with parsnips, and he knew he would have to leave before he hit him). He stood outside the protective enchantments surrounding The Burrow for Bill and Fleur's wedding, and wanted to cross them. He didn't do any of those things because he hated to admit that he was wrong.

He cannot believe now how stupid he was. He will regret it for the rest of his life.

7. He still cannot believe that his family forgave him so readily. Even Fred (although he will be grateful forever that he did). He did not deserve their forgiveness. He still cannot forgive himself.

8. He relives the moment of Fred's death in his dreams at least once a week. He still thinks there must have been something he could have done to save him.

9. He loves his job, and knows that the rules and regulations and details his brothers laugh at him about are important. He is ambitious. He needs to prove himself.

10. But he would leave his job in an instant if his family required him to. He cannot believe his wife fell for someone like him, that she loves him. He is amazed every day by how wonderful his children are (even if they drive him mad on occasion). He knows how important families are. He is the luckiest man alive to have his.