Chasing Butterflies

Story Summary: It was just a kiss. It was just a friendly, no hard feelings, nothing to freak out about kind of kiss. As least, that's what they kept telling themselves. If only the butterflies would listen. ChadSharpay.

Author's Starting Notes: I don't play basketball, nor do I closely follow it, so, when I get things wrong - like when basketball season is and things like that - don't get mad at me. Also, this idea was originally done by a friend of mine and any of you who read it will probably see some similarities. She was gonna do it but much like another story of hers. She didn't see fit to work on it. The other day I said I couldn't work on any of my Chadpays for some odd reason and she told me about this one. Fell in love with the plotline because it was so obvious yet somehow different. I made some tweaks towards the beginning but I completely ditched her plot like halfway through because I didn't like it (no offense). Not sure what my ending is at the moment but that's fine because I've got a while to go until I get there. You may read, please review though.

Chapter Summary: The fun, and the story, begins when the one-woman quest to get back the stolen journal of Sharpay Evans starts a whirlwind of Chadpay romance and drama


Chapter One:

Two months, that's eight weeks, that's 1,344 hours, that's 80,640 minutes, and that's exactly how long Chad Danforth had been a committed and dedicated boyfriend to Taylor McKessie. The two had started dating about a month after the fiasco that was the summer at Lava Springs and had lasted an entire two months, much to a certain someone's dismay. They weren't the couple everyone talked about, that was Troy and Gabriella, but they still had something. He was the rebellious, bad boy of the East High Varsity basketball team, and she was the uptight, genius in charge of the East High academic decathlon team. They were complete opposites, but lucky for them opposites attract. Since we're speaking about attraction, we might as well bring in the one other person who fit into that odd little puzzle and coincidentally, that one person just happened to be passing through the halls at the same time Chad was.

"Watch it!" roared Sharpay Evans brushing off her skirt after crashing into him

"Oh, sorry, Princess, didn't know the hallway was yours," responded the boy effectively pissing off the blonde

"You know, if I wasn't already late for my meeting I'd tell you a thing or two about how to act in my hallway," she said

"Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint your fans," he said stepping aside so she could walk pass him. He, surprisingly, waited until she was out of eyeshot to roll his eyes. Then he was on his way. And what a merry way it was. Chad was an excited fellow on that fine November the 3rd, as he was headed towards his best friend Troy Bolton's house. He may have gone every day but that day was different. He was going not to see Troy but to see Troy's father, Jack, who was the coach of the basketball team. Jack was announcing who would be captain and second in command on the team that day. Chad had no chance of getting captain since Troy was also on the team but he knew that the second in command thing had to be his. He was the best player on the team after all.

Chad strolled into the parking lot and had to pause for a moment or two to look at his car. It wasn't something fancy but it wasn't crap. He had worked all summer going through hell and high water to get the cash to pay for it. He'd waited on Princess hand and foot, carried two ton bags of golf clubs through the scorching heat, and even watched three year olds, but it was well worth it to be able to pick up his girl in his sweet ride. After admiring his prized possession, he actually got in and drove like a mad man towards Troy's. Once he arrived, Troy ushered him straight into the house where four other guys were sitting.

"Chad, you're late," said Jack with a stern voice

"Yeah, sorry about that, Zeke's 'girl' held me up," Chad said chuckling internally as he referred to Sharpay as Zeke's. They all knew Zeke was practically in love with her but she still didn't give him the time of day.

"No excuses, Chad, if you're going to fulfill your new responsibility you'll need to be on time," Jack said a slow smile creeping onto his face

"Wait, you mean, um, I, I'm second in command," Chad said stuttering slightly. He had expected the position but hearing it from Jack made it sound a bit too real to be true.

"Well, who else would I give the job to? Gabriella?"

Jack rolled his eyes at the teen and left the room not really feeling up to watching the boys jump around and act like baboons.

"Congratulations, dude," Zeke said clapping Chad on the back

"Thanks," Chad said

"Alright, enough of this mushy crap, let's go be real men and play some basketball," Troy said pounding his chest in a manly sort of way

"Oh no, I will not have you boys running around like beasts in my backyard," Susan Bolton said walking into the living room and crushing Troy's hopes quickly.

"But Mommy," Troy momentarily forgot exactly who was around him but he was reminded when the guys snickered behind him, "um, I mean, yo Ma, we're men and men need to do manly things,"

"Yes, yes, Troy, I'm sure. You and your little friends can go do manly things upstairs, in your room, with the door closed. My book club will be here in a few minutes and I do not need you scaring them off, now, shoo," Susan said dismissing the boys from downstairs. Not wanting to get yelled at - for they knew that would be next - the boys trudged up the stairs and into Troy's bedroom.

"Now what do we do?" Zeke asked

"We could… watch TV," suggested Duke winters

"Or, prank call people," Tyler Williams said piping in as well

"Or, we could kick you two out," Jason said quite harshly but they were used to it. Jason wasn't a cheerful person on Mondays.

"How about we just have Troy tell us a story," proposed Zeke straying from the angered outburst and fight that was sure to follow if they didn't come up with something

"What story could I possibly tell, Zeke?" Troy asked his friend, who simply shrugged. It was just an idea.

"You could tell us the story behind your favorite yearbook," Chad said

"My favorite yearbook? I have no idea what you mean," Troy said turning his head and casting a quick glance to the corner of his room next to his bed that he didn't let anyone bother.

Chad rose from his spot and walked over to the corner. Picking up the yearbook and flipping to the end, Chad began to read in his most feminine voice. "'Troy, I'm so pissed this great year has to end. I hope you'll still want to remember it next year. We've been through so much and I hope you won't do like some other people and disappear. I can't say too much because you're coming back and I'm sure you'll want your yearbook so Doofus can sign. Just know, that no matter what anyone says, including me, you'll always have a special place in my heart. P.S. I so owe you one for the save with TJ. Tell me when you need a favor or anything of the sort. Love, You-Know-Who'."

"Who's You-Know-Who, Troy?" Zeke asked catching why Chad wanted to know

"Uh, I don't know," Troy said

"Yeah, and I aced a test," Chad said sarcastically

"What? Don't believe me?" Troy asked

"Troy, I know you know who this chick is and I say you tell me before I have to take some measures to find out," Chad said. His threatening tone was enough to get Troy to crack, so, he started talking.

"Fine. The girl… the girl was Sharpay. in freshmen year, we kind of had this thing, but it was only for about a month. It was weird between us and when we broke up, we agreed to be friends to avoid that awkward 'Ew, I dated you' thing. I rescued her from a bad situation a few months later and she said she owed me a favor to be repaid anytime," Troy said. The guys looked at him a bit longer before three out of the four accepted the story and moved on.

"Have you cashed in your life debt?" Chad asked not letting the subject go that quickly

"Yes, I have," Troy said not seeing the problem or the illusion that could give

"When?" Chad asked

"And what did you have her do?" Zeke asked suddenly feeling protective of his crush

"None of your business and nothing she wasn't willing to do in the first place," Troy said, "Are we done with this subject now?"

"I don't think we can be," Duke said looking out the window

"And why not?" Troy asked

"Because she's here," Duke said. The other guys rushed to window to look out and sure enough, there sat Sharpay's beautiful, black Mustang convertible in the driveway.

"Troy Bolton!" Sharpay said getting all the guys to once again turn around. Her hands were on her hips and if her tone was any sign, she was angry.

"That's my name," Troy said

"Where is it?" Sharpay asked

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Troy said

"Oh, yes, you do. Ryan told me you took it, you sick freak,"

"Why would you believe Ryan?" he asked

"Because he swore while I had his hat archive," she said

"But why would I have it? I'm not some kind of twisted person who finds enjoyment in holding onto things of yours that are a bit… persuasive and suggestive," he said

"Troy, you know you have I'm talking about," she said

"Hm… is it small, pink, covered in glitter, and has you initials on the front?" he asked

"Yes, now, where is it?"

"How would I know?"

"Troy Gregory Bolton!"

"Must you use my full name, it makes me think of my mother. Although, I'd love to call you mommy,"

"Troy, tell me now!" she insisted stomping her foot against the ground

"Okay, it's in this room but you're not gonna get it," he said

"And why is that?" she asked

"Because the second I mention it's in my sock drawer, they'll-"

Troy's sentence was cut off by the sound of the drawer hitting the ground. The guys were digging through it like mad searching for what they were talking about. Less than a minute later, Chad found something that fit the description. But it wasn't what he had expected.

"What the hell, Troy? It's a book," Chad said clearly confused by this realization

"What'd you think it was?" Troy asked raising his brows at his friend who averted his eyes

"Well, with the conversation, it was easy to believe that-"

"Ewww! That's disgusting! Troy, are all your friends such pervs, or is it just Danforth?" Sharpay asked

"Okay, for that one, I'm keeping the book," Chad said going to put it in his backpack but before he could, Sharpay was at his side trying to take it from him.

"Give me the book, Danforth," Sharpay said pulling it as hard as she could

"No, Evans," Chad said pulling back just a bit and snatching the book from her grip

"It is mine, you can't keep my property," she said trying to persuade him while reaching for the book he so cleverly moved from her grasp

"Yes, I can," he said raising the book above his head knowing she wouldn't be able to reach it, "You don't like it, you can try to get it, shorty,"

Try she did as she ran full speed and tackled him to the ground. They were flocking this way and that and he was laughing the entire time. He pushed her back with little effort and ran again to the other side of the room as she grabbed a pair of scissors ready to get back her journal at all costs.

While the two of them chased each other, their audience began to disperse. The bang from when they hit the ground was just loud enough for Susan and her book club to hear. Troy was called downstairs and he brought Duke and Tyler to protect him in the event his mother got violent and started throwing books at him. Jason, who had found both scenes hilarious, went off to find his video camera so he record them for America's Funniest Home Videos. In short, it seemed only one person would actually be there to witness the impossible. The deranged, disgusting, and just plain wrong that was a kiss between Chad Danforth and Sharpay Evans.

Two months had passed fleetingly since the debacle that was the summer before senior year. Foolishly, Sharpay had tried to take Troy Bolton out from under the Wildcat's claws and enjoy a little time with who she thought to be one of her best friends. She had been a bit over the top, she admits to it, but she just wanted to spend a bit of the summer with Troy. But it had all blown up in her face like the science project she did in fourth grade. She was left with no one at one point. In that moment, she had turned her hopes to the voice of reason inside of Troy's head. It had not let her down. Troy realized he couldn't exactly ignore Sharpay just because he had Gabriella. They were friends and, well, he needed to act that way. Time had passed and Sharpay had even learned to tolerate the annoyingly happy brunette that was Montez. The only person she couldn't tolerate was Chad Danforth, oh, and Taylor McKessie by association.

Chad had always been someone different. He was someone that stood out in a crowd and not just because of his choice in hairstyles. He was rude, honest, and completely disrespectful. But at the same time, he was charming and intelligent. People didn't give him enough credit, quite the opposite of Sharpay. People gave her enough credit, she just wanted more than that. Or at least, she used to. Those days, early November I mean, she couldn't honestly care less about getting credit where credit was due. She wanted a break from the constant attention and she could easily get one because Mrs. Cynthia Darbus was electing a new president of the drama club. She was not running for president nor was she nominated. She didn't want to be. There was a meeting on that day, the 3rd, to declare the new leader. Sharpay was going to find out who was taking her spot and nothing more.

School had ended a few hours earlier and she had gone home to write in her journal and pick up a few things. Her journal was not in any of the usual spots. She'd have to kill her brother. But first, she needed to get to the meeting. There was but one thing in her way of reaching the auditorium. And that one thing was the very person who was plaguing her thoughts.

"Watch it!" she roared brushing off her new skirt. She had just bought it the day before and dirt from the school halls would surely destroy its value

"Oh, sorry, Princess, didn't know the hallway was yours," sneered Chad in response. He was so annoying. He angered her in a way that no one else could. It was like he got under your skin and just kept poking you until you just had to stab him with something. She'd done it at Lava Springs. Twice.

"You know, if I wasn't already late for my meeting, I'd tell you a thing or two about how to act in my hallway," she said making sure to get the point across

"Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint your fans," he said stepping aside. She looked at him oddly for a moment before crossing him and continuing towards the stage. She arrived just as Darbus was beginning the inauguration of sorts. She had missed the lecture about responsibility and promptness and the crap that usually came before that. But she was there in time to catch the name she was so patiently pining to hear.

"Now, please give a thunderous applause to your new drama club president, Gabriella Montez,"

The applause was pretty dang loud for only having twenty people there and it truly meant a lot to Sharpay to see the little, formerly shy girl walk up there. Gabriella was sworn into 'presidency' the Darbus way and then there was a bit of a time where everyone else went loose while Darbus chatted with Gabriella. Sharpay took that time to approach her rat of a twin.

"Ryan," Sharpay said stomping over to where he was talking with some guys, "Where is it?"

He looked at her with a perplexed expression. It was almost as if he didn't even know what she was talking about.

"What are you talking about?" he asked

"My journal, Ryan Timothy Evans," she said, "Where the hell is my journal?"

"How would I know where your diary is? I haven't even been in your room for weeks," he said

"Ryan, I have your hat book in my locker," she said

"You took it!" he said his voice going up the octave

"Yes, I did," she said proudly, "Now, you tell me where it is or I'll-"

"Troy," Ryan said quickly not even considering what he was unleashing, "Troy took it the other day. You left it in the car after you got back from one of those mysterious outings you take and he had seen it and taken it. I told him not to but he did and it's probably at his house right now. But I wouldn't go because all the basketball guys are over there,"

Sharpay rolled her eyes at her brother pulling out a nail file. She started fixing her nails a little before looking up at him and nodding.

"I'm going to get my journal, inform Mother I'll be late for dinner,"

With that, Sharpay dismissed herself to go get her book. She needed to get it back. It wasn't that it held juicy little secrets about some crush. That was on her private blog on livejournal. The journal that was currently in the hands of Troy Bolton was the one that pretty much told everything else. Inside there was information about things she did that she never told anyone. Like, did you know she was as good an artist with a colored pencil as she was with a script? Or did you know she could control children as well as she could captivate an audience? She had plenty of talents. She just never let anyone know. And if that journal got out, she wouldn't be Sharpay Evans, best damn actress at East High. She'd be Sharpay Evans, some blonde chick with a brain and skills. She preferred her former title and she would keep it.

She jumped into her car and drove off letting the road carry her body and her thoughts. They were going everywhere. She thought about why it had to be Troy. He was already one of the main things on her mind sometimes. It wasn't even that she liked him like that anymore. She'd moved on. He was too weird for her. He seemed like the kind of guy who made a great friend but a horrible boyfriend. Actually, he was that guy. When they dated for a month back in freshmen year, she'd actually hated him for a while. He just wasn't good at being romantic in that sense. The only reason she wanted to date him was because of how sweet he was as her friend. Then she dated him and all she wanted was to be just his friend again. She wasn't sure how Gabriella dealt with being Troy's sort of girlfriend (the two hadn't solved their problems enough from the summer to get back together). The most Sharpay could do with Troy was hang out and occasionally wish he wasn't such a dick at times. As she drove to kill him was one of the times she wished he wasn't such a dick. Especially since she had to drive to his home on a book club day to get back her journal. Susan's book club days were legendary and were really not something a person wanted to interrupt without good life insurance.

"Sharpay, dear, whatever are you doing here?" Susan asked as she opened the door for the blonde

"I need to speak with Troy, Susan," Sharpay said cutting straight to the chase

"Well, the boys are here but you can go on up if you'd like,"

Sharpay nodded and went up the stairs as quick as lightning but as silent as a church mouse. She wanted to surprise them. That she did. She jumped out and the boys leaped from their spots. After a pretty uneventful conversation with Troy, she was left to fight with none other than Chad fucking Danforth for her property. He pulled the height card and she tackled him. They fought a bit longer before he carelessly pushed her to the side. She grabbed a pair of scissors after that. She decided to take a character she could pull off easily.

Have you ever seen a mother lion defending her cubs, pride, and land against other animals? Well, let's say Sharpay was the lion and Chad was the helpless gazelle who wandered so innocently into her territory. She sprang at him and he didn't know what hit him that time for sure. They didn't fall that time though. He had caught her and the book had fallen from his hands. They were in a very uncompromising position. She was in his arms and his face was towering over hers. There was barely any space between them and their breath was molding together in a sweet smelling array of peppermint and candy. Neither really could process what was happening or how they were feeling as his lips brushed hers. Suddenly, it was like a volcano had erupted inside of her. She stopped breathing and she struggled against his grasp. She backed away from the unfamiliar feeling and hold, her eyes wide. Their expressions and actions were so alike an outsider could have mistaken them for doing mirroring exercises.

She found her voice once her back hit the bathroom door. She used her voice once she closed it and screamed as loudly as she possibly could letting out the frustration she was feeling. Whether it was sexual or not, she was not sure. But once she felt better, she opened the door and picked up her journal from the floor. She looked at Chad with such hatred he snapped back to life. She started away, only stopping momentarily to make sure her lungs still worked. She slid into her car and started it. She considered running Chad over as he ran in front of her car trying to explain his actions. She didn't though, mostly because the color of blood would probably clash with the leather interior of her baby. She gave him a nasty glare and backed out of the driveway.

The entire ride home the scene kept replaying in her head. He kissed her. He had actually kissed her. He had put his dirty, science geek kissing lips on hers. And if that wasn't enough, he had smudged her seventy-five dollar, Seductive Red lipstick. Glancing at her reflection in her mirror, she saw that her hair had gotten messed up. She probably shouldn't have left the top down, or tackled a basketball player. She grabbed a hair tie and tied up her hair calling it a day. Hopefully, she thought, maybe Ryan wouldn't even be home yet. It was a foolish thought as she learned the second she opened the door. He looked up from his seat on the couch and only took a moment to start smiling. He smiled even larger as he thought about where she just was. He smiled as he walked over to her and he was chuckling as he said a simple sentence that would ultimately bring a not so simple reaction.

"Looks like someone had fun," he said

"Fun!?" she shrieked causing him to cover his ears, "This was certainly not fun, Ryan. I am pissed. I have driven like a maniac to get back here after going through the most disgusting experience of my life,"

"What Chad Danforth kiss you?" Ryan asked laughing even more until he noticed she wasn't joining in on the fun. "Holy shit! Chad… you and… Chad?"

"No, not me and Chad. Just Chad! He kissed me, Ryan. It was the most disturbing thing ever. How could anyone in their right mind actually enjoy being near him? I feel bad for Taylor now. Dating him must be as bad as dating Troy, or at least kissing him must be," Sharpay said turning and heading for the stairs

"Well, what are you going to do about it? You aren't going to tell Taylor, are you?" Ryan asked following her to her room

"I would never Ryan," Sharpay said standing in her doorway. A dark smile crept onto her face and he shivered visualizing the evil she must have been thinking of, "I'm telling everyone,"

She slammed the door closed before he could protest and went to her laptop opening it and seeing myspace pop up. She cracked her knuckles and began typing.

I hate this day. I hate my brother. And most importantly, I hate Chad Alan Danforth.


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