Chasing Butterflies

Story Summary: It was just a kiss. It was just a friendly, no hard feelings, nothing to freak out about kind of kiss. At least, that's what they kept telling themselves. If only the butterflies would listen. ChadSharpay.

Author's Starting Notes: This chapter, gosh, I hate this chapter with a passion and I do not know why. I'm putting it on anyway and hopefully, you guys don't agree that it's crap.

Chapter Summary: Auditions and callbacks at East High bring forth a lot more than a new star. Could some real action be on the horizon?

Chapter Three:

The days after, fourteen days after to be exact, were all the same pattern. Sharpay had taken her spot as primo girl of East High to a whole new level by simply making a fool out of Chad. She was in charge and large and no one could bring her down from her high. Well, figuratively of course, literally, two students were about to try.

Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton stood stationed around a corner in the East High hallway. It was only ten minutes after the bell and they were waiting for Sharpay to make her routine mirror check before she headed off to wherever she went after school ended. The other day, Troy had come to grips with everything and decided that Sharpay needed to be knocked down a few pegs and if that would bring Chad up a few, he wouldn't mind. Also, the basketball team had been murdered in the last game and Chad was just getting off the bench that day. Troy knew his friend would need a confidence boost and what better than crushing the one who crushed him?

"Troy, I'm not so sure about this," Gabriella said suddenly doubting their trap

"Gabi, come on, how many times must I go over this? We're only righting the wrong that was done by Sharpay. It's perfectly fine and I know Chad is here, he's been here after school everyday for the past week at least thirty minutes. He passes here fifteen minutes after the bell, which is maybe a minute or two after the routine mirror check of Sharpay. He'll walk over, see her and then he will be happy again," Troy said

"But… she didn't do anything wrong. She only wrote on a blog and stood up for herself against Chad. I don't think this is righting anything. It's more like fluffing Chad's ego, and trust in me, it doesn't need to be any bigger. Even as a social outcast he's too cocky," Gabriella said

"Fine, fine, fine, we will not trip Sharpay and make her look like an idiot. We're gonna have to steer her elsewhere then," Troy said

"I'll do that, you get rid of everything," Gabriella said running off to find the blonde again. She found Sharpay shutting her locker and quickly tried to get her away from the East hallway.

"Hey, Shar, are you ready to go for those manicures? We have to be there, like, soon, we should leave now," Gabriella said pushing her friend towards the entrance

"Sorry, Gabs, I can't make the mani/pedi getaway. I have to work on something for the musical auditions," Sharpay said

"Then, why not go to the music room? There's never anybody in there after school," Gabriella said

"I guess… although, I think I like the acoustics in the auditorium better," Sharpay said

"Shar, just don't go that way okay. Some jerks were trying to make you look like an idiot and Troy's leading the cleaning patrol to clear it up. Why not take the other way?" Gabi asked exposing part of the truth and effectively getting her friend to change her mind. Sharpay nodded and went to reach the auditorium a different way. The way she'd go would pass the music room where a different yet slightly familiar voice was singing a song from her favorite musical, RENT. It was a song she knew pretty well and she could tell they had part of it on CD. Probably one of the solo stars, she thought. She rolled her eyes thinking of those who never let anyone help but still there she stood, listening to the sweet music flooding the West hall.

"Well, I'm thwarted by a metaphysic puzzle

And I'm sick of grading papers that I know

And I'm shouting in my sleep,

I need a muzzle

And all this misery pays no salary, so

Let's open up a restaurant in Santa Fe

Sunny Santa Fe would be nice

We'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe

And leave this to the roaches and mice



The singer paused and she asked the question she knew was next, "You teach?"

"Yeah - I teach - computer age philosophy

But my students would rather watch TV"

"America," she said and she heard a chuckle from the singer as if he amused by her. She couldn't help it. She loved the musical and whoever this was obviously knew it as well as she, well, maybe a bit less than she did.


You're a sensitive aesthete

Brush the sauce onto the meat

You could make a menu sparkle with rhyme

You could drum a gentle drum

I could seat guests as they come

Chatting not about Heidegger, but wine!

Let's open up a restaurant in Santa Fe

Our labors would reap financial gains"

"Gains, gains, gains," she sang giggling internally because it seemed she had taken on the role of whoever he wasn't. She was a bit sad as he started singing again that she wasn't sure who he was. It wasn't Troy. It sure as hell wasn't Ryan. It was someone who really could sing. Maybe they could be her opposite in the musical. It really would be much better with him. She could almost visualize the scene, although, that could be from seeing it one too many times.

"We'll open a restaurant in Santa Fe

And save from devastation our brains

Save our brains

We'll pack up all our junk and fly so far away

Devote ourselves to projects that sell

We'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe

Forget this cold Bohemian hell

Oh, Oh-

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

You know, tumbleweeds… prairie dogs…"

"Yeah," they whispered together. She was just about ready to push open the door and beg this person to try out when Mrs. Darbus flew down the hall rambling something in a very agitated and quick manner.

"It's an outrage, it's unspeakable, it's a tragedy, it's-"

"What is it?" Sharpay asked ending Darbus' rant

"The auditions!" Darbus said angrily, "The basketball team will need the auditorium tomorrow so instead of the Wednesday audition I so craved to do, I must do auditions, short notice this afternoon,"

"But… can't we move it to Thursday? Most of the people who wanted to try out are gone," Sharpay said as shocked as Darbus had been earlier

"Do you think I don't know this? Thursday and Friday it's being used for all sorts of things and next week there's too much going on to handle it. I was going to do the auditions tomorrow and have callbacks actually take place in my classroom on Monday. I can't call out a bunch of amateurs from class, Sharpay. What am I to do?" Darbus asked

"Worry not, Mrs. Darbus, you have me and my fully charged cell phone," Sharpay said whipping out her phone and her blackberry sending texts to the drama club people and calling members of the gang. The first person she called was Gabriella who answered quickly.

"Yes, Sharpay?" Gabriella asked not even bothering with the greetings

"Musical auditions pushed up today in an hour, spread the word,"

Sharpay said nothing more before hanging up and dialing the next person. This went on for maybe half an hour out of the hour she had to prepare. By the time the hour was up, the auditorium was packed. Word could spread fast with text messages and phone calls and it surely did travel at the speed of light then. Darbus walked to the front of the stage and started one of her long-winded speeches about the arts and auditions and other behaviors. When she finished, she called forth the first act of the night, which was Ryan.

"Um… I'm singing 'Wait For You' by that guy whose name escapes me," Ryan said. He cleared his throat and began singing into the mic. Even without background music, he blew the crowd away like the twister that sent Dorothy to Oz. Countless little people went up and tried their best either singing something or performing a monologue. Some were good; others were… not so good. Among the good were Troy Bolton (he sang 'Dancing Through Life' from Wicked), Gabriella Montez (a beautiful rendition of 'Baby, It's You' by Jojo), and, surprisingly, Jason Cross (nobody quite knows what he sang but it sounded good). Then the moment of truth came, Sharpay was called up. She was a bit nervous as the song she was singing, she'd never really sung it before for people. She'd heard it the other day at some Open Mic Night and had practically killed herself to try and get permission to sing it.

"This song… it's called 'Butterflies' and I only can sing part of it because it sprung on me last minute and there was no way to get the rest" Sharpay began

"Why?" asked a kid in the audience

"Because she's writing it, dumb ass," said another kid

"Actually, I didn't write this," Sharpay said

"Right," the kid said rolling their eyes. Sharpay sighed and turned on the accompaniment. There was no point in arguing with people.

"There's a quaking and shaking

It's holding me down

Wrapping me up lifting my feet from the ground

It's bubbling and doubling

What can I say?

It's that guy over there, he does it to me

"He gives me butterflies

Bats his eyes and makes me wanna die


Shakes me up and spills me inside


How to survive when I got these butterflies?

Oh, oh, oh hate that guy

"Covering my body, washing my soul

This guy has got me

In a choker hold

"He gives me butterflies

Bats his eyes and makes me wanna die


Shakes me up and spills me inside


How to survive when I got these butterflies?

Oh, oh, oh hate that guy"

"And, um, that's kind of all, I have with me today, sorry," Sharpay excused herself from the stage and everyone was clapping for her. It was not what they had expected and she sounded really good singing it. When she went, there was only one person left on the roster but she didn't stay to hear them. She never stayed after her own performance and she wasn't about to then. She had a babysitting gig that night. While she rushed out, the most unlikely candidate walked on stage with a very satisfied and proud smirk on his face. The entire lot of the audience gasped and booed when he walked on but he paid them no mind. He knew he was good, he'd heard it from Dragon Lady herself when she'd started singing with him. He started his song and he was sure most people were about to faint from the fact that he knew a song from a musical and knew how to sing. He didn't even wait to see their reaction. He finished his song, winked at Darbus, and hopped off the stage. He was Chad Danforth, damnit. He waited for no man.

He waited for little girls though. Like his younger sister, Elizabeth, who bombarded him with questions the moment he entered the door thirty minutes after his performance.

"Lizzie, yes, I'm glad to be home, no, I do not want to play dress up and I definitely do not want to meet any of your little friends," Chad said going up the stairs

"But, Chaddy, my sitter is coming and she's really fun," Lizzie said trying her hardest to convince him to stay a bit longer. He would have nothing of it. Chad grabbed his laptop from his floor and shook his head once more at his sister. He hated babysitters. They were usually peppy and annoying until the door closed where they became the most obnoxious jerks on the face of the earth. Or was it just the babysitters he had who did that? He avoided looking at Lizzie as he went back down the stairs. He was sure if he looked at her he'd see the pout he had so naively taught her when she was two that she had perfected by age three and used on him and everyone else still at age seven. He planted his feet on the ground and went into the kitchen to tell his mom he was gone. He found his mom but she had a very unwelcome guest next to her.

"So, are you sure you can handle this?" Gloria Danforth asked her favorite temporary caregiver

"Gosh, Miss D, I've only been doing this for two years, how ever could I possibly manage the little squirt for an entire four hours?" Sharpay asked sarcastically

"Two years!" shouted Chad drawing attention to himself

"Holy cow! Chad, what are you doing here? Are you stalking me or something?" Sharpay asked growing defensive instantly

"On the contrary, Sharpay, I think you're stalking me. What are you doing in my house?" Chad asked

"Actually, this is Gloria's house," Sharpay said pointing behind her to Chad's mother

"Gloria?" Chad looked at his mother, "You let her call you Gloria?"

"We're on a strictly first name basis, son," Gloria said and Sharpay nodded

"So, wait, you mean… she's… but that means… and… uh! She's been in this house for two years?" he asked

"Yes, Chad, that would be 730 days, 104 weeks, do you need any other ways to say it?" Sharpay asked

"How about a way to say that you're a-"

"Charles!" Gloria said warningly glancing at her son, who calmed down a bit

"Mom, why is she Lizzie's babysitter? She's a horrible person. She insults people, she takes things, and she pushed me in a sandbox and glued my hand to a bathroom door," Chad said

"The bathroom door was so not my fault. I put glue on your hands during naptime. How was I supposed to know the first thing you'd touch would be the boy's bathroom door? I thought it'd be your hair," Sharpay said

"See, she admits it!" Chad said

"Look, you two, no fighting. Chad, weren't you going somewhere?" Gloria asked

"Yeah, I'm meeting Troy and Gabriella at his place before they go to some kind of boring junior promotion ceremony that Matsui is hosting," Chad said

"Oh, I remember that, they do it because of drama and the lack of spotlight it gets from other people. It happens once a year right after-"

"Yeah, I don't care!" Chad said loudly before glaring at Sharpay and leaving the room

"Well, that went well," Sharpay said sarcastically to which Gloria shrugged

Still reeling at the newfound information, Chad Danforth pulled up outside of Gabriella's house. He found the couple waiting impatiently for his arrival. Troy looked about ready to kill, which worked perfectly since he was dressed the same way in his very James Bond type tuxedo. Gabriella stood next to him in a pale pink dress that for some odd reason actually worked. He stepped out of the car and gave them each an apologetic smile.

"Sorry guys I was slowed down by the princess," Chad said opening his laptop up while he sat on the hood of his car

"As in Sharpay? Where did you run into her? At school?" Gabriella asked

"No, actually, at my house," Chad said

"Why was she at your house?" Troy asked

"Because she's Lizzie's mystery babysitter," Chad said

"Since when does she babysit?" Gabriella asked

"Apparently, two years, which is 104 weeks, or 730 days," they looked at him oddly, "She broke it down for me and here is your disc," he said handing them a CD of songs they could actually listen to. School DJs had the worse mixes ever and if the principal and Darbus were helping at all, they'd need to bring their own tunes.

"Thank you, Chad, we love you," Troy said mockingly

"Speak for yourself," Gabriella said, "I just dealt with Taylor while getting ready. She's so pissed at you, Chad,"

"I know, I'm actually going to talk to her, right now," Chad said

"Chad, I don't think-"

"Wow, same here, I never do, now, I have to go,"

"Taylor, you have to listen to me!" pleaded Chad for the umpteenth time; "I would never cheat on you, especially not with Sharpay,"

"Then why'd you kiss her, Danforth?" Taylor asked

"Because… gosh, I don't have a good enough reason according to Gabriella. I had a momentary lapse of sanity and judgment and I do believe I'm drowning in the effects of this. Just, please, take me back," Chad said

"I can't do that, Chad, you really hurt me," Taylor said

"I wasn't planning on hurting you. I wasn't planning anything,"

"And that's your problem, you never plan anything. You don't think before you act and I can't date someone like that,"

"So, we're really over then?" he asked.

With a sigh, she added, "At least right now we are. It'll take some time for me to forgive you. In the mean time, Gabi told me you auditioned for the musical,"

"Uhh, don't remind me," he said

"Why'd you do it?" she asked

Because I'm an idiot, "Because I was bored,"

"Are you sure that's the only reason why? It wasn't because deep down you wanted to spend time with Sharpay, was it?" Taylor asked

"Trust me the last thing I want is to spend more time with Sharpay Evans," Chad said


Her insanely loud not to mention annoying scream was enough of an answer to the question he had been wondering all weekend. It was Monday morning, the day of the callbacks and he had gotten to school just a tad bit late. He obviously was chosen for the next round of auditions and Sharpay had just found out.

"So much for not spending more time with her, eh, Chad?" Taylor said pushing past him in what was obviously the early stages of anger.

They, meaning Chad and Taylor, had agreed to try and work things out as friends. One of the major guidelines was that he avoid Sharpay, but how could he do that if reviving his reputation meant he had to participate in the musical? It was like he had to choose between Taylor and having a life. As a teenage guy, the choice he would make was kind of obvious to both halves of this fallen relationship.

"Taylor, hey, listen to me, I won't do the callbacks if it upsets you," Chad said grabbing her wrist quickly

"Stop lying, Danforth. You know you're doing the callbacks," Taylor said

"There's always the chance that I won't be working with Sharpay," Chad said

"Are we even talking about the same drama teacher, Chad?" Taylor asked shaking her head, "Have fun with your new girlfriend,"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Chad yelled after her

"Who isn't?" Gabriella asked

"Sharpay, she's ruining my life," Chad said

"Only because not being with the one you love can kill you," Gabriella said

"Obviously, you've been smoking something if you think there's anything between me and Sharpay," Chad said

"There is a lot between you two. The top thing being some serious sexual tension, I bet if you guys were just dropped off in some deserted alley or something, this school would be much more peaceful," Gabriella said

"How about we drop only her off? It'll be quieter," Chad said. Gabriella laughed and started ushering him to class. They arrived just in time to catch one of the most astounding things to ever take place in East High history. Sharpay Evans was…

Songs of the Chapter: "Santa Fe" from RENT; "Butterflies" by Obsidian Rain (a local group where I live who kicks ass)


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