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The Letter P


Wow. Seriously, just… wow.

I have 1162 reviews. That's like…


For my first HP fanfic, which was DracoxGinny (Montol, or The Stone Speaks. Haha. I referenced it in here but hardly anyone got it), I was so impressed when I got like 400 reviews.


This is one hell of a long A/N.

Anyway… Here's the votes for what I'm changing the title too.

Looking Back – Looking On - Looking Forwards:

SEVEN VOTES. It's a shame. I liked this one. But oh well, I'm trying to please you guys, not me.

Backfire – Stillshot – Explosion:

ONE VOTE. Haha. I'm sorry, Jen103. The reason that no-one voted for it was because you only suggested it after I posted the voting chapter. Lol. I thought it was really good, though, thank you so much! I'm thinking of doing another TomxGinny fanfic when I've finished the trilogy, based on Evil!Tom as opposed to Parasite!Tom, and I might use those titles! :D

The Letter P (keeping it this way) – The Letter L – The Letter (input random letter here):

QUITE A LOT OF VOTES. LOL. Sorry. I didn't count those, because I really want to change the name. But anyway, you didn't win the votes, so HAH. Just kidding.

And the winner…


TWENTY-ONE VOTES. WHOOOOAAA. Lol. That's a lot of votes.

Lol, so I'll be changing the title once I've posted this chapter up, and then I'll be posting up the sequel, Press Play, soon enough. There is going to be a slight pause between posting it, because I've only got three chapters so far, because after I finished The Letter P – oops. I mean, Rewind – I started writing an original, as opposed to an FF. Which I have writer's block for anyway, so it was a bit pointless.

Plus, Press Play might be late, because… um… what was I going to say? Oh yeah. Because I'm still at that stage when the basic plot is laid out, but I need to think of little sub-plots to fill the spaces with. Like, the main plot for Rewind was Ginny goes back in time, people get murdered and attacked, she tries to find out who is killing them, it turns out to be Tom, he's a parasite, they fall in love, she gets sent back, he turns evil, she returns to the past and have a happy ever after. But then I needed all those other things like how she had a crush on Scott, and how Alden and Grace got together, and how she got on the Quidditch team, and stuff.

Yeah… do I have anything else to say…


OH! Here's the what's-it-called for Press Play. You know. The thing. I can't remember what it's called. Hehe.


First in the trilogy. War ends, but is by no means over. Discoveries remind us that you have to cut the roots for the tree to fall. However, confronting the enemy is never as simple as it seems. TomxGinny


Second in the trilogy. Sequel to 'Rewind'. You twist, you turn. Dreams change, hopes build. In life, in love, you have to be prepared for change. Even if it means coming close to losing everything. TomxGinny

I haven't got one typed up for Fast Forward yet, because so far I only have a tiny inkling of a plot for it. Which sort of sucks right now, so yeah.

Does it sound interesting? XD

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone whose got this far, I love you all for reading it and for loving it and for helping me with stuff! Thanks to everyone who reviewed!

Hell, I'll do a thank-you list.


Heroes – the TV show, for giving me the idea of an alter-ego

Reviewers - duh.

JK Rowling – again, duh.

Edward Cullen, and my friend Jon – they both act a hell of a lot like how I imagine Tom, and they helped me to write him properly. And thanks to Jon, for having amazing purple hair. Anyone vote that I should make Tom dye his hair purple at some point in the future? LOL. Juuust kidding.

The fruit stand – someone had to knock it over!

Um… - give me a second…

ME – hehehee.

I'm running out of people to thank…

SilvanXan – for being my beta for the first half of the fic… and then he mysteriously disappeared… and I don't know where he went. Anyway, I love yewww, thank you so much!

Patrick for inspiring Scott Reeve. –scowl-

Oceane and Grace my best friend and one of my really good friends, for reading this and loving it!! :D –huggle-




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Started: 11th December, 07

Ended: 14th July, 08

Sneak Peek:

Hahahahaha… if you came down this far then you get a sneak peek at Press Play. Bwahaha… I'm diabolical..

Anyway, here it is. First couple of paragraphs:

Chapter One: Miss You

The train hooted its horn loudly and Ginny Peregrine cursed her wand furiously. "Stupid," she told it. "You're a really badalarm-clock, you know that?"

A impatient sigh came from just behind her. "Ginevra, talking to your wand for the umpteenth time isn't going to get you on the train any faster."

Ginny pretended that she hadn't heard this. Instead, she chose to talk to the train. "Don't you dare leave!" she howled at it. "I'm warning you!"

"People are staring," Tom hissed, following. "Just behave like a normal person until you get on the train."

"Okay, okay," she grumbled. She made to hurry onto the gleaming red-and-black Hogwarts Express, but Tom grabbed her hand and spun her backwards.

"Have you forgotten something?" he asked quietly, his face inches from hers. His dark eyes were oceans; oceans that could be calm or stormy or warmed by a midday sun.

"Um." The wit that she sometimes came up with was astonishing.

One of his eyebrows lifted, and his gaze flickered down meaningfully to her trunk, the handle of which he held in long, pale fingers.

"Oops." Ginny grinned. "Thanks." She took the suitcase from him, making a face as its weight shifted from his hand to hers…

Yeah. Exciting, I know. You can hardly wait, right? Talk about a cliff-hanger…

Lalala. Anywhoo. I luff yew, see ya soon-ios! xxx