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Candied Apples

Chapter One: Binding

Hate 1: Intense hostility and aversion. 2: an object of hatred.

Hate is a simple word with an easy definition, it is also a feeling which is commonly shared among all living things. Familiar when thinking of a past memory, one that would be better off forgotten. Or perhaps that teeth baring urge when thinking of someone…someone that should just go away.

For him, hate wasn't just a word he had gotten all to used to hearing. Hearing about himself and his deeds. Rumors of his doings on the internet, in the press, in messages, and on the lips of everyone who covered this rotting world.

After collecting all this and understanding just how much people despised him, he had found someone that made him feel an equally intense emotion.

Yes, he too could feel this raging hate building within his body. His bones tensing as he struggled to maintain control, fighting back the screams he heard in his mind. His heart and soul darkening from the once noble goal he had set out to accomplish. Aching and throbbing against his chest like a fist beating him repeatedly.

This was the only thing he knew as hate…and hate is not a word.

It has a name.


His hair fell before his cloth-covered eyes as he tilted his head up, a stern hand fumbling with the blindfold's tie. A slip was heard as the fabric became limp, soon being pulled away from his face.

He blinked before his eyes focused on his new accommodations. It was a small cell; solid, cold, a single flickering dim light accenting it to some degree . Not much space to move about in, no corner unseen by the rotating video cameras. He would have to deal with it for the time being, after all this was apart of his plan. Maybe he would regret it after the plan began to really fall into place, his "other side" coming out as Kira would be locked away.

"Ryuzaki, can I remove the handcuffs?" The older man called to the cameras.

"…Yes but replace them behind his back, Aizawa-san." A muffled voice responded.

The stressed investigator let out a sigh before nodding to the younger boy, taking his hands as he unlocked a single cuff. Yagami Light only gave a disappointed smile as he pressed his arms to his back, a snap echoing as the restraints were replaced.

"You're sure?"

"…I don't have a choice. L won't trust me unless he's positive I'm not Kira, if I stay here the truth will prove my innocence." He gave a more assured smirk…for show and for himself.


A cold silence was issued as a farewell when the cell was locked, darkness of the hallway engulfing the detective. Light merely watching with disinterest as his mind shot back to L's pitiful voice calling out to keep him restrained. If he were in L's shoes he may have done the same but to think of the new world's god being chained by this worthless piece of garbage was disgraceful. This would only further his need to kill L himself though plans said otherwise. He had to be patient and see to it that his face would dig into L's soul as he burned in Hell.

His lip twitched to hold back a smirk, his bottom teeth holding the laughter he so badly wanted utter.

L will die, L will die, L will die.

"Yagami-kun, are you alright?"

That ear shattering voice split his thoughts as he was forced back to his current situation. A dark room, an icy pain rubbing his wrists, and that voice.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little uncomfortable." He sighed.

"I apologize, however, you yourself said that you would meet my conditions."

He only nodded in acknowledgement whilst secretly trying to return to his mind. His inner workings of this plan and how it must be tended to carefully in order to happen. Everything had to be perfect and exact. Imprisonment, getting rid of the notebook, being unaware of his Kira side as to remain innocent, finding the scum that Rem chose as a target…

Misa. Ryuk.

That's right! His closest allies, those who he entrusted to do as he said, these two idiots were the only ones backing him up. Ryuk, as he had been told and acknowledged, was merely in this for the fun of it. For game and entertainment until the situation turned sour. Regardless of this fact, he was in alliance in agreement to follow Light's orders. He would rid of the notebook and assume duties when the time called for it just as planned.

On the other side was Amane Misa, the girl who had randomly confessed an unnatural love for him. A devotion she had freely given to him to manipulate and twist to his liking. Use her eyes and even her being to its full extent. He had done so in the past and had planned future use until she relinquished her shinigami power. Now she was nothing more than a human tool but still good for retrieving the notebooks.

Ryuk, Misa. These two were stupid when it came down to it but they were his only things to rest upon. The only things keeping him up. His only…

"Would you like something to eat or drink?"

His eyes widened with anger as he clenched his teeth within his closed mouth.

Damn him!

"No I'm fine." He choked out.

"If you need something please tell us."


His eyes shot a momentary glare as he rested his tired back against the wall. The shock of frost sending an eerie chill up his spine. Maybe it was the cold room, maybe it was his voice making false small talk as to get him into a heated conversation. Something along the lines of him confessing. Pathetic waste.

I hate you, L.


"Yagami-kun, it's only been a week now, Are you alright?"

L's muffled voice was barely heard as Light coughed out his gentle panting. His body was beginning to fail him, stiffening, aching, and burning with a desire to scream. His plan had not come to be, he wanted to wait longer, much longer. Would seven days be enough? Enough for those killings to have taken place by the third unknown Kira? For L to even begin to lose confidence in his guilt?

It didn't matter. He couldn't wait any longer.


You are pathetic L.

"I know I must look pretty bad in here…"

I will kill you and watch you die in my arms.


I'll make you suffer for opposing me.

"This pride I'll have to…"

I hate you, L!

"Get rid of it."

A throbbing hate punched him as he saw Ryuk slide through the cold stone wall. His eyes bursting with anger as he gasped for air.

He coughed before whispering, "What am I doing here?"

"Yagami-kun?" A desperate sounding L spoke.

"R-Ryuzaki! I know what I said and I know you want to catch Kira but I'm not Kira! I don't know what came over me to even think that I was Kira without having in memory of it! I was just…I don't know but I want to catch Kira! If I sit here any longer we'll both be wasting time!"

His eyes flickered with a shimmering devotion as he looked directly into the blackened lens. The opposite end staring into this new found strength from a moment ago. Yes in a spilt second Yagami Light had been reborn into…into someone that was unlike himself.

L pressed his lip gently as he had a minute of intake. This was a bit much for Kira, right? To fake a completely different person and change an already foreseen plan.

I was positive the killings would continue and they did. I was sure he would stay in there for any amount of time…suddenly he wants to be released?

"Let me out, Ryuzaki!"

L pressed the 'talk' button, "I cannot do that. I promised you I wouldn't let you go until I was sure of your innocence. I won't break my promise to you."

"I told you something was wrong with me! Let me out! I can help with the investigation!"

"Your help is not needed because you are Kira."

Light stood, "I'm not Kira! I swear I'm not! Let me out!"

"I can't do that…"

"Look in my eyes! Do I look like someone who's a killer? A murderer?"

Feet gripped the edge of the chair as Ryuzaki could feel his own muscles tensing. Everything had spun out of control in mere seconds but how? First Amane had screamed for him to kill her before awakening to believe she was being held captive by a stalker. And now Yagami seemed to be in the very same delusion.

"I will not release you."

A shallow breath was given as Light reread this statement over and over in his mind. Nothing but words of no blocking his freedom to assist. His innocence being overshadowed by his own stupidity.

"Let me…"

He cut his own words short as a concerned voice continued to scream in his fading mind. Shouts of his name, asking if he was alright, and demands for someone to help him. He could hear them…they were all L. L was screaming for him as his body collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.


Was it really over?

A rattling chain made a long waving texture along the carpet. Swaying gently as his opposite held it up in demonstration. Silver glints beaming from it as the light shot its glare.

He took a step back as he looked at his own binding, the opposite end of the chain. L and him really were together.

"This is what you meant by being together all the time?" He questioned.

"Yes you have proven to me that…perhaps you are not Kira…nevertheless I will keep us chained so that you may not do anything I myself can't be a witness to."

"You are so sick!"

The two boys turned to their third guest.

"Sick?" L pressed his lip.

"You're chained to MY boyfriend! You just want him all to yourself you pervert!" Amane Misa tugged on L's sleeve.

"Misa-san I'm not doing this because I want to…"

"You're still sick! I want Light-kun!" She smacked his arm.

"Misa don't." Light stepped forward.

"You have nothing to fear Misa-san, I think you are the perfect woman for Yagami-kun." His hair shifted as the short girl shook him with excitement.

"Ryuzaki, don't encourage her…"

"Would you all stop with this bullshit?!"

The three turned to an angry Aizawa as he panted.

"This is the Kira case, stop acting like it's a dating game!"


"But my Light-kun…"

Misa's ranting faded away in Light's mind as he took in Aizawa's words. This was professional and serious, his very life still hung in the balance. What if L went back to thinking he was a killer? Putting him back in a cell or faking another execution just to prove he wouldn't kill his own father? He couldn't let that happen! He was allies with L and that's the way it would stay until they found Kira…

I…Did I…Why didn't I trust L?

His head ached as he looked to a screaming Misa and an irritated Ryuzaki, his eyes darting to the chain that bound them.

Was it really over?

No, it was just beginning.


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