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Candied Apples

Chapter Eleven: Beginning

Soft, gentle, and simple silence filled the enormous shopping structure that had once been filled with screams of anything and everything. Talk of love, life, truth, and happiness had molded into a dull world of quiet whispers about nothing. Nothing at all…Not even how fearful the public had become since Kira had begun his usual reign of horror once again. Criminals dieing everyday, no longer a few, now up to fifty or more.

After the long dormant months only a year ago, some had their savior back, others just had a killer loose again. Still no one soul would dare lash out their hidden feelings on whether or not they hated or loved the said murderer. No…they couldn't out of fear.

Hard and heavy footsteps made their way down the nearly empty street. Silence almost bowing down at the man's feet as he listened to the quietness. Complete nothingness he had yet to become accustomed to…Perhaps because he was not the true creator of this phenomenon. Yes, the honest truth was that he had once planned a world like this, a world of quiet peace…But this was not his vision.

The sound of his heels clacking against the sidewalk ceased, his cold body turning to look into the broken window he stood before. Busted glass covering the path and the shop's carpeting, a hollow dark loneliness calling out from the abandoned store. He blinked at this common sight before noticing his own reflection in the dusty mirror. His hair was still its brilliant shade of brown, his figure in full health, but his once radiant amber eyes were simply…tired.

Nothing but emptiness filled the deep colors with an ugly hue of grey. No longer did they look determined, willing, strong, or passionate for anything. If they could show anything it would simply be death.

One year ago…

A sharp pain raked within his chest, his body quickly exhaling to a deep breathing exercise to relieve the suffering. A common ritual he had learned to use whenever his thoughts would wander to that dark corner of his mind. Memories locked away to never return, times when he has truly happy and had no worries. And of course the pain that felt worse than any physical torture…Painful thoughts of…

His lips trembled open, "I miss you everyday."

He closed his eyes to unwillingly relive his former life…Everything from start to finish happening in only a matter of seconds…Meeting L, hating him, loving him, struggling, and seeing his…his death.

Amber snapped open once more, his body shaking with the image that remained in his mind. Ryuzaki falling limply into his waiting arms, his voice screaming until the task force found them, the ambulance taking him away, his own father refusing to let him accompany him to the hospital, and the aftermath breakdown of discovering that not only was Ryuzaki gone but that his plan had also taken Watari down.

In those small hours, Light felt himself die for the loss of all those that had died by his hands. Each one stabbing him until he couldn't move an inch, his body regaining strength to be shot down by another…And through the horrible pictures and emotions…Kira rejoiced in his mind. Laughing hysterically, jumping about when understanding that his own true enemy was gone and that he was the one that played it all out.

Yes, that night he stayed awake to scream and laugh about everything he had ever done. His nerves finally forcing him to collapse until he slept without peace.

I told myself that that was the last time I would ever breakdown.

Kira, Light Yagami, they are one in the same though they are complete opposites. Both sides never really learning to live with the other but rather pushing their figure through the day, doing whatever it took to make it up until now. A shadow of loneliness crawling behind them every step of the way, a life that was filled with family and friends was constantly covered by the raging side he kept secret.

That was the honest reason why the world was so quiet today and everyday. Kira had a vision of peace and a world filled with love for other people, no crime, no violence, no unpleasantness. But this silence was not Kira, it was only the girl Kira controlled. After the happenings at the task force headquarters, Light Yagami had officially resigned himself as a killer. Since then he found that writing names was nothing more than selfish evil. His true side never writing again, his darker self asking Misa to do all the killings for him…This world was hers more than his.

He heaved a heavy sigh before going back to walking towards his destination. His seemingly cozy apartment, all the homey furnishings, a pretty girl waiting for him…Everything that would make a normal person happy was pitiful in his eyes. Nothing would seem perfect and warm…unless…

His eyes widened at the sign he spotted ahead. A familiar sign advertising candies of all shapes and sizes. Colorful wrappings in the still brightened window, sweet smells emerging from the goodies inside, and the charming way the shop stood out from the cold grey shades that filled the boy's surroundings.

Slowly, he found his footsteps taking a detour from their path homeward, leading instinctively to the beckoning shop that called his name. An overwhelming intake of cinnamon, warmth, sugar, and flavorings filling his senses as he entered. His eyes darting around to see everything as it had been during his first encounter. Rows of assortments, sugary treats on every shelf, and…

Amber colors shifted to see the most outstanding feature of the shop…The shelf filled with candied apples. Bright ribbons tied around their sticks, flashy paper coverings, and sweetness radiating from the mere sight of them.

Candied apples…Maybe I should buy a few for Ryuk.


Carefully and cautiously he knocked on the solid door, his hand hesitating after hearing the obnoxious laughter from the girl inside. Her high voice giggling on the phone to one of her friends about this and that. The loudness only stopping as she heard the door, the phone slamming down as she hopped up to answer it.


The short girl extended her arms outwards to embrace the younger boy, his body moving around her to set the small bag down.

She shut the door, "Light-kun, what's wrong?"

It was almost sad how small her attention span was, more so the embarrassment that she didn't seem to comprehend anything he told her. Ever since she introduced herself to him, he had planned to use her simply as his weapon and out of love she agreed to do anything he ever asked of her. Yet, even after explaining it to her, she never understood that he had absolutely no affection for her. Sure he had lied and told her he loved her just so she'd shut the hell up but for some twisted reason she believed him.

"Nothing. Where's Ryuk?" He growled.

The bouncy blonde was cut off as the said death god appeared through the wall, his hands still clutching the familiar videogame controller.

"What is it?" His cackled.


A juicy and oddly wrapped apple was tossed to him, his hand letting go on one side of the small device to catch it. His burning eyes examining the fruit closely.

"It's a candied apple, I thought you could try it for a change." His tone stayed bored.


His teeth removed the shiny paper, the red morsel quickly disappearing into his mouth with its stick still plucked in it.

"Oh it's sweeter than the regular ones." His teeth chuckled.

The uninterested boy ignored the shinigami as he planted himself on the couch, his eyes following the same news reports on Kira. Day in and day out there was never a leading development thanks to his position as the current task force leader. Since the tragic day he had been nominated by his fellow members to take over as their commander, he reluctantly accepted but refused to take the title as L. Because of this helpful standard he was able to easily control whatever business took place, his mind tricking the others as he came up with false clues. Each and every one coming to a dead end. No one suspecting anything…No one even questioning him on what he thought about his girlfriend being previously accused of the murders.

Yes, this was another fact he had come to learn about after Ryuzaki had past away. A truth that helped him understand why Rem was so quick to destroy his partner…L had started a plan to arrest Misa. No doubt it was due to the evidence of her being the second Kira combined with the light shed on just how Kira was able to kill. She fit everything perfectly and was almost convicted…Rem saw to it that that would not happen.

"Any calls while I was gone?"

"Nope, oh but there was a really weird letter that came for you." The blonde snuggled up to her lover.

"Who was it from?"

"I don't know." She giggled against his arm.

"What do you mean you don't know? Wasn't there a return address?" His aggravation began to surface.

"I told it was weird! It was just laying outside the door when I came back from shopping! It just has your name on it."

He jerked away from her, "Where is it?"

"I-It's in the bedroom on your desk." Her eyes shook.

She remained motionless as she watched the boy get up and head to their shared bedroom. His steps getting faster until he was in the dark room, the door slamming shut behind him.

I should kill her while I still can…No…I need her eyes.

Despite the fact that Kira had almost completely vanished, there was still a side of the young boy that believed he could make the world idealistic…It just couldn't happen so long as he kept these deep hidden feelings of guilt, these feelings of how broken he really was from the traumatic experiences. Due to this he had been forced to keep Misa alive…

Creaking sounds were issued from his leather chair as he settled into it, his hands taking the strange envelope that only donned his name. His eyes narrowing as his mind began to fear the worst…Maybe someone else had found out about him and Misa being Kira and the second Kira. Or maybe one of the task forced members had discovered the truth that L had desperately tried to convince them all to believe.

He carefully peeled the seal off, his hands taking out the oddly folded piece of paper. Amber colors reading it with great intensity before widening at its contents…

"So have you been figured out?" Ryuk chuckled from behind him.

"…Ryuk, I need to ask you a few things…" His eyes didn't leave the printing as his mind began working at full speed.


"Does living with Misa give you enough entertainment?"

"Well it's fun watching her use the notebook so carelessly and it's fun watching you use her." He smirked.

"…How would you feel if I decided to give up both Death Notes again…For good?"

"What?! Why would you do that? I thought you liked…"

"Answer my question." His eyes trembled.

"I told you I would write your name down when I got bored…"

"What if you got to stay with Misa, if she bought you apples everyday?"

"…No…Unless they're that new kind you got." He laughed.

"Can we make a deal then? I order Misa to get candied apples for you and you let me give up the books…"

His yellow eyes narrowed, "What are you planning, Light?"

"Do we have a deal?" He smiled.

"For now Amane will keep me entertained but if I lose interest I will give you the notebook back."

"Fair enough but I'll keep you busy too."

"Really? How?"

The boy stuffed the envelope and letter into his jacket pocket. His lips smiling as he ran back out to see Misa watching TV, his arms taking no time as they wrapped around the surprised girl. Her own body trembling as she happily laughed.


"Misa, do you really love me?"

"More than anything!" She hugged him tightly.

"Then I want you to prove it to me…Do as I say and I'll marry you."

"Huh? Really?! What is it I have to do, just tell me!"

His lips crept into a smirk, "We have a little bit of a problem I need to take care of but in order to do that I have to give up both notebooks to Ryuk and then he'll pass their ownership to you. And even though I won't remember anything, I need you to keep killing criminals…And most importantly if the police or me or anyone ever asks you if you're Kira…"

"I won't say anything Light-kun! I promised you I wouldn't"

"No, I need you to say something like "yes I'm Kira, the Death Note doesn't explain all the rules and I had complete control over Light, I made him kill people but I was the one behind it.""

"But Light-kun! I'll go to prison!"

"No you won't, I won't let them take you but if this plan is going to work I need you to do that if anyone ever asks." He looked into her deep blue eyes.

"Okay! I promise!" She placed her trust into him as she had always done.

"Good, now I have to go…I'll see you soon." He placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Her face flushed red with passion as he pulled away, leaving her in aw even as he left their apartment. The shinigami following him down the narrow hallway.

"Hey you just set her up, what was in that letter?" He smirked.

"You don't need to know…Just tell Misa I said to get you whatever you want…" He laughed.

His ears carefully listened to the sound of his own laughter. His own genuine laughter he hadn't felt in a long time…What seemed like forever had only been one year…A year of silence in the world, a year of death, and a year in which he had almost fallen apart. This was to become the past, soon there would be sound to pierce the quietness that filled the streets, there would be no fear of Kira…Kira would be gone soon.

His footsteps began running down the hallway, a smile plastered on his face as he thought of what the world would be like again and of course his mind thinking over the letter he had received.

Yagami Light…I'm disappointed that you could not lead the task force to Kira…However I've kept on this case even after you took over. I'm positive that Amane Misa is Kira…I'm confident that what you told me was true, that you are not Kira…If that is in fact true than I would like you to keep your word and work on this case with me again…

"Rem wrote down Watari's name…that was enough to save Misa, if all the data was erased than L might have had to start over to build a case against her. He…He faked dieing just to see if I was the one who did it…"

"Hmm, Ryuzaki is alive? This should be good…Hey before we get the notebook from that headquarters place, lets go get some more candied apples…Those are sweet." The death god laughed at the human's rushing posture.

"Yes they are."

Light…You said are fates were the same. If you die, I die…But you lived and so did I.


The End.


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