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Lorna shifted her handbag up onto her shoulder and patted her hair down slightly. She knew it wouldn't stay in its place. It never did, since she was a child it had had a kink in it, which she just couldn't get rid of. Though she would have to forget about that right now, she didn't think the people she would be meeting would care anyway. Though she would still be uncomfortable knowing she looked a mess. Because she had been looking forward to that day for weeks, ever since she had heard the news.

Benjamin Gates, Riley Poole and Abigail Chase were opening the Templar Treasure exhibit at a new museum in Washington. She admired those three people so much, or in her mind, they were heroes. Having Mason heritage in her family in the first place had given her insight and further interest in the subject of the mythical treasure, and she had been following it almost as closely as Ben Gates himself. However when she had found out about his discovery, she couldn't have been happier, the myth was real.

The grin on her face remained there as she showed her invitation to the security guard at the entrance and entered, coming into a room of disguised cabinets which no doubt held the artefacts. There were many people in there already, all dressed in suits and gowns. Lorna herself was wearing a knee length emerald dress which was strapless. It was made of satin and shone different shades in the light. Her long, wavy brunette locks were left loose except for a strand pulled back and clipped up. She accepted the glass of champagne from a passing waiter and looked about expectantly for the guests of honour, who obviously hadn't arrived yet.

Lorna so desperately wanted to know what was underneath the cloths disguising the treasures in the cabinets, and when she spied another girl, of about her age spying a sneak peek underneath one of the sheets, she decided to scurry over and involve herself. The girl she was approaching had long, dark blonde wavy hair, which cascaded down her back like a golden river. Her eyes were a striking blue and her pink off the shoulder gown complimented her light tan beautifully.

"So I'm not the only one who was too nosy for my own good?" Lorna giggled, sidling up to the girl, who looked startled and let go of the cover. Realising it was another guest; her face broke into a smile.

"Yeah, have you seen this stuff? It's amazing." She beckoned to Lorna, who smiled broadly and craned her neck to see under the covers. It was dark and hard to make out, but she could see beautiful golden artefacts that were the most perfectly preserved she had seen in a long time.

"Oh yeah, this was definitely worth the cheating." Lorna laughed, straightening up and holding a hand out in a friendly fashion. "I'm Lorna." The other girl smiled warmly and took her hand.

"Natalie, it's nice to meet another treasure enthusiast. Most of them here are old and boring." She paused and glanced around her. "And there are plenty of those in here."

"Yeah but I bet they aren't Masons." Lorna said quietly, winking. Natalie looked aghast.

"No way! That's amazing, I wish I had such a great connection with history!"

"It's not really a big deal anyway, I'm not the one who found the Templar treasure." Lorna responded, still grinning as she had made a friend.

"No I suppose nothing could really add up to that." Natalie smirked.

"So how did you manage an invite? That's my excuse." Lorna said, awaiting her new friend's response.

"Oh, I've got some connections with Riley Poole's family." As she said it, Natalie did a small wave to a man with shaggy brown hair, wearing a suit with the collar buttons undone in a casual fashion. He was standing by the stage and bore a striking resemblance to Riley, though he looked younger. Lorna gaped slightly as he waved back to Natalie, smiling flirtatiously.

"So are you hooked up with him then?" Lorna giggled, nudging Natalie who scoffed.

"No not yet, I'm hoping I will be soon though." She smirked slightly, but didn't continue as suddenly the lights dimmed. There was a quiet, but rounded gasp from everyone in the room, including the two girls.

It became apparent to them that there was a small stage at the front of the exhibition, and now an elderly man in a tuxedo and glasses was standing atop it, fiddling with the microphone and clearing his throat. A dim spotlight bore down upon him as he spoke. Lorna and Natalie swapped amused glances. He seemed to be squinting against the light, despite it not being too bright, and he appeared to be quite disorientated.

"Bet he's been drinking." Natalie whispered in Lorna's ear, causing the brunette to stifle giggles.

"Ladies and gentlemen." The man finally said, his voice sheepish, but still somehow dominant. "Benjamin Gates, Abigail Chase and Riley Poole will now cut our ceremonial ribbon, to commemorate the opening of this fine exhibit. Please welcome them with a round of applause!" He began clapping feebly, and was drowned out by the resounding applause and yells of gratitude from the audience.

Then the three appeared from what looked like nowhere to Lorna and Natalie, and took the stage, all smiles. Ben and Riley looked very handsome, wearing matching tuxedos. Lorna giggled particularly at Riley, who looked gorgeous in the suit but he plainly didn't feel comfortable. She found it even more hilarious that he was wearing tatty black converse with fraying laces underneath his designer trousers. Abigail looked stunning, though she was wearing black, which didn't seem to suit her colouring.

Ben began his speech.

"We want to personally thank all of you for coming tonight. My family has been waiting for this for generations, and I've finally proven they aren't all cooks!" He smiled and everyone in the audience laughed politely. "Thanks to you all for believing in me, and I hope you enjoy the exhibit." Ben was then handed a large pair of scissors where he cut a random red ribbon, which ran from one end of the stage to the other. Everybody cheered, and before the celebrities could leave the podium, the old man stopped them.

"We aren't done yet!" He beamed, obviously having something in store. Lorna cocked an eyebrow and was surprised to see Natalie do the same. They were very similar for two people who had just met. Ben and the others had got back up onto the stage, confused and waiting for whatever it was that was in store.

"To celebrate having such prestigious guests at this opening, we at the museum are supplying you with tickets to The Bermuda Triangle where you will enjoy a five star hotel and luxury beach. Courtesy of the hotel curator, Cole Mitchell." There was a slight hush over the hall, as nobody was sure why The Bermuda Triangle of all places had been offered. When a slow applause began, the girls joined in, but could tell the three treasure hunters were just as bemused.

"Bermuda…" She muttered, frowning.

"I know. Interesting choice." Natalie continued, her voice also a murmur.

Lorna saw Ben, Riley and Abigail shaking hands with the man and leaving, heading over to the waiters with the canapés and champagne. Lorna considered trying to flirt with Riley, but found she was far to amazed by the scene when the lights went up.

All of the covers over the glass casings for the treasures had seemingly vanished, and now startling artefacts glimmered beneath the bright museum lights. It truly was a stunning and historical site. Lorna felt a hand on her arm. She turned to see Natalie, staring at her with wide eyes.

"C'mon, there's so much to look at!"

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