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Ben gave the girls the key to their room and walked toward his room. Riley and Kyle helped the girls carry their suitcases to their room. Natalie opened the door and walked in. The room was breathtaking! There was a little kitchenette, which led off into the living room. The living had a flat screen T.V., which Kyle was immediately drawn too. The furniture was antique, and made of silk.

"Dude look at this T.V.! I hope our room has this other wise you girls will be seeing a lot of me!" He said setting the suitcases on the floor.

Lorna laughed. "I'm sure Natalie wouldn't mind that."

Natalie smiled. "Let's just hope that they have one in their room."

There were two bedrooms and two bathrooms adjoining them. One room was to the left, and the other was to the right.

Natalie walked into the one on the left and cried, "I pick this one! It's pink!"

Lorna, Kyle, and Riley walked into the room and sure enough it was. The bed was covered in silky material. It was light pink and had darker magenta colored flowers and swirls on it. It had a walk through window and a balcony that overlooked the ocean.

"It's so beautiful." Lorna commented walking up behind Natalie.

"Yeah it is." Natalie breathed. She spun around. "What does the other room look like?"

"Let's go find out." Lorna said.

They both ran out of the room and across the hall. They walked in the room and sighed. It was amazing! It was almost identical to the other room. The bed was covered in silky dark blue material with light blue moons on it. This room also had a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Riley walked in. "Wow. These rooms are beautiful. I think we should go check out ours…"

"Hello. I had hoped you would enjoy the rooms." Cole said walking into the room.

"How did you…?" Kyle stuttered.

"The door was open, forgive me for frightening you." He said.

"It's ok. These rooms are gorgeous! I love the pink!" Natalie squealed.

"I'm glad to know you enjoy it." Cole said walking closer to the group.

"Yeah the view is great." Lorna agreed.

"It's a great place to see the sun set." He said indicating toward the window.

"It's so beautiful here…" Natalie sighed lost in thought as she stared out the window.

Kyle smiled. "We're gonna go check out our rooms, do you girls wanna come?"

"Sure!" Natalie said tearing her eyes away from the ocean.

"Ok." Lorna agreed.

"The rooms are great Cole." Riley said leading the group to the door. Him and Kyle picked up their suitcases and waited.

Cole turned around realizing they were waiting for him to leave, so they could close the door. He walked out with them. "I will see you at seven." He said walking away.

"That guy gives me the creeps." Lorna commented and Natalie nodded her head.

They walked down to room 709 and knocked. Ben answered. "There you are! It's 5:30 now! We don't have a lot of time before we have to be downstairs for dinner!" Ben yelled.

"Ok. Sorry Ben! We'll get ready now." Kyle said walking past Ben into the room.

"Yes!" He cried in joy. "They have a T.V.!"

Natalie laughed. "I guess he won't be visiting us after all."

"Yeah lucky." Riley commented.

"We'll see you girls at seven." Riley said closing the door.

Natalie and Lorna walked back to their rooms to unpack.

"Ok what are we suppose to wear tonight?" Natalie asked.

"I guess something fancy?" Lorna suggested.

"Right, but not too fancy." Natalie said.

"Right. I'll show you what I'm gonna wear and you show me what you're gonna wear, and we'll help each other with our outfits. Deal?" Lorna asked.

"Deal." Natalie said.

Natalie walked to the living room to pick up her suitcases and carried them to her room, while Lorna did the same.

"Ok we'll unpack first then decide what to wear." Natalie said.

They both went to their rooms and unpack. They hung up their clothes and thirty minutes later they were finished.

"Ok you first." Natalie said.

"Ok." Lorna agreed walking to her room to put on her outfit.

Natalie turned on the T.V. and waited. A few minutes later Lorna came out wearing a light green dress that had a v-neck, and came down in an angle. It had small ruffles at the bottom and dark green swirls covered it. She put black heels on.

"Beautiful." Natalie commented.

"Really? Thanks. Your turn now." Lorna said sitting down while Natalie headed to her room.

Natalie came back a few minutes wearing a pale pink dress. It came to her mid thigh, and had a slightly lower v-neck than Lorna's. It had little flowers, which were a pinkish- brown color. She had brown heeled wedges on

"Very gorgeous. Okay now we need to do our hair and we need accessories." Lorna commented.

"Ok. It's 6:05, so we have plenty of time. I'm gonna straighten my hair, what are you gonna do with yours?" Natalie asked.

"I guess I'll straighten it too." Lorna said.

"Ok." Natalie ran into her bedroom and brought out her hair straightener and make-up.

She plugged it in, and a few minutes later was straightening Lorna's hair. When she finished it looked beautiful. It fell past her shoulders, and shined in the light. Natalie parted Lorna's hair, and pulled part of it back. She curled the bangs that wouldn't stay up. Natalie quickly did hers in the same way. They applied their make-up and it was 6:55.

"I have a necklace you can borrow." Natalie said.

The doorbell rang and Natalie ran to answer it. "Hey! How are you?" She asked allowing Ben and the boys to enter. They all wore suits.

She walked into her room and came back with two necklaces. One was silver and had an emerald heart on the chain. She handed it to Lorna, who put it on. The other was a gold chain with a pink diamond in the shape of a rose.

"Wow. You girls look beautiful." Riley commented.

"Thank you." They both replied.

"Ok. Let's go. We have two minutes to get downstairs." Ben said looking at his watch.

"Ok. Let us grab out jackets then we can go." Natalie said as her and Lorna ran to their rooms to grab their jackets.

They came back with their jackets a few seconds later. "Ok. Now we can go." Lorna said as everyone walked out the door, and got in the elevator.

As the elevator started to go down, so did Natalie's thoughts. She had a sinking feeling that tonight would not go well.

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