After reading amazing stories and thinking of some great movies favorites of mine, I started playing with the idea of a certain plot. My story is AU, where everybody is human, and I want to believe I'm offering a twist on the best friends perspective. I wanted to get back to the Bella of the first book, I loved how ballsy she was, she certainly had a lot of spunk. I love a good best friends get together kind of story, and I was thinking of movies I like, such as "Some kind of wonderful" and "Jeux d'enfants" , those movies explore how a boy and a girl who are best friends come of age, how their relationship evolves. I had also just saw "Juno" so to me, Bella has a lot of Ellen Page, though do not think that what I offer is a crossover between Twilight and Juno. Juno was great about a girl who takes a journey of self discovery. I wanted to explore that self discovery, but for both the boy and the girl.

I have a very particular way I imagine the characters, so I have a few links in my profile of what they look like, in case you are interested. Note that my favorite for Edward looks more like a regular teenager than a 100 plus vampire.

I tried just taking the essence of the characters, and leaving out a lot of the books. I think they are great and I do not wish to mess with that. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this and I look forward your feedback.



I know what anyone would expect out of a story like ours. Well, let me tell you, that is not us. This is not the story of a boy and girl that grew up together, best friends, where the boy makes a vow to protect the girl. If you were to tell that to us we'd laugh our butts off. But the story of our friendship, of our bond is quirky and weird. And it is full of humor and drama and just plain awesomeness.

This is the story of Edward and Bella. This is our story. This is not a love story, though we do love each other. This is not a glorified Harlequin novel that the intellectual in me despises though from time to time enjoys a worn and forgotten copy found wrapped in paper at the bottom of one of my friends' bookcases.

Our back story is plain and simple: We grew together, to be honest I don't really know how we met. I just know that I cannot think back to my childhood without Edward's goofy face in it. I guess our moms were friends, or met at a park when we were babies. Who knows... Who cares...

I'm the only child of only children. Grandparents long gone. At the age of ten I learned what it is to be all alone in this world, as all my past, and all my hope of some sort of tangible history went down a hill on a dark rainy night. It was hard. I won't trivialize it.

But I want you to see with my eyes, to understand even more what this friendship has meant to me. I was taken in by Edward's parents, Esme and Carlisle. I thank my lucky stars for them. Their family is my family, and yet is not. A few months before I was born Esme had Edward and Emmet. The joke is that they are too far to resemble twins. Not only physicaly but personality wise they couldn't be further apart. Esme jokes that Edward and I are more twins than her own sons, and when she talks about her tiwns, people that don't know us that well assume that it is indeed Edward and I the ones that shared Esme's womb. I love Emmet as well, he is by all menas my brother, but we don't have the same connection Edward and I do. I feel bad because more than once he gets left outside of our world, but yet again, he was always the extrovert. Carlisle told me once they were happy about me being so close to Edward. They were worried about his shyness. I can't think of him as shy, he's no Emmet, but he is confident and outgoing, Carlisle said that that was me bringing that out in him. I was glad to hear that, I always thought he had gotten the crappy end on this bargain. Edward and I are best friends but yet more, we are like sibling and yet not quite.

We are about to graduate form high school. Just about to dive head on our adult years, and this is our year of discovery. This is the story that I want to share. Of how this amazing and terrifying world can be perceived, seized by us, by someone like us.