I've never done drabbles before though I've read a few; and I love them…! However, I feel that there is a lack of Ratchet and Clank fan fictions and this situation must be dealt with! (starts waving around the Razor Claws) Hence the dawning of…Lombax Kisses! And here it is!

This wonderful little drabble is set during the first game. By my calculations, Ratchet would have been about sixteen since he was nineteen in Deadlocked but that's my opinion. Anyway, enjoy!

001: Introduction

When I was still really, really young, nothing more than a Lombax pup, one of the adults told me that "life can take you down many unexpected paths and not all of them will lead to good fortune". At the time, I didn't know what the heck they were going on about now, at sixteen and saving the universe, I sort of get it. The people I've met, the ones who've helped and gotten in my way, and the horrible things I've seen without really comprehending it is all sort of clicking together. It's not a game. I could die.

Clank always called me reckless, telling me off for diving into a situation rather than thinking about it, but, hey, I'm a teenager, what can you expect? He told me that wasn't a "valid excuse for my irresponsible actions." I told him to shove it. Still, even though he's been an annoying little vulture, he's helped. A little bit.

At the moment, I'm squished into a tiny little ship; the thing's running on autopilot, just cruising along in space; trying to sleep. I can't. There's so much that's happened and I'm trying to sort it all out: we have to stop Drek, save the universe, and all that stuff. It makes all my fur stand on end when I think about all the stuff that guy has done; excluding Qwark, he makes me want to puke. It's sick and wrong, destroying people's lives and homes just for your own money and benefit. I have to stop him!

If Clank saw this he'd say something stupid about it, I know he would. I don't want people to call me a hero yet, I haven't done anything, but when I beat Drek, that's when they'll recognize me! Ratchet the Lombax!

Ooooohhh, can I vomit now? That was so corny. Ratchet, that's me, the only Lombax on Veldin. That stink-hole of a backwater planet; I can call it as many names as I want but it will forever be my home.

"Wherever your heart points you, lad, that's where you go. But your home is always calling you back." Same guy told me that. He had a lot of stuff like that to say but I never really thought I'd listened. It sounds like stuff Clank would spew if he was all mystic and stuff. But Clank is Clank and he's freaking annoying. Sometimes.

So, that practically sums up who I am. The only Lombax on Veldin, an orphan raised by everyone in my humble little town only to watch them burn and die right before my eyes by Drek's forces, helping a tiny little robot to save the galaxy or the universe or whichever it turns out to be, and I'm only sixteen.

My name is Ratchet. Pleasure doing business with you.