I wanted to try writing a good fight scene with this one but I don't know how well it's actually going to turn out. Fight scenes are kind of difficult to write. It's like drawing. You can see it in your head but it's near impossible to get down on paper right.

074: Are You Challenging Me?

Patience was a virtue.

He remained as still as possible, barely even breathing as he gave the figure across the arena floor a cold glare.

Patience was a virtue.

His eyes narrowed and his ears slid back. He had to wait. Wait. Wait. And wait some more.

The anger in him boiled like a beast in a cage.

Patience could burn and die.

Patience was a waste of time.

Why wait when he could kill?

He lunged across the arena, raised his Omega Shredder Claws above his head, and brought them down in a quick sweep. She blocked it, of course, with her Disruptor; a blade carved of ectoranium and raritanium and filled with an endlessly renewable supply of plasmic energy.

He used the momentum of his sweep and the force of the block to propel himself backwards into a summersault that landed him on his feet. She rushed him before he could find his balance and he dropped to the floor, rolling to the side. Then, as he heard the Disruptor clang against the steel, he flipped himself upright, spun in a circle, and allowed the impetus of the move to slash around with his Shredder Claws.

Indigo blood splattered across the floor as she jumped back, holding a hand to the cut on her side.

He raised his blood-stained Shredder Claw to his face, peering at the lingering fluid, gave her the pleasure of a maniacal grin, and licked the blood off the energy buzzing blade with a purr of satisfaction.

The sadistic abhorrence within him swelled with the ecstasy of a soon-to-be kill.

With a wild cry, he forward flipped across the arena towards her. She started charging as well, swinging Disruptor in a downward arc that could easily remove his head. But he'd been fighting longer than she had. At the last second, he twisted to the right and, still balanced on his hands, aimed a heavy kick at the side of her head. She went one way and Disruptor went the other.

He spun himself upright and ran towards her as she got to her feet. She swung a punch at him but he dropped low to the ground to avoid it, intending to slice her feet off with his crimson glowing Shredder Claws. He didn't see her knee come up until it was too late.

He was sent skidding across the floor with his hands reflexively over his bleeding nose. She glared at him and he returned the glare ten times over. He smelled her fear, even through his own blood. With a snort that sent a glob of ruby liquid to the floor, he cracked his neck and tensed again.

Then he started stalking her.

Like prey.

Rage and hatred made his fur tingle.


He slowly edged around her and she matched his movements so that the both of them were moving in a slow circle, waiting…waiting…and always waiting…

He hated waiting.

The move was so unexpected she didn't see it coming.

He stepped back, dropping his defensive stance, and let his muscles relax. She stared at him; she'd never seen him control his hatred. He did it so rarely. But when he didn't it left such a big mess.

Master didn't like messes.

And she'd never been able to teach him patience.

"It's all one big freaking chess game, ain't it Blue?"

He closed his eyes.

"What's a chess game?"

He could hear her barreling across the arena floor. Heard her scoop Disruptor up and charge towards him.

It would make no difference.

"Ya' know…we're the Pawns…"

He opened his eyes slightly and tilted his head to look at her.

"A game of chess, huh?"

She was afraid. Much too afraid. Her anger would never surface that way.

"Then who's the King?"

He stepped aside, dodging her swing effortlessly, and brought up his Shredder Claws.

"I know."


He plunged the sharpened tips deep into the flesh of her stomach. She screamed in agony and fell to the floor but he was relentless. He twisted his weapon in deeper still, tearing apart vital organs.

She was going to die.

Her red eyes started to dim as she looked at him.

"You…were right…" She coughed, splattering him with indigo blood, "All along…you had…it…right…we…were…only pawns…to them…useless…pawns…"

She stopped moving.

He pulled his Shredder Claws out of her body with a sickening squelching noise and stared at her lifeless corpse.

"You challenged me, Blue." Ratchet stated coldly, flicking blood from his fingertips nonchalantly, "And I returned the favor."

"The King's the one who's left standing at the end of this war."

Darn it! It turned into another "Dark" one! What the heck! Oh, geez, I killed Blue. Is that cliché or what. Well, actually, I was intending to make it Sasha he was fighting but then I figured that if he couldn't kill her in "I Can't" then there's no way he's going to kill her now.

Ratchet's turned into such a cold hearted…jerk.

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