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Stalking Casey

Part One - This Happens To People All The Time

"Casey, I want you to be careful this weekend, and here's the number for the hotel we'll be staying at if there's any trouble at all, okay? Don't hesitate to call us and remember to-"

"Mom." Casey interrupted Nora's nervous ranting in the kitchen.

The house was in a frantic state as George, Marti, Lizzie, and Edwin rushed around gathering their belongings. Nora talking 90 miles an hour wasn't making anything any better.

"Everything will be fine, trust me." Casey reassured her mother, bringing a much more calm expression to her features.

"Last time you told her that, before we knew it, the entire population of the high school was here!" Edwin called from the living room. Casey shook her head. Always bad timing. And she noticed her mother getting that nervous look all over again.

"But!" Casey took her mother's hand in her own as they walked to the living room, "We've learned since then." she then re-thought her statement, "Well, at least I have." An annoying gaze came to Casey's face as she recalled the night of 'the party', but was shaken out of them with her mom's reply.

"I know that you have, I trust you." Nora then smiled at her daughter as they began to gather towards the front door.

"DEREK!" George called out through the house.

"WHAT?!" came a yelled reply from upstairs.

"GET DOWN HERE!" he screamed back, before abruptly coughing, resulting in him having to clear his throat.

"Well honey..." Nora watched him regain his composure with a puzzled look. Seriously she had no idea how the man managed to do the things he did.

The sound of footsteps came from around the corner, and Derek joined Casey by her side to bid their family ado.

"No parties, no sleepovers, no random acts of idiocy, no-" George began with his strict lecture, causing both Casey and Derek to glance at him with a bored expression. They'd heard it all before.

Nora interrupted George before he could finish, as she extended her hand to Casey. "Here's some money while we're gone, you guys use it for things that you need, and please don't blow it or fight over it."

"Mom, when have you ever known me to blow money?" Casey asked, as she reached out to take the money.

"You're right." Derek piped in, snatching the money from Nora's hand, thus causing Casey to glare at him with a dropped jaw. He smirked at her, "Better let me hang onto it."

"Derek." George said sternly. His glare towards his son said it all, and Derek sighed before slapping the money into Casey's hand.

"Ow..." Casey shook her stinging hand.

Derek supressed the fit of laughter he'd wanted to unleash on her for being such a weakling, but noticed that his dad was still glaring at him, and dismissed the urge.

"Casey, are you sure you guys will be okay? Cause if you want to just go with us we can-" Nora once again started on her rant.

Derek sighed. Nora was always like this before they were going to be leaving them alone for the weekend. How old did she think they were? 10?

"Mom really, it's only for 3 days." Casey once again did her best to reassure her mother that things would be fine, "Derek and I will be just fine. Right?" she glanced at Derek, who had completely lost interest in the conversation, and was studying Lizzie and Edwin on the couch. They were arguing over who had to sit in the middle seat of the car - as Marti had already claimed a window seat. They were now playing rock,paper,scissors. 'Kids...' Derek thought, 'Glad I never was one.'

Casey rolled her eyes and turned back to face Nora, "Anyways, you can't not go. And I can't leave. I have a date with Max tomorrow, and alot of studying to do." She smiled again at her mother.

"Right." Nora nodded.

"Honey, we're running behind, let's go." George ushered Nora along, "Lizzie, Edwin, Marti! Let's go!"

The 3 youngest evacuated their seats from the couch and headed for the door. Lizzie hugged Casey, telling her to have fun and not to go too crazy in the house all weekend with Derek.

Edwin and Derek shared their 'sibling - handshake', and Casey overheard Derek saying something about if Edwin seen any hot girls, to bring back their phone numbers.

"You got it bro." Edwin said, before walking out, bag slung over his arm.

"I'll miss you Smerek." Marti said as she ran towards her older brother.

Derek scooped her up in his arms, embracing her, "And I will miss you too Smarti!" He placed her back down on the floor, before kneeling down in front of her, "But it's only for 3 days. Promise me you'll have fun and not be sad cause I'm not there okay?"

Marti nodded as Derek held out his pinky finger. She smiled and linked hers with his, "I promise!"

"That's my girl. Now go on get out of here!" he smiled and nudged her on her way, standing back up at Casey's side.

"Bye mom, love you." Casey said as she watched her mom walk out the door, closing it behind her. She almost felt the urge to cry.

"What's with you?" Derek asked as he gazed over at her.

"What?" Casey replied with a question of her own, "What are you talking about?"

"You said 'bye' and you look like you're going to cry." Derek answered, before holding up a finger, "And please remember how I feel about that."

It was true. Casey never said 'bye' to her mother. She usually would say 'see you in a few days.'

Goodbyes were permanant. She brushed it off though, and glared at Derek, angry for being so attentive now, when she could have used his backup earlier trying to convince her mom things would be fine. "I don't know what you're talking about." she snapped, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a phone call to make."

It was Derek's turn to roll his eyes at her again, "Oh yes, the loser with the football jacket awaits."

Casey, who had been already on her way to the kitchen for the phone, spun around on her heel and glared at him again. She pointed a finger towards him, "Max is NOT a loser!"

Derek fought the urge to laugh at her again, shrugging his shoulders instead, "Whatever you say princess."

Casey scowled. He was in an extra irritating mood tonight. First calling Max a loser, then calling her princess. She hated that. But she would not give into his 'games'. She took a deep breath, and turned to walk away. 'Just keep going Casey, don't look back.' She told herself as she started up the stairs. Derek watched her go with a smirk on his face. Ah. Life was good.

"See you Monday. Goodnight Max." Casey hung up the phone an hour later. She'd been fortunate enough to have no interruptions during her phone call, which was a first time. Still, what could Derek possibly be doing that distracted him enough to not terrorize her for an entire hour?

As she was standing from her bed, the messenger on her computer popped up. She walked over to it and sat down in her chair. She was thinking it was Emily or Kendra, but was shocked when a username popped up that she didn't recognize.

'Hi Casey.'

'Hi. Who is this?'

'You looked really pretty today at school.'

Casey smiled a bit. Someone she didn't know was trying to flatter her. Well obviously she had to know this person if they went to the same school, and this person had her screen name.

'Thanks I guess. But you still haven't told me your name?'

She waited for a minute, but the person never responded. A few seconds later, they signed off.

'Huh.' Casey thought, 'Maybe they were too nervous to tell me their name.' She pushed any strange feeling she had about the encounter away, and headed downstairs to see what her darling step-brother was up to.

He was in his chair watching a movie of some kind. She walked in and took her usual seat on the couch beside him. "You've been really quiet this evening."

Derek glanced over at her, "I know. So have you. It's been rather pleasant."

"Yes it has." Casey replied, as she turned to face the tv again. '"These movies are all the same."

"I beg to differ!" Derek retorted, looking at her as if she'd just violated a major law.

"They are! It's all starring some girl who is being stalked that loses all her friends and her 'hot' boyfriend to some weapon wielding psycho." Casey explained in one breath.

"Casey Casey Casey." Derek said, though amused by her comment, still had to make a remark back, "Have I taught you nothing? You've got to read in between the lines with movies like these. True, you're description was perfect, but it was so vague!"

Casey rolled her eyes and watched him pick up a remote and pause the movie. "For instance, yeah the girl is being stalked, but why? Does she know the person stalking her? Usually yes but once in a while we have the occasional internet incident where a psycho comes across her myspace picture. How long has she been being stalked for? This is real stuff Case. You should never be too assured to know it couldn't happen to you."

Derek paused for a moment and Casey stiffened as her messenger memory came flooding back, but she quickly brushed it away again, seeing as Derek loved to get under her skin, and this is what his purpose in the entire conversation was.

"Personally, I don't think you should be worried though. Who on earth would want to stalk you?" Derek then smarted off, earning him another glare to add to the many he'd already received from her that day.

"Well whatever." Casey huffed, "It's still all lame to me." She couldn't help but think of the messenger incident again. "So…is a secret admirer the same as a stalker?"

"Ehh…" Derek cocked his head from side to side, "Depends. Secret admirers are harmless, but they have been known to take their admiration as far as obsession, and that my dear step-sister, is when they become a stalker."

Casey looked at him strangely for a moment, "How do you know so much about this?"

"Duh." Derek stated simply, "I've probably seen every movie known to man about stalkers."

"Yeah but those are fake. They're not real."

"On the contrary. This happens to people all the time."

"Yeah but why would people stalk others for real? They should just talk to the person."

"Well but there are reasons that sometimes prevent that."


"Like if the girl has a boyfriend. Or if a guy is being stalked, he has a girlfriend. They may feel like they can't say anything to that person for that reason." Derek explained, "But in my opinion, any guy who allows himself to be stalked is an idiot."

Casey had heard enough. Derek definitely watched too many movies. And she had more important things to worry about than this. Like what she was going to wear on her date with Max tomorrow, and when she would start studying. On top of that, talking to Max on the phone for an hour had given her an appetite, so she decided to change the subject. "You hungry?"

"I'm a guy. I'm always hungry." Derek replied.

Casey rolled her eyes, "Well any suggestions on dinner?"

"I don't care. As long as it's edible." Derek answered, "You must be hungry too."

"Yeah. I really don't want to cook though." Casey answered back. "And anything microwavable might make me hurl."

"So let's go eat somewhere then. I'll let you pick."

20 minutes later, Derek was knocking on Casey's bedroom door, "Are you ready? I'm starving at this point!"

"Yes just…one second!" She huffed. She hated when Derek rushed her.

She grabbed her jacket and purse and went to walk out the door when she heard her messenger go off again. She froze in her tracks and turned to glance towards the computer screen. Maybe it really was Emily this time? She walked over towards the computer and looked at the screen.

'Are you still wearing that pink outfit?'

Casey glanced down at her ensemble and made a strange face at the screen.

'Who is this?'

Derek was still hounding her from the other side of her bedroom door, but she didn't utter a word in response. She was hoping this person, whomever it was would respond this time and actually answer the question.


She felt calmer for some reason at this.

'Secret admirer? Really, you can just tell me your name. It's no big deal.'

At that moment, Derek had burst through her door, "What is taking you so long, and why can't you answer me?"

Casey stood up real fast and spun around, "Well maybe if you didn't have the attention span of a moth!"

"Blah…blah…blah…" Derek mocked, before spinning around and walking out her bedroom door. She followed him out, snapping back at him, completely forgetting about the computer.

2 hours later they returned home. They'd had an absolute blast tonight. In all reality, they got along in a strange sense. And it was mostly when the others weren't around. Derek for one, felt obligated to demonstrate to Edwin a firm example of what step-sibling rivalry was really supposed to be like. You don't make friends. You are enemies. They become a threat? You eliminate. Simple as that. Casey just felt like with everyone else around it was just added stress. She wouldn't trade any of them for the world, but I mean, face the situation, there were 7 of them. And as long as Derek had to be 'role model' for Ed, there was no way they'd ever get along with everyone else around.

"Really, Case, if I would have known you were going to choose pizza, we could have just ordered it and not had to waste the time going out." Derek said, as he opened the front door for her, and waited for her to walk in.

She glared at him, "Oh please Derek. You had just as much fun in the arcade as you did stuffing your face." With that being said she walked in, leaving him in silence for a split second.

He contemplated what she said, decided she was right, shrugged, and followed her. Of course, he would never admit that she was right, "Whatever. You're so wrong about that."

Casey had placed her jacket on the coat hanger, before turning to him with a strange look, "Then why did it take me forever to pry you away from the crane machine?"

"Hey!" Derek snapped quickly, removing his own jacket and pointing an accusing finger at her, "If you can't appreciate Mr. Cuddles then I'll just claim him as my own!"

She pulled a small stuffed bear out of her purse and held it close to her chest, "I do appreciate Mr. Cuddles! That's not what I was saying…"

"That's what I thought." Derek said matter-of-factly, as he walked towards the stairs, feeling reassured he had won that argument at least. In all actuality, he did favor that bear. He just gave it to Casey so she'd shut up and stop peering over his shoulder. Crane machines took skill. And he was proud of his victory tonight. He'd given a lone stuffed animal a home.

Casey yawned, and took to the stairs with him, "I'm going to bed. I have a date with Max tomorrow."

"Pfft." Derek huffed from behind her. "Yeah you better get all the beauty sleep you can. Lord knows you need it."

"Is that so?" Casey spun on her heel and glared at him.

"Do you really want me to say more?" Derek asked in a challenging way, smirking at her poised figure.

She spun back around and continued up the stairs and down the hallway towards her room, "Well my secret admirer would beg to differ."

"What?" Derek almost laughed at this, "You? A secret admirer?" After he repeated it to himself, he did decide to laugh, earning him yet another cold stare.

"Go ahead, laugh all you want, but I really do have one." Casey replied in an all-knowing manner, "And he told me I looked pretty today."

She marched into her room, but had struck Derek's interest enough for him to follow, "So wait, you have a secret admirer, and you know who it is?"

"No dipshit. How could I if he's a secret admirer?" She paused for a minute, "You do know what secret means, right?"

"You said he called you pretty today." Derek answered back, taking a seat on the edge of her bed.

"Yeah. He must go to school with us." Casey replied, walking over to her drawers to pull out her pajamas.

"Not only does this guy have to be blind, he must be stupid as well." Derek mumbled from his spot, "But in all actuality, I'd rather you date him, than that lug of a boyfriend you have now."

"Just what is your problem with Max anyway Derek? All you ever do is make fun of him." Casey snapped at him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yeah. I don't like him." Derek stated simply.

"Well you know what? Sometimes I don't like you either!" Casey spat, before stomping off to the bathroom.

"Haha ooh you're so mean Case." Derek half laughed, half remarked, "Why must you break my heart so?"

That earned him a loud huff, and a slam of the bathroom door. He smirked again, before standing up to leave her room and go to his own, but before he could make it, the sound of her messenger going off caught his ear. He wasn't one to snoop…oh who the hell was he trying to fool, yes he was. He walked over to her computer and sat down.

'Where were you for so long? I missed you.'

Derek smirked. He could really have some fun with this. And possibly figure out who this dweeb was.

'I was hanging out with my step-brother. Tons of fun.'

'Hanging out with Derek? I thought you hated him.'

Derek's eyes bugged a little. So this person knew who he was too.

'No way. Derek is amazing. So, you obviously had to have spent some time with me though to think that I hate him.'

'It's just the way you always look at him. Like you're annoyed.'

'Usually I'm annoyed with my boyfriend. Derek just gets caught in the crossfire.'

'You're boyfriend….Max?'

Derek stiffened in his seat slightly. Someone was quite the observer. He heard the shower turn on. Good. He had some time left to pry still.

'So why don't you tell me more about you.'

'Why would I do that? Takes all the fun out of everything.'

'Well obviously you know a lot about me, so why not even things out?'

'Haha I do know everything about you. But no.'


'You doubt me?'

Derek smirked. Who was this clown? He didn't know whether to beat his ass at school Monday or hug him for trying so hard.

'Okay then I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.' He paused for a moment, before typing a few extra words, 'So we've never actually talked in person?'

After Derek sent the message, he waited for a second then watched the other user abruptly sign off. He leaned back in Casey's chair. Something wasn't right about this. He was sure this was just the typical case of a 'secret admirer' but really something just didn't feel right.

He waited in Casey's room until he heard her shower water turn off, hoping this mysterious person would sign back on, but they didn't.

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