Chapter 1- Exorcist High
Author's Note: If I owned DGM, Kanda would have killed everyone by now, but (sadly) I don't.

It has been a year since the Earl was defeated, and everything was normal around the Black Order. Hardly anyone had any work to do, so it was mainly boring around the tower until that fateful day…

Allen was calmly walking down the hallway toward the dining hall.

He sighed happily as he sniffed the air, and was about to enter the dining hall until he was suddenly grabbed and rushed away.

Allen was brutally shoved onto the couch in front of Komui's desk, and Allen opened an eye to see Komui happily smiling at him.

"Allen! Since your still underage, and there's no more work to do…" Komui trailed off as Allen mentally groaned. Whatever it was, it wasn't good.

"You and my Lenalee are to go to High School."

"WHAT!? I've never even been to a school before!"

"Neither have I." Lenalee said as she walked inside, and sighed as Komui happily smiled at the two.

"Well, since there's nothing else to do, you two have to get an education. I'd love to home school Lenalee, but thanks to Reever, I can't…" Komui stated sadly, and Reever's vein pulsed angrily.

"I understand, Nii-san…" Lenalee said with a sad sigh, and she glanced over to see Allen groaning.

'At least Allen-kun is going to be with me…' Lenalee thought with a smile, and Allen caught the smile before smiling back.

Komui's vein twitched when he caught Allen smiling at Lenalee, and he grinned evilly.

"Allen… You are to protect my Lenalee while I can not."


"You heard me." Allen sighed, and Lenalee stared at Komui in surprise of his actions.

"Now… You two will be enrolled into a High School in town, and I don't want any complaining, Walker!" Komui said, and Allen flinched as he was about to groan again.


"Good! Now go get ready for tomorrow!"


"You two start tomorrow!"

Allen and Lenalee sighed in unison, and then left Komui's office.

"I've never even seen a school before…"

"I saw one on a mission, but I've never been to one…"

The two sighed as they went to their rooms to prepare for tomorrow.

In his office, Komui chuckled evilly as he lifted the phone, and grinned.

"Get ready, they shall be there tomorrow."


Komui put the phone down, and Reever stared at him in curiosity.

"Hey, Chief. Why did you let those two go to the school? Wouldn't the boys all stare at Lenalee?" He asked, and Komui chuckled evilly again as he raised his finger.

"That's why I have assembled the perfect people to be teachers."

Reever sighed sadly as he felt Komui's evil aura blaze red.

'This is going to be bad…'

Next Day…

Allen and Lenalee got out of the car that Komui had provided, and they stared in surprise at the very large building in front of them.

"It's huge…"

"Sure is…"

"Have fun, you two!" Reever called out from behind the wheel of the car, and the two waved as he drove back to the tower.

"I guess we should go… Um… where do we go?" Allen asked, but Lenalee shook her head as she had no idea either.

They looked around hoping that someone would walk by, but they couldn't find anyone who could tell them until they asked an auburn haired girl.

"You go to the office. I'll show you two there." She said, and Allen sighed happily as the two followed her inside.

"Here we are." She said as she waved to a room, and Lenalee thanked her before the two walked inside.

"You two must be our new students: Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee, correct?"


"Of course you are, for I am never wrong. I am the principal of this school. You may call me Mrs. Maze." Maze said as she fixed her glasses while staring at the two.

Lenalee and Allen nodded, and Maze smirked as she handed the two a piece of paper.

"This is your schedule. You two will have the same classes together due to lack of room, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good because you should understand. Now go to your first class!" Maze said as she pointed to the door, and Allen sighed as they left the office.

The auburn haired girl smiled at them as she leaned against the wall across from the office.

"Do you need anymore help?"

"Um, yes…" Lenalee handed her the schedule, and the girl scanned it before smiling.

"That's funny, we have the same classes!"


"Let's see… First is Plant Life Studies…" She said, and handed the schedule back to Lenalee.

"By the way, I'm Milly."



Milly nodded with a smile as she led the two down the hallway.

"This school is a lot of fun, but I heard that several teachers recently got cut, but they found new teachers quickly." She stated as they walked down the hallway, and Lenalee nodded as she walked next to Milly, and Allen trailed behind as he looked around.

Milly glanced back at Allen, and then smiled.

"So, Lenalee…" She whispered, and Lenalee looked at her.


"Are you two dating?"

Lenalee suddenly turned a light red, and she shook her head frantically.

"Really? Shame, you two look cute together…" Milly muttered, and Lenalee looked away as she blushed.

"Why isn't anyone here?" Lenalee asked to get rid of the silence.

"Today is the day that a certain pocket of students come in at different times to learn about the school. Tomorrow it'll be a normal day with everyone in." Milly stated, and Lenalee nodded as Allen listened in.

Milly slowed down for Allen to catch up, and she smiled as they went back to walking while Lenalee looked around while the other two walked a short distance behind her.

"So, Allen…"


"Do you like Lenalee?"

Allen turned red also, and he looked away.



"Is that a kinda yes, or a kinda no?"

"Kinda yes…" Milly smiled happily as she nodded, and Allen continued to be red until they reached the first class.

Milly opened the door for the two, and they walked inside to see the empty classroom with several plants around the walls.

"Here we are." Milly said as she waved her hand around the classroom, and Lenalee looked around as Allen just stared at the teacher's desk.

"N-No…" He muttered, and Milly and Lenalee looked over at him.

"What's the matter, Allen-kun?" Lenalee asked as she walked over to see Allen trembling at a certain flower on the desk.

Suddenly, the back door opened, and the three looked over at it.

Allen and Lenalee froze as the teacher stared at them in surprise.

"Allen? Lenalee? I have you two in my class?"

This school year was going to be bad…

Komui happily smiled from his desk, and Reever sighed as he entered the room.

"Hey, Chief?"


"I just found out why you were so sure that Lenalee would be safe…"

"Finally? That was fast, Reever."

"But why… Did you sack the previous teachers just to put them as the teachers?" Reever asked as one the paper he held, the names of the new teachers gleamed in the light.

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