Chapter 13- One In The Eye
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The nurse's office was silent as Allen on a bed with a bandage over his left cheek while across from him Takai sat with a steady grimace on his face.

Allen ran his hand over the bandage as he played back the entire incident over and over again in his head.

"She hates me…" He muttered, which caused Takai to look up at him before standing up suddenly.

"Shorty." Takai said, and Allen looked up dejectedly until Takai's fist found comfort in Allen's left cheek.

Allen hit the bed hard as Takai glared down at him with a tick mark on his fist.

"What did you do that for!?" Allen snapped as he pushed himself back up to a sitting position while Takai continued his demonic glare down at the boy.

"Your attitude, you freaking shorty! It's ticking me off!" Takai snapped as the two glared at each other until the nurse rushed in and separated the two before putting a new bandage over Allen's cheek again.

Takai made a loud noise in his throat before sitting back down and kicking his feet up next to Allen.

"Oh, 'she hates me' and 'oh woe is me'. Get over it!" Takai snapped quieter as he imitated Allen while Allen stared down at the marble floor silently.

"But…" Allen started to mutter until Takai bolted to his feet, grabbed Allen's collar and glared straight into his eyes.

"Shut. The. Hell. Up. Shorty. If I hear you complain one more time, so help me, I am going to throw you out the top floor's window! Got it!?" Takai snapped without caring that the nurse, and probably some passing students heard him quite clearly.

"Mr. Katou. Don't you have a class to be in?" The nurse asked bitterly as she dragged Takai out of the office while he continued to glare at Allen until the nurse closed the door.


Lenalee quietly sat behind the outside bleachers while she twirled a clover between her fingers.

"Sad and mopey, are we?" A voice asked mischievously from on top of the bleachers.

Lenalee gazed upward, and grimaced as a smiling face was right above hers while the person's feet were hooked onto the edge of the top bench.

"Oh, it's just you…" Lenalee muttered as she looked back downwards while Gin pouted dejectedly.

"Oh, it's you', what was that supposed to mean?" Gin asked as he pulled himself back up onto the top bench before gracefully hopping down to stand next to Lenalee.

"Sorry, I was just-"

"Being sad and mopey." Gin finished as he grinned happily while Lenalee stared at him bitterly.

"What do you want?" Lenalee asked as Gin started to whistle happily while he stared at some birds nearby.

"What I want? I want to be able to burn this whole school to the ground legally!" Gin stated happily like a kid does on Christmas morning.

Lenalee sweat dropped at him before putting her head on her hand with a sigh.

"That's not what I meant…" She muttered while Gin started to roll back on his feet while staring at the sky.

"I meant what do you want with me right now?" Lenalee asked again, but Gin just shrugged while eyeing the squirrels on a nearby tree.

"I don't know what I want right now, but I bet you know what you want to do!" Gin stated playfully before bounding away to chase after the squirrels gleefully.

Lenalee stared after him in confusion before placing her head on her knees to think until she noticed a piece of paper laying in the grass where Gin had been standing.

Lenalee quietly picked up the paper and opened it to see what it was.

But, she then really wished she hadn't.

Detention for skipping class, Ms. Lee! The paper had written on it along with a chibi picture of Gin in the corner.

Lenalee put her head back on her knees roughly as she groaned inward. "Nii-san is going to flip…"


"WHATDOYOUMEANYOUGOTADETENTION!?" Komui nearly yelled as Lenalee sighed sadly as she knew he was going to do that when they had got back home.

"I was just thinking and I forgot that class had started, Nii-san." Lenalee half-lied, but Komui didn't seem to hear her as he started to cry greatly.

"My sweet sister got her first detention…" He muttered sadly while Lenalee tried to comfort him with a grimace to his reaction.

"It was just one, Nii-san. It won't happen again." Lenalee muttered as she sadly looked around until she noticed Allen glance at her before walking away.


That night was chilly as Lenalee stayed awake to work on the schoolwork she had missed.

"I am never going to miss another class like that again…" Lenalee muttered tiredly after two hours of Komui's insane crying.

A few minutes later, Lenalee sighed loudly as she closed her book before stretching her arms.

She glanced out her window to the bright full moon while the stars seemed to avoid the colossal rock in the sky.

She gazed towards the bottom of the tower to see nothing really interesting down there.

Lenalee then sighed again as she stood up, grabbed her coat off its hook, and walked outside as she couldn't sleep.

Once outside, Lenalee walked around till she reached the back of the tower where she could sit in peace and quiet while the scientists inside were still going thanks to coffee.

"Today was terrible…" She muttered a little too loudly as the next second, someone sighed above her in agreement.

Lenalee nearly jumped up five feet before looking up to see Allen staring up at the sky sadly.

"Allen-kun…" Lenalee whispered, but Allen then left the window and Lenalee sadly turned back to stare ahead of her.

'What do I want, huh? What I want is…' Lenalee's thoughts trailed off as the sound of boot onto grass caused her to look up in time to see Allen slump down next to her.

The bandages were still on his cheek as he stared silently down at the grass in front of him while Lenalee stared at him in slight surprise.

"I'm sorry." Were Allen's next words as he plucked a piece of grass out of the earth and started to twirl it around boringly.

Lenalee looked back down as she stayed silent while Allen continued. "I should have told you what happened before getting back here." Allen stated as he curled his fingers around the piece of grass tightly.

Lenalee shook her head slowly before biting her bottom lip.

"I shouldn't have ran away though." She whispered quietly while Allen tossed the grass away with a sigh.

"I guess we are both to blame, huh?" He asked with a chuckle to lighten the mood.

"I guess…" Lenalee said with a smile before the two started to laugh quietly to themselves.

Lenalee glanced over at Allen, or more to the bandages while Allen stared at the grass still.

She slowly raised her hand to the bandages, and Allen flinched when her fingers brushed against them.

"Does it still hurt?" She asked, but Allen shook his head with a grin.

"Nah. It'll take a lot more than Steven to hurt me! Now if he was a Noah, then maybe…" Allen stated with a laugh, and Lenalee laughed too while her hand stayed on Allen's bandaged cheek.

Lenalee slowly looked away from Allen, but started to inch closer to him until she rested her head on his shoulder.

Allen looked over at her in surprise, but he then smiled calmly as he leaned his head against hers.

"We're both fools, aren't we?" Allen asked quietly, and Lenalee didn't answer as she smiled as moved closer to Allen before closing her eyes along with his.


The next morning was calm as Reever waited by the car for Allen and Lenalee to get ready.

The two rushed out to the car, and Reever then drove to the school as usual.

When they reached the school, Milly was waiting there, and when Lenalee got out the two started to talk while Reever dragged Allen over a little.

"Allen, remember you can't use your Innocence. No matter how angry you get, okay? We don't want an incident here." Reever stated quietly, and Allen nodded with a sigh.

"I know, I know." He stated while Reever smiled before patting him on the shoulder and parking his car before rushing to his waiting class.


The day flowed by usually until lunch of course.

People stared at Allen as he ignored them while getting his lunch and heading over to the empty table where Milly and Lenalee were along with, surprisingly, Takai.

Before getting there, Allen glanced to the wall where the school's newspaper usually was, but only saw a little corner as someone had already taken it.

'Must have been Kiki.' Allen thought before sitting down to eat while people continued to stare at him.

"By the way, I haven't seen Melissa yet. Is she sick?" Allen asked as he glanced around at the people staring at him, and Lenalee shrugged as she continued to eat.

"I hope she's worse than sick." Lenalee stated with an icy edge to her voice as she smirked evilly.

"Same here." Milly muttered as she smiled happily while Takai was fast asleep in his chair.

Allen smiled happily with a chuckle as he ate his food until something smacked him in the back of the head.

The four at the table, Takai had woken up when he heard the smack, looked to see Kiki's grinning face as she pressed the school's newspaper against Allen's head.

"Read and cheer." She stated as Allen took the newspaper to see the page Kiki had it opened to.


Good-bye, We'll Miss You. Not.

Long time newspaper reporter Melissa was expelled yesterday after writing her latest article, which by the way, will not be posted here.

She was expelled due to false accusations, bullying, and acting superior to us "little people".

Or so says the Head of the School Board.

Melissa will most likely need to enroll into a different school because if she ever comes back, she will be sent back to being a Freshman or so says the H.o.t.S.B.

Many students have shared with us their extreme displeasure of this girl, and we share their displeasure as well.


Allen read the newspaper article twice due to the fact that he plainly couldn't believe it.

The other three read it also, and started to crack up laughing while Kiki took the newspaper back from Takai.

"You mean…" Allen started to say between chuckles until Kiki finished.

"That Daddy had fun expelling her? You betcha!" Kiki stated with a smile as she sat down and handed the newspaper back to Allen so he could see the other articles.

Science Is Going Atomic! Ms. Roadka is introducing Uranium to our classes!

Students Fear The Gym Test! The Mile Run is becoming a death run!

The Meatloaf Surprise Is No Longer a Surprise! The surprise is that it is actually made of Meatloaf! What does that mean about our school's normal meatloaf?

Allen stared at the articles for a moment before handing it back to Kiki.

"I guess that solves one problem." Milly stated as Kiki folded the newspaper and put it in her bag.

"Not quite…" Allen stated as he glanced to Takai with an evil intention in his eyes.

Takai grimaced as he cracked his knuckles under the table.


After school, Allen was standing next to the bleachers while the football team practiced.

"Now remind me why you brought me along?" Takai asked as he put some purple sunglasses over his eyes as he stared at Allen.

"Cause I need someone who knows how to get out of trouble." Allen stated evilly, but before Takai could ask, Allen perked up when the football team ended practice.

"Let's go." Allen said as he started to walk out into the field while Takai grimaced while following.

"Hey, Steven." Allen said, and Steven stopped while his buddies did too.

"Well, it's the Freak! How's the cheek doing, Freak? How's my Lenalee doing?" Steven asked with a grin while his buddies chuckled loudly.

Allen brushed the 'my' word away with a smile to Steven, which unnerved him greatly.

"Steven, have you ever heard about King Herald?" Allen asked mischievously while Steven stared at Allen in confusion.

"Why the hell would I have?" He asked, and Allen grinned calmly.

"King Herald was told that he would die from an arrow in the eye. Even kids know that." Allen stated while Takai nodded, but Steven didn't seem to care as he glared angrily at Allen.

"You want another thrashing, Freak!?" Steven snapped as he swung his fist at Allen, but missed as Allen peacefully leaned out of the way.

"No, I'm just here to teach you a little lesson, King Herald." Allen stated before bringing his fist, his LEFT fist, straight into Steven's face, or to be more precise, Steven's eye.

"Stay away from Lenalee."


Takai grinned as Steven hit the ground like a sack of potatoes while his buddies all stared at Allen in shock until Takai cracked his knuckles.

"My turn?" He asked as he stared at the buddies, and Allen smiled while the buddies stared at Allen in shock and hoped he wouldn't say…

"Of course." Allen stated, and the buddies started to run, but they tripped over each other while Takai calmly walked over to them and started to bash them up with a grimace on his face.

"Lame idiots." He muttered as he grabbed one buddies' head who was trying to get away and calmly threw him to the ground.


"You see, sir, the Football team, angry with their latest loss, decided to take their anger out on each other. We tried to stop them cause we are big fans of theirs. They just wouldn't listen." Takai stated while he and Allen acted innocent while the teacher stared at the two and then at Steven and his buddies.

"Okay, okay. I'll go get the nurse to help out. You two can go." The teacher said before running off to get the nurse while the two smirked to each other.

"Great work, Takai." Allen said with a smile while Takai grinned.

"Great punch, Shorty." Takai stated before the two quickly got away to meet up with Lenalee and Milly who were waiting by the school's entrance.


Reever groaned as he was forced to drive Takai and Milly home as they had missed the school buses cause of Allen's plan.

Takai sat in the front with Reever while Milly got her own seat in the back.

Lenalee was forced to sit on Allen's lap, but she didn't complain and neither did he.


Reever stopped in front of a nice looking peach house while Takai got out.

Milly quickly took his seat and Lenalee, reluctantly, sat down in Milly's seat.

Takai waved to them before walking inside his house while a small dog was yapping away when the door opened.

"Poor Takai." Milly muttered while they watched the small dog continue to yap while Takai tried to close his front door with the dog in the way.


Next was Milly, and she waved as the three drove away.

"So, Reever. Do you go there sometimes?" Lenalee asked, and Reever chuckled dryly.

"Only if I get a vacation." He stated as they drove back to the Black Order while Lenalee and Allen knew full well that a vacation was probably never going to come soon for Reever.


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