"No I don't want white flowers, I want colorful ones" mom said to the flower guy on the phone. Everything seemed to be going wrong for dad's funeral. Not many people were going, the only flowers being offered to us were white ones and I wasn't as sad as I should be. My dad always said that when he died, he wanted a colorful and happy funeral. Not many people approve of that and that's why they aren't going. Moving back here to Tulsa seemed weird, seeing my old house, my old friends and not being able to see my dad was awkward. I stood up from the seat on the kitchen counter and walked through the hall. My dad never took down our family pictures even when my parents divorced. There were a lot of pictures; I looked so dorky in most of them. I wasn't what you would call a cute child. I was more on the lines of the ugly duckling. My awkward stage was thankfully early in my life but I still can't get over how awkward it was.

There was only one thing that was beautiful about myself and everyone had to acknowledge it. My hair, it's always been long and curly. Everyone has always loved it and the way it shined in the light, the sparkles of auburn color shone very attractively in my hair while exposed to the sun. My eyes were a dull shade of brown and my skin pale. My cheeks were always rosy because I blush so much. I was very delicate and tiny compared to the tall girls at my old school. I was about 5'3 or 5'4, which is considerably a good height, but I was considered a midget in Seattle. Tulsa was different here everyone was different. Some are blonde, some have black hair, and some have brown. It's nice not to feel like an outcast. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring but I really didn't want to move.

I heard my mother open the door and greet the person at the door in a sweet motherly tone. I was uninterested until I heard my mom yell out "Ella Mae!" so I probably should be interested. I walked slowly towards the door admiring my dad's house and how he had kept the entire decorations mom had worked so hard to do. The house was beautiful, mostly wooden which made me feel very warm and cozy. As I stopped behind my mother she turned and smiled. Her face was still completely swollen from all the crying she had done for my father's death. Her auburn hair tied up in a bun.

"Look who's here" she dragged me in front of her and there stood my old very best friend Dakota. Her blue eyes teary, her short brown hair straightened and her tan skin on ends. I could tell she thought I might burst out into tears but really I haven't even cried. She hugged me tightly and I did too. She was definitely the person I wanted to see. I smiled at her and as she smiled back the tears began to run down her face. Dakota has always been a sentimental person; she and I were best friends until I was 10 when I moved to Seattle. We had kept in touch until a few weeks before my dad passed away.

"I missed you Ella Mae and I'm so sorry about Abraham," she said choking back tears. I wiped the tears off of her face and smiled at her.

"Me too" I walked to the side to let her inside. As she entered she looked at the house and seemed to feel even sadder being here. I grabbed her by the wrist and took her to my room upstairs. I hadn't noticed she was carrying her backpack with her until she left it on the floor of my room.

"Were you at school?" I asked as I watched her sit on my bed. I remembered all of the sudden my old and soon to be new school Booker T. Washington. I missed Dakota so much; she always knew how to make me laugh with her boy crazy life.

"Yeah, you've missed a couple of days but that's okay. They have to understand" when I moved back a couple of days ago my mom put me back in my old school here. I had not gone to school yet because of the funeral thing but I'm guessing I should go soon.

"Have I missed anything?" I asked sitting next to her. She had my pillow on her lap and was squeezing it quite roughly.

"We have a History paper due tomorrow" somehow that made me feel bad about not going to school. I hate owing schoolwork. Maybe it's better if I do it and go to school tomorrow. Mom doesn't need my help with any of the funeral details.

"I think I'm going to school tomorrow" I said as I looked down at my washed out jeans. I knew she would probably tell me to stay with my mom.

"You should do what makes you feel better" hearing Dakota say such a thing was weird. She wasn't all about going with the flow. I smiled lightheartedly and she returned the smile.

"So tell me about school. Has anyone changed?" I tried to change her thoughts. She was probably still thinking about my dad. Suddenly her expression completely changed to her normal Dakota one.

"Darcie has grown a pair of huge jugs and now guys are totally into her, she's still as dumb as a stick but whatever. Kevin has had his eyes on her but I still have hope he decides he's in love with me" I had to admit Dakota was definitely the type of person who never gave up. She had been head over heels for Kevin since the 2nd grade. They used to flirt but this year he apparently changed directions. Dakota was a very beautiful girl, always stylish and into fashion. Very into following the rules but very boy crazy or should I say Kevin crazy?

"Is Darcie still being a bitch with you?" I knew Darcie since kindergarten and she's never been the girl to get along with people. She had her followers though.

"Will that ever change?" Dakota asked with a wink. I giggled and we both began to laugh. It was so stupid but we missed each other so much that anything made us connect. After some time of her talking to me about school and old friends of mine she had to go. She left me the History assignment and promised to pick me up to take me to school now that she has her own car. I have my license and all but my mom says it's still not time to give me a car. She says that it would be better when I'm 18 and that's not so far from now so I don't say anything. As Dakota left I went on the computer and began my History paper. It wasn't that hard given I had already done this material last year in Seattle but whatever.

When I finally finished the paper it was already 9:00 pm so I decided to go to sleep and left the paper on my computer desk. I had school tomorrow; I pulled my hair into a bun and walked towards my bed. As I lay on my bed I thought about how my father used to tuck me in. He was always very sweet but he and my mom fought a lot like every other parent. They thought they couldn't handle it so they divorced. They never did get over each other. For seven years I had gone to visit my dad twice every year. He was always a hard worker and very sociable and likeable. As I thought about him I fell asleep.