You Hate Me, Huh?

By: NaruBaby2496

Well, since peoples said I should make it a two-shot, two-shot it is! It's going to be in Sakura's POV so, um guess that's it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, never have never will.

It's been exactly two days, four hours and thirty one minutes since it happened. But still, Sasuke ignores me like normal, even at training (like now) when I break trees with my baby finger. Maybe he just got high or something when he kissed me. Yeah, that makes sense. Who am I kidding? Sasuke doesn't even drink on New Year's Eve. Maybe I should ask him what his issue is; you just don't kiss Haruno Sakura and then do nothing!

"Sasuke, can I spar with you?" I ask. Wait, I'm not supposed to be asking that! Darn it! "I'm not going to go easy on you." He warns. Was that a yes or a no? Sasuke is so confusing sometimes. Let's go with yes. "So? Naruto and Kakashi aren't around. No one to stop us." I inform. It was true; Naruto and Kakashi had disappeared. Probably ditching me and Sasuke to go get some ramen. "You didn't want that did you?" Sasuke asks returning to his oh-so important log kicking. "Yes! 100 sure. So sure I could have a lie detector test. Absolutely positively-" I get interrupted. "You suck at lying so stop." He interrupts. "Could you stop interrupting me? Just like two days ago when you kissed me! Was that just to shut me up or something? To save your butt from getting kicked!" I yell. Oops.

"What?" Sasuke asks stopping his kicking. "Uh, nothing. On to that training then, buddy?" I say trying, praying, to change the subject. But, that doesn't stop the great Sasuke, nope. He's still walking, forcing me to back into a tree. Eek! "Really, I thought you liked it. You were blushing." Sasuke says. Now he's right in front of me; I can feel his breaths on my neck. "I really just want to know why you kissed me, is all. Then we can train, right?" I ask. "Nope." Sasuke says kissing me. Again. But hey, he's good at it. Then after a long time we broke apart. We're ninja's great breathing control!

"You want to know why, right?" Sasuke asks taking strands of my hair and putting it behind my ear. I nod, that's basically all I can do. "Because, Sakura, you're the best thing that ever happened to me, and when I left I noticed that." Aw! Why is he being so romantical? Either way I like it. "And, I'm not that sure but, I think I love you." I'm going to cry! The only guy I've ever loved is like-loving me back! I so am going to cry. Here I am crying. "Yeah, I'm sure." Sasuke decides wiping away my tears with his thumb.

"See Kakashi-sensei! I told you if you left them alone that would happen!" Naruto exclaims from his and Kakashi's hiding place. "Guess Hinata's all yours now." Kakashi states. "What? Hinata-san likes me? WOAH!! I gotta go ask her out!" Naruto yells running to the Hyuuga estate. "Naruto.." Kakashi mumbles.

THE END!!! I had to have that part at the end, just had to! Well, that's it! Sorry for any OOC-ness and grammar mistakes as always. RXR, NaruBaby2496