Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Rating: K

Media: Code: Lyoko

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Summary: Ah, you should know!

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Invitation from an Enemy

Azure eyes wondered about the small cave that he was told to call a classroom, observing all the other lions in said class; Yumi and Ulrich weren't too far off, but Jeremie had a different class. Although the Tigon was happy that he had someone familiar with him in the class, he only wished they were closer to him so they could talk.

He sagged a little, bored with having to stay seated in one place the whole time.

Man, this class is so boring!

Quietly spreading some sand over the small rectangular space in front of him –he was told to call it his workspace –he began to make crude doodles with one of his claws, looking up occasionally to make sure that the only adult lion in the room –an old, gray lioness with a stripe of red around her neck and white paws called Mrs. Hertz –wasn't coming over to investigate.

After a few minutes of doodling, he reset the sand on his workspace. Thinking critically, he was about to start doodling again when the teacher –or so he was told to call Mrs. Hertz such –called his name.

"Yes?" he replied calmly, though his heart was pounding in his chest.

The old lioness narrowed her dark-brown eyes at the purple cub slightly, tilting her muzzle noticeably. "Are you paying attention to my lesson?"

"Yeah," he lied, the tip of his tail twitching slightly.

"Then what was I just talking about?" She made a vague motion toward the wall with her tail, which was scratched in a noticeable rhythm known as writing.

"Uh…" Quickly scanning the wall, the half-lion answered, "You were talking about the migration patterns of, um…gazelles?"

Mrs. Hertz raised an eye ridge. "Very good, Odd. Now, as I was saying…"

Odd sighed quietly in relief, sagging slightly and his tail relaxing beside him. He then resumed doodling, which were becoming progressively more recognizable.

A few minutes later, a load roar from the Dragga signified the end of the class, and the cubs instantly stood up and headed toward the only real exit of the room.

The brown lion and black lioness quickly trotted to the purple Tigon.

"So?" Ulrich started, tilting his head enquiringly. "What do you think of your first class?"

"Boring," Odd stated instantly, lowering his head and flicking his tail. "Why do we need classes, anyway?"

"Don't expect me to know," the brown lion answered, shrugging subtly.

Yumi rolled her amber eyes. "Presumably, it's to get an education, but I don't think anyone really knows, anymore."

The half-lion gave a small snort. "Bogus, if you ask me."

"Ditto," the other two said simultaneously, nodding in agreement.

Exiting the hollow structure, the threesome met up with Jeremie by a strange-looking boulder that had liquid trickling out of a small hole in one if its sides.

Approaching their meeting spot, Odd suddenly had a feeling that something wasn't quite safe. However, when he looked around the open space, he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

"Hey, guys," greeted the sapphire-eyed lion, smiling. The smile quickly left when, out of the bush beside the boulder, came out a bright-green snake with a familiar eye-like symbol on its hood and attempted to strike at his throat.

The purple feline leapt into action instantly, slashing at the hood and chasing the snake away. Panting slightly, he returned to the others, azure eyes looking at each of them questioningly. "What was that about?"

"I think…" Ulrich lowered his head, narrowing his eyes and flattening his ears. "It's an invitation to fight."

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