Born and Raised

by pkfan2004

Chapter Four: Best Laid Plans. Current gestation period: 3.5 months pregnant.

"BITE THE CURB!" Menelaus screamed directly at the back of the fallen Luddite's head. The other Thugs looked at him quizzically. "What? I'm white, I'm bald...haven't you guys seen American History X?" Ajax raised his hand tentatively. "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about man! Edward Norton man, him and Matt Damon could do anything!"

Tyche just shook her head. "Achilles, lift this moron's head." Complying, he carefully hoisted the Luddite by the shoulders and winced as Tyche clocked the man with a right cross. "WHERE IS HE!?"

The Luddite spat blood and one of his molars. "WHO?!"

Tyche paused. "Damn...who are we looking for?"

"Uh, Brother Paul." offered Patrocles.

"Right." Tyche delivered another punch, blood spattering across the chain wrapped around her knuckles. "WHERE IS HE?!"

"WHO THE HELL IS PAUL?" he sputtered in a worried voice, spitting blood again.



Tyche motioned to Achilles who let the man hit the pavement. "You know, he's got a good point. This really isn't the best plan, which one is this guy again?"

"Number...17." the thug replied.

"We've been through seventeen Luddites so far. None of them knew a Paul. Why the hell didn't we do a web search of put up a flyer or something like that? That'd be much faster." mused Agamemnon.

Tyche nodded. "Yeah, seriously. What the hell were we thinking?" She prodded the fallen Luddite with her boot. "Crap man, sorry. Achilles, Patrocles, drag him to the hospital. Dude didn't deserve this, least we could do. Oh, and take his tooth with you."

Achilles grumbled as he slung the man over his shoulder. "Crap Pat, why do we always get stuck with stuff like this?"

Patrocles grimaced and dropped the tooth in his pocket. "Hey, you were the one who wanted to get sacrificed to that hot chick so you could be her undead love slave. Quit whining, it's better than death."

"Hey, for an undead vampire and mistress of the damned she had a nice rack. It would've been worth it!"

Tyche slapped her forehead as the two henchmen wandered out of earshot. "I swear to God, sometimes I wish I stole those robots and used them instead. Thank God you four are handy."

Menelaus smiled. "Hey, it's a pleasure working for you. We have some good times an-" Menelaus trailed off as a crossbow bolt sunk into his shoulder. Tyche stared incredulously at the lone Luddite holding a crossbow, shaking like a leaf.

"Pyrrus, tend to Menelaus! Ajax, Agamemnon, after this dead man!"

Regaining his nerves, the shooter turned tail and fled. Tyche, Ajax and Agamemnon followed in hot pursuit, firing blindly after him and destroying many store windows. Aim hindered by their running, Tyche and Agamemnon tucked away their weapons and picked up the pace. With bounding strides, Ajax launched himself into the sidewalk and tore up a large chunk of concrete. His brain working, he aimed the hunk and threw it with all of his might. The Luddite's jaw dropped open as he saw the pavement fly right at him, carefully bracing his legs for a jump.

"Ha! Jackass is cornered now! Go in for the kill boys!" whooped an exhilarated Tyche, but the grin faded from her face. The Luddite propelled himself upward, landing on the hunk of ground and quickly jumping off again onto a nearby rooftop. Her mouth opened in surprise as he landed and took off once again. "FOLLOW HIM!"


"All I'm saying is that I wouldn't get sacrificed to get laid! It seems unnecessary! Do the undead even have sexual urges?!" groaned an exasperated Patrocles.

"Dude, you wouldn't die for a woman?"


Achilles shrugged. "Eh, I'd do anything for the ladies."

"ARE YOU MENTAL? Why the hell hasn't Tyche taken away your guns yet?!"

"Because she knows I'd pop her if she tried!"

Patrocles slapped his own forehead. "I swear to God, sometimes you are so stupid it's so fuc-"


Tyche prepared herself for another leap. She grumbled quietly as she chased the rogue Luddite. "Why did they always have to run across the rooftops? It's so much harder on both of us!" she wondered. She broke into a full sprint as they headed towards the hospital, the Luddite still maintaining a good lead. Agamemnon fired wild shots at him, the spray of his Uzi chipping at the ledge of the hospital. Stumbling, the Luddite tripped on the chipped ledge and fell to the ground.


"Yeah, well if I'm wrong may someone shut me up!" Achilles replied as he fumbled with holding the sleeping Luddite and opening the hospital doors.

Patrocles leaned forward, hands ready to strangle Achilles to ensure his silence. With a knee-jerk reaction Patrocles pulled back as a falling Luddite collapsed onto Achilles, amazed that a benevolent being prevented him from murdering his friend. "HOLY SHI-"

Tyche leaned over the ledge, cutting Patrocles off. "You catch him?" Achilles grabbed the man's ankle, mumbling in agreement. "Good! I'll get the chair ready for Paul here!"

The Luddite grunted, shaking his head. "My name's not Paul. But I do know where you could find him."

Tyche quietly climbed down from the rooftop. "How nice for you to comply." Tyche picked the man up and brushed off his tunic and smiled before clocking the rogue runner.

He shook his head. "Okay, I deserved that." He carefully slipped free from his grip and rolled his shoulders. "Brother Jackson, at your service."