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I'm on a emotional rollercoaster
Loving you ain't nothing healthy
Loving you was never good to me
But I can't get off

The words of Vivian Greene's music replayed back in his head, over and over again. It had been nearly a month since the shooting and everything appeared to be alright in the quiet suburbs of Woodcrest. But Huey knew, he knew that nothing would be same. Example, there had been frequent parties being held throughout the town, but a month ago-they had suddenly ceased. The country club was temporarily closed, and even Gangstalicious or Thugnificent have ceased partying. Recently on the news, he had been informed that both famed rappers were donating money to families that had been effected.

Riley's injuries weren't severe, and by the second week he was already out of the hospital. But Huey and Granddad already knew there was something different about him. Of course he remained the same old Riley that he was before: yelling, using Huey's stuff without asking, and being Riley. Yet, there was a subtle difference that both were able to detect. Truth be told there had been less yelling, more using of Huey's stuff without asking, and less being Riley. Every now and then, he would mumble a few words that sounded indescribable, but kind all the same.

Granddad and Huey thought better not to speak about it.

As for Granddad, well he was still Granddad. He had found a steady girlfriend, who wasn't a gold digger, who was also taking care of him. Her name was Rose, and she was a tough cookie to handle, but maybe that is why Granddad loved her so much. Fortunately for the two boys, she was in her mid 50's and didn't mind having a boyfriend who was much older than her. After the incident, Granddad didn't go out as much, staying inside to watch television or whatever else. Rose understood and happily stayed with the boys to watch television. In Granddad's case, he was pretty much the same as with Riley, but with subtle changes.

Then there is Huey. How much had he changed, how much he didn't? For self-evaluation, Huey would say he hadn't change much through the ordeal. That was mainly because he wasn't like his younger brother or his friends, who had actually gotten shot. Naturally he was sicken to his heart about the fact if Riley was to die or Caesar, and he would never admit it-Jazmine too. Cindy's brother Charles, who was rarely ever seen in Woodcrest, informed them of her condition. No one dared speak of Cindy in front of Caesar or Riley. When it came down to it, Huey hadn't changed much, and was unable to detect a change in himself. As did Riley, Granddad, and anyone else who came near him. It was as if that cold aura that consistently surrounded him had only grew since then.

Returning back to the previous topic, Huey was in his bedroom listening to a Vivian Greene song that he had downloaded onto his Ipod. He didn't like Vivian Greene, and yet he found himself listening to the music in his bed. The song didn't have any particular relation to the predicament that had befallen on Woodcrest, but hearing the soothing voice of Vivian Greene was fairly addictive and he found himself listening to her on frequent occasions.

Who had gotten him stuck on it?

"Hi Huey!"

She had done it again. Somehow she was able to unlock the front door and waltz in without a care. Granddad and Riley were out for the day, leaving me alone for some peace and quiet. I was ignorant to believe that I would actually obtain some peace today, I was such a fool. Jazmine came into view, smiling as she regularly did, and took a seat beside me on the couch.

"Hello Jazmine, what are you doing here?"

"My mom and dad went out today, and I had nothing better to do, so I decided to visit you!".

That same smile. Why hadn't that smile gotten old yet? For the past seven years she has entered my home unannounced and made her way into anything she wished. I guess that's our fault, we always allowed it. Anyways getting back to the story, she sat down and glanced at the television, then scowled at it.

"Don't you like BET?"

"Don't ask stupid questions, you know I hate BET Jazmine."

She pouted, "Yeah I know, but why not-what about the music?"

"What about the music?"

"Do you hate it?"

I hadn't notice earlier that Jazmine was slowly approaching me, and I didn't know how to react. It was subtle movements, a swift move when she got the chance. I didn't say anything at first, I wanted to see where this would go.

"BET corrupts the youth of tomorrow, its a plot to destroy black people, but I doubt you would see it."

"So you're saying the music is bad too?"

"Pretty much yes-the music is bad too."

She rolled her eyes, "Then you don't watch enough of BET, because there is some good music in there."

I was getting annoyed with her, "Yeah, like what?"

That was when she quickly grabbed the remote from my grasp. For once I was left off guard for a bit, how had she gotten so quick? Smiling triumphantly at me, she changed the channel to BET where I heard it. Jazmine began to hum the tune and move a bit in her seat, dancing on the couch. It was Vivian Greene, her smooth voice playing on screen, another bright smile appearing on Jazmine's face. Despite trying not to show it, I had to give her credit, the song was pretty good. After the song was finished, she handed me the remote back, and we stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon. Watching television and conversation over typical popular culture.

Now he remembered, it was Jazmine. Jazmine had came over that day, he wasn't sure how long ago it was, but she was there trying to convince him to watch BET. She hadn't changed his views; however, she left a fine print of her work on him. Pressing pause on his Ipod, Huey stared up at the ceiling fan, watching it circle over him. He felt uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Besides Cindy, Jazmine had been a very difficult topic to discuss. None of them had seen her since that day at school, and from her parents weren't allowed to do so. Cindy loosing her sanity and Jazmine being left in a coma, it was particularly hard to discuss.

Then he had to think-why was it hard? Huey had never been the one to hide from the truth, but he wasn't hiding. No, he knew what had happened, hadn't he? Two of his friends, his old friends were left in critical states. What was wrong with him? Tragedies were frequent, they happened everyday and they were being talked about right and left. What was wrong now? Why wasn't anyone talking, why wasn't he talking? The walls suddenly felt like they were closing in, suffocating him.

He never felt this way...what was he feeling?

"Yo Huey!!" His brother came upstairs to the bedroom that they still shared, "Rose here, she bought some Chinese-you want some?"

Huey glanced at his younger brother, and his mind came back to reality. Riley was standing outside the doorway wearing a white muscle shirt, it was able to hide the scars from his bullet wound. If Huey knew his brother as much as he did, Riley wouldn't mind showing off the wound later on in life to attract ladies.

Breathing in deeply, "Yeah why not-I haven't eaten anything yet."

Pushing himself out the bed, Huey passed by Riley. He could feel the gaze that his brother gave him; for the past seven years Riley was slowly learning to read people's faces. He had even trained himself to read expressions like Huey's, and he was able to see that something was disturbing his brother. But knowing that his brother had matured during those years, he gave him a look that told him not to discuss it.

"Hello Huey," Rose waved at him, "I already prepared your food-how are you feeling?"

Rose was a very different woman from the rest. Bright skinned with dark brown hair, her eyes close to the color black. She had met Granddad two years ago at a Bingo game, and they hit it off perfectly. She usually cooked their meals, but today she was being slightly lazy and went for take out.

"I'm doing good, not great but good," he replied with no emotion, "how are you feeling?"

"I'm doing good, not great but good," she giggled.

Huey nodded in response, and sat down with the others to eat his meal. Sesame seed chicken, some shrimp, fried rice mixed with vegetables and eggs, his favorite. Along with his family, he ate hungrily. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw some action. A kid playing basketball with his friend, some girls playing jump rope, and a blue Mercedes. The Mercedes was really familiar, it was Tom's prize car. He hardly ever took it out, normally using Sarah's car for work. But there he was driving in it with his and...no way. Huey continued to eat in silence while his grandfather and step grandma talked about the mayor's actions and reactions to the sudden tragedy. Riley just ate like Riley, gobbling every single morsel in sight. When the car parked in the driveway, Huey began to eat slower. Ever since the shooting, tension had been high at the Dubois household, and all of sudden the tension was down-way down.

First came out Sarah, who was laughing and smiling, "Tom you can't make a joke if your life depended on it!"

"Oh come on honey," Tom exploded from the car, "can you give a guy a break, I was an up and coming comedian."

"Up and coming," Sarah laughed some more, "you weren't even at that level, right sweetie?"

There she was. Opening the door from the back seat, there she came. Her once long, puffy hair was cut dramatically barely touching her shoulders. Her body was wrapped in bandages, and he could see some visible scars. But there she was, in all her mulatto glory, a large smile plastered on her bruised face. Huey dropped his fork, he was looking closely out the window now. Emotion was flowing in and out of him, and he was unable to stop it. Riley and the others noticed, feeling alarmed by his sudden action.

"Huey," Riley asked, "wat's wrong wit you?"

Taking a gallon filled of air, in a raspy voice, "Its Jazmine, she's back."

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