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She's been dancing since she was two.

"Remember, if you can't stick it, then it's--" Anna was cut off.

"Then it's been a waste of twelve years." Gabriella finished in a dry annoyed tone that she hid expertly.

Anna smiled proudly. "Good, now again…5...6...7...8!"

He's been dribbling a basketball since he could walk.

"East High wins again with the lead scorer Troy Bolton with 24 points!" The announcer yelled.

"Way to go son." Jack Bolton said as he clapped him on the back.

Troy smiled as his eyes scanned the crowd for the first time since the game started and landed on a pair of chocolate orbs.

"Thanks…" Troy said distractedly as his eyes followed the retreating petite figure.

She works on her dancing every second she gets.

"How do you do it?" Taylor asked as they walked down the halls.

"Do what?" Gabriella asked with a yawn.

Taylor rolled her eyes dramatically. "You are in two AP classes this year, dance every night, get exceptional grades, and you still can manage to fall asleep in school."

Gabriella shrugged her shoulders as she leaned up against the lockers and shut her eyes. "I honestly don't know."

He was born to shoot a ball through a basket.

"Do you know how many guys would die to have your talent?" Chad asked.

Troy shrugged.

"What's up?" Chad asked with concern.

"Maybe they're the lucky ones." Troy said and sighed. Chad gave Troy another concerned look and Troy ran his hand through his hair and put on a smile. "Just joking, God you should've seen your face." Troy lied through his teeth as Chad laughed along with him.

In the craziness of their lives, they met each other.

"I'm Gabriella." Gabriella said over the loud music.

"Troy." He put out his hand for her to shake. "I believe we go to school together, and you have been avoiding me all week."

Gabriella's competition was coming up and she was being worked harder than before.

"No eating right now." Anna said sternly.

Gabriella looked at her mom like she was crazy. "Do you know how many calories I am burning off, I need food."

"Then eat it on your own time, and not mine." Anna said. "Now get back to your routine." Anna sighed as she watched Gabriella listen to her once again, "Gabs, how about we eat after one more time of running through it?"

Gabriella's face lit up, "Okay mom."

Troy and Gabriella become closer.

"I think I really like you." Troy breathed against her lips lightly as he spoke.

Gabriella pressed her pelvis into Troy's and leaned up so her lips touched his as she spoke, "Think or know?"

Troy looked into Gabriella's brown orbs and shut his eyes briefly as his hands ran slowly up and down her slim sides. "Know."

Anna doesn't approve of Gabriella's new interest in Troy Bolton.

"You went to his dad?!" Gabriella shrieked.

"I had too. You were getting distracted and that's something you can't afford right now, especially with the competition a month away."

"Then when is the time to get distracted?!" Gabriella exclaimed with tears prickling her eyes.


Can Gabriella and Troy stay away from each other?

"I envy you." Gabriella said as she walked into the gym where Troy was by himself shooting free throws.

"Why would you envy me?" Troy asked curiously.

Gabriella shrugged. "You do things with your heart."

The tension with Gabriella and her mom is spreading to Gabriella and Troy.

"I can…I can't…see you anymore." Gabriella said with glossy eyes and heavy breathing.

"What?" Troy asked.

"I'm so sorry Troy." Gabriella cried. "It's just…I have to stay focused…for my dance competition."

Troy laughed sarcastically as the hurt shone through in his tone. "Funny coming from the girl that didn't want to dance anymore."

"I don't." Gabriella said desperately.

"Then prove it and don't ." Troy said harshly.

Gabriella is cracking even more.

"I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" Gabriella screamed.

"What are you talking about it, just get your dance stuff and let's go." Anna said trying to hurry her daughter up.

"NO MOM! Can't you see that I just can't anymore. I'm never going to be good enough for you, am I?"

"Don't be silly Gabriella, let's go, we're already late." Anna said.

"This isn't what I want mom!" Gabriella said in an angry tone.

"Then what do you want?" Anna asked in a stern voice not expecting Gabriella to answer.

"I want my life back!"

Gabriella tries to make everything right with Troy.

"You know…I used to think dancing was my life, but…I learned that there's so much more to it than that." Gabriella said as she tried to catch Troy's eyes with her own.

"And what would that be?"

Gabriella breathed out, "There's always you." Gabriella said softly before Troy's lips came crashing down on hers as he backed her up against the wall and started moving his hands higher up her body.

Will she get the passion back?

Gabriella dropped her body and slowly brought it back up against the front of some guy as his hands were all over her on the dance floor of the club.

Gabriella smiled as she let the music wash through her.

Or will Troy be her final distraction from dance before she quits.

"I need you." Gabriella said seductively in his ear.

Troy kissed down her breasts as his hands played with her erect nipples as he got lower and lower. "You sure you don't have to go run off and dance?" Troy joked as he kissed around her thighs thinking back to last time.

Gabriella shut her eyes from the pleasure and sunk back lower into the pillow. "Keep going."