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"Hey." Gabriella said sheepishly as she looked down at the ground for a brief moment, trying to think of something clever to say so he would understand that she wanted exactly what he wanted.

"Hey." He said softly as Gabriella knew that she didn't deserve for him to forgive her right away, it wasn't right. She made them break up for a month, how could he just forgive her so easily, but it did help that he was in a good mood after coming back from behind and winning the Championships.

He walked over to her as she still stood at the bottom of the bleachers as they were the only ones in there. The rest of the school was probably at Chad's house for the party, and the losing team was too pissed about doing anything.

"Gabi…about yesterday--"

"Don't." Gabriella looked up with a soft smile. He didn't have to explain himself as she knew that she was being unreasonable. "Don't apologize because you did nothing wrong."

"Then where does it leave us?" Troy asked as Gabriella bit her bottom lip gently knowing it was all or nothing right now and she might as well just tell him straight up what was going through her mind.

"I made a mistake, I was confused, I chose the wrong thing, but…yesterday you told me that I either make my decision about us or you couldn't wait, and I know I'm a day late on making it, but do I still get some credit for coming to your game?" She asked.

"I don't know." He said as he looked down at the ground with a weak smile and Gabriella had no idea what was going through his mind. Maybe she was too late and during halftime it was just a fluke that he said he still loves her.

"You know…I used to think dancing was my life, but…I learned that there's so much more to it than that." Gabriella said as she tried to catch Troy's eyes with her own. This was her one last chance.

"And what would that be?" He mumbled as he looked up and Gabriella felt her words get caught in her throat as his eyes were a deeper shade of blue from what she was expecting.

Gabriella breathed out, "There's always you." She said softly before she felt her body jolt backwards and Troy's lips come crashing down on hers. He backed her up against the wall and started moving his hands higher up her body, finally having them settle on the back of her head and cheek.

She was surprised by this as she kissed back. She knew she hurt him and she knew that this wasn't going to be fixed just yet as it was like they were going to have to start over, but it would work…hopefully.

He pulled back as they were both breathless and leaned his forehead down on hers. "Wildcat, I know this can't be fixed in just one night but--"

"It's a start." He smiled down at her as she beamed back at him.

"I can't believe summer is almost over." Troy moaned as Gabriella and him were walking out of her house and into the hot summer afternoon air.

Gabriella rolled her eyes playfully at him as they only had two weeks before their senior year started. Their hands were laced together as they walked down her porch steps slowly, instantly starting to get hot as the sun beat down on them.

Gabriella looked to her side and saw Jake's parents' car packed with his things as today was the day he was leaving for Ohio State. She sighed as Troy stopped walking and he took one quick step to cut her off from going any further.

Gabriella forced a smile on her face as Troy looked at her with a look that said he knew something was up. He wrapped his hands around her small waist as he kinked an eye brow. "You okay?" He asked.

Gabriella nodded, "Yeah, just thinking about the summer." Gabriella lied as she knew that it was time to say good bye to her best guy friend.

If Troy didn't believe her then he didn't show it as he nodded and laced their fingers together before they both started walking over to the ex-football captain's house.

Before they could even walk up the wooden steps to reach his front door the screen door opened and what looked to be Jake's dad's legs could be seen as the box he was carrying covered his face while he skillfully walked down the porch and a second after Jake came into view as his face lit up at seeing Troy and Gabriella standing on the edge of the grass.

"I swear, you're the only guy I know that owns this much clothes." Gabriella stiffened a giggle as Jake's dad could be heard and he hurried off to the car to finish tying everything down.

"Hey guys." Jake greeted as he hoped down the stairs and landed in front of them with a backpack Gabriella just noticed slung over his shoulder.

Troy and the blonde shared a guy handshake Gabriella would never understand as Troy had tried once to teach her, but it seemed as if she couldn't concentrate and her mind was more concentrated on asking him questions about why guys did this instead of learning the hand movements.

"So when does practice start?" Troy asked as Jake's mom walked out the door and down the steps carrying a duffel bag and bringing it to her husband who was now at the back of Jake's car.

"In four days." He answered with excitement and Gabriella smiled at him. This was it, they would have to say goodbye as it was almost ten in the morning and Jake's parents wanted to leave at that time.

"You sure do have a lot of things." Gabriella commented lightly as she nodded over to the two fully stocked cars and for some reason Gabriella knew that the cars weren't holding everything he owned yet, but was choosing to let them stay behind.

Jake had a light blush come onto his cheeks, "Yeah well you're not one for talking Montez."

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Yeah, but I'm a girl."

"I would hope you're a girl or you have some explaining to do with Troy."

Troy squeezed her hand lightly as he stepped in, "I think that's my cue to step in here man and to tell you to have a nice time."

Jake smiled, "Will do. Keep her in line man." Jake joked as Gabriella shut her eyes, blinking back the almost glossy eyes.

"I might have trouble." Troy joked as Gabriella felt Jake's eyes on her and she looked up from the ground.

He offered her a smile as he too knew that the next time that they'd see each other was probably during Thanksgiving Break and that's if he could get away from football.

"Gabs…" He said as he spread his arms a little, silently asking her for a hug.

Gabriella dropped Troy's hand as she rushed forward and they shared a hug. She squeezed tightly as she could faintly hear Jake's mom telling him they had to go in a minute.

"I'm gonna miss you." He whispered in her ear.

"I'm gonna miss you too. And remember: Stay out of trouble." Gabriella told him like a mother as they pulled back and he rolled his eyes playfully, hiding his sadness with excitement as he had some of his other friends going to the same college with him.

"Yes mother." He answered sarcastically and Gabriella let out a giggle while his mom shouted from the passenger seat of his dad's car that it was time to leave and offering the teens a sympathetic smile.

"You better go." Gabriella said quietly.

"I'll call you everyday and who knows, maybe you'll be there next year for college." Jake stated as Gabriella nodded her head a little.

"Who knows." She mumbled and Troy squeezed her hand reassuringly again.

"Bye Gabs." Jake took a step forward and kissed her on the cheek and smiled at Troy. "Take care of her Bolton because if I hear something happened--"

"You'll kick my ass. I know." Troy rolled his eyes before they smiled at each other and did the guy handshake one last time.

"Bye guys." Jake said one last time before Gabriella smiled at him, holding back the sad but yet happy tears that he was getting to do what he loved and watched him walk to his car as his parents started their own car up.

"Wait!" Gabriella called out before Jake got into his car to follow his parents who were halfway down the road now. She let go of Troy's hand again and rushed forward to him nearly knocking him over as she jumped into his arms to give him one last hug. He helped her out a lot this year, and now they would just have to resort to phone calls and e-mails, but everything would be okay. It had to be.

"So…Today went okay." Troy spoke as he felt like he needed to say something. The air was just too quiet to not say anything as he instinctively pulled the petite smaller body into his side and the light summer breeze seemed like it floated over them as it was still humid and sticky out.

"…Yeah." The girl in his arms said quietly and he made circles with his thumb on the sleeve of his red sweatshirt he gave her, making the material rub into her skin.

They hadn't done much after Jake left as the two of them just hung out over at Taylor's house as her parents were out and they went in her pool. After that they just went through a drive through to get a quick dinner before heading out to some company building's parking lot since it was empty compared to Tyson Beach now and was laying in his truck bed.

He turned his head while rubbing his nose gently through her soft curls and took in the smell that consisted of this fresh smelling object that he could never put into words, but he loved it because it made her seem just so much more special.

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head as she buried her head into his chest and he felt her smirk against his clad green t-shirt covered chest and press a kiss in return even though it was only through his shirt.

"Maybe we can take a road trip to Ohio or something and surprise him during one of his games." Gabriella suggested out of the blue and Troy smiled.

Even though she had plenty of other friends here in Albuquerque, Jake was her ultimate best guy friend and he knew that Gabriella would be missing him like crazy.

"I think he would like that." Troy whispered as Gabriella turned in his side so she was laying on her flat stomach and her face was inches away from his.

"I love you." She whispered as he beamed at her, but there was something on his mind that he was dying to ask her ever since the Championships six months ago.

"You know…I've been thinking…" He started out as Gabriella gave him a nervous look as that obviously wasn't what she was expecting. "I've known where I wanted to go to college since freshman year, but what about you? Now that you're done dancing and you say you don't want to go to Julliard, what are you planning on doing?"

Gabriella looked away from him for a moment as she tried to come up with an answer. "Well you want to go to U of A and I kind of want to stay close to home too."

Troy's heart did summersaults at hearing this news. "But I still have no idea, I guess we're just gonna have to see when we start applying to schools." Gabriella finished as Troy absentmindedly played with her hair.

He let out a chuckle, "God, I still don't know how I got so lucky." Troy whispered as he knew that six months ago after the championships things just fell into place again almost immediately. It was a lot easier than what either one of them expected even though everyone knew that it was inevitable for Gabriella and him to stay away from each other any longer after the game.

Gabriella rolled her eyes as a slight blush came upon her cheeks. "Stop it." She lightly scolded.

"I'm serious. Just look at you." Troy pointed out as her cheeks reddened even more. "Especially when you blush just for me."

Gabriella rolled her eyes once again and hit his chest lightly. "You're embarrassing me." She giggled as he pressed a kiss to her temple.

"Now be honest, did you actually think from the first date we went on that we would end up in the back of my truck alone after eleven months?"

He saw her bite her lip innocently and he smiled his white teeth at her. "Well…I didn't imagine us in the back of your truck that needs to be washed again, but that's fixable." Her fingers lightly traced his chest, and went lower to his six pack as you could make out the outline through his cotton t-shirt. "What about you? After all the dance and basketball stuff, did you think we would end up here?"

Troy shrugged, he had fantasies about Gabriella since he saw her freshman year, he just never admitted it to anyone before as he didn't want to confront her then because in all reality he was scared.

"Yeah." He answered after a moment of silence. "I wouldn't have us any other way." He answered honestly.

"Even after New Years and we took some time off?" She asked in shock.

"Yeah. I still loved you and I knew deep down that things were going crazy then." He saw her beaming with a white smile.

"I'm the lucky one." She said after a silence and he looked at her with confusion and then remembered that he called himself lucky just minutes before. "You're just…you and I'm just lucky that you decided to give me another chance this year."

He put both of his hands on her tiny waist and hoisted her up some so that she was literally on top of him, their two chests smashed together tightly, making the night time air even hotter.

"Well now there's no more distractions until basketball starts up again, and even then I don't think I'll be able to concentrate fully. We can just hang out with friends, go to homecoming, and just be together." He wriggled his eye brows twice indicating something else too and saw her let out a giggle along with a drastic eye roll.

"Does that line always work with the girls?" She asked.

"Well…" He leaned up and she leaned down, letting their lips touch briefly before quickly pulling away. "It does for this one girl I know, maybe you know her?" He asked playfully as she stared down at him with her deep brown orbs.

"I think I heard of her." She played along before leaning down and letting their mouths touch once again, this time holding the kiss longer than before.

He smiled up at her as she smiled down at him. Their hands were connected as their eyes were locked. "We spend way too much time looking at each other." Gabriella whispered sultrily as she referred to the previous high school years and their stares of back and forth.

Troy licked his lips hungrily, "There's nobody around."

Gabriella leaned her forehead down so their noses touched and she was that much closer to the basketball captain. "We don't have to be home for another hour."

"And there's no distractions."

Their lips connected softly knowing there was all the time in the world in just that moment.

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