The Loudest Sound Of All

Author's Note: So, guys, this is my new story, a little one-shot. It takes places right before James and Lily's wedding and it alternates POV's between Sirius and Lily. Hope this doesn't confuses anyone okay? The lyrics in the end belong to The Cure and I do not own anything remotely related to the Harry Potter universe, except for this sad excuse for a plot. But if I did own it I wouldn't tell you, would I?

At last, but no at least, many cheers to my friend and beta, Albe-Chan! She rocks my socks, as she usually puts it.

On with the story, now...

Sirius truly thought that he could drink his way out of heartache.

He really did.

But here he was, 28 – no, 29 – bottles of Firewhiskey later and he hadn't gotten any better. She was still marrying him and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

He would never utter a word to stop their wedding, for he loved him more than he loved her.

And this was his downfall.

Lily stared hard at her reflection at the mirror.

She knew she looked beautiful.

But did she look happy?

She knew she didn't. She didn't have that I'm-marrying-the-love-of-my-life glow, not since the blasted night when Sirius showed up at her doorstep, soaked in alcohol and barely standing. She was never the same, and she couldn't fool herself.

Her reflection on the mirror so much as proved that. Lily Evans was one miserable bride-to-be, and she didn't think she could make it go away. The night when Sirius showed up at her flat, he changed her mind and her heart.

That night she helped him bathe, served him coffee and helped him to bed. Then he looked deep into her eyes and said softly, almost whispering…

"If he was any other man..."

And she couldn't sleep; she couldn't do anything except just stare at him, asleep on her couch, and cry. For that night, the feelings she had thought long gone struck her again in earnest.

She had always loved him.

But she could never act on her feelings. It would destroy James.

It would destroy one of the most sincere friendships she knew.

He loved him more than he loved her.

And she lovedthem more than she loved him.

And this was her downfall.

"Side by side in silence
They pass away the day
So comfortable, so habitual...
And so nothing left to say

Nothing left to say
Nothing left to say"

"Do you, James William, take Lily Jane…"

She looked beautiful. The most beautiful bride he had ever seen.

Granted, he'd only ever attended the wedding of his horrendous cousin Bella, but still…

"Side by side in silence
His thoughts echo round
He looks up at the sky...
She looks down at the ground

Stares down at the ground
Stares down at the ground"

Lily looked as angelical and heavenly and a woman should, on her wedding day.

"And you, Lily Jane, take James William as…"

It made his heart burst with happiness for Prongs, for he was the one marrying the woman they both loved.

"I…I do"

Lily sighed deeply and looked into his eyes like she was boring into his soul and he tried understand how he could feel such bliss while his heart broke into a thousand pieces.

"Side by side in silence
They wish for different worlds
She dreams him as a boy...
And he loves her as a girl

Loves her as a girl..."

And then he understood.

She loved him too.

But she loved them more than she loved him.

And this was their downfall.

"And side by side in silence
Without a single word...

It's the loudest sound
It's the loudest sound...

It's the loudest sound I ever heard"

"Then I declare you bonded for life."

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