Ohh my god! My biological calendar and even my doggie one don't work! I totally ran far behind. I was supposed to post various Valentines Day fics, even update several of the ones I already have but I had writers block! Ugh! But I had this constant idea for a Kakahina, so I just went for it. I hope you like it. I know it may suck. I'm not used to make Kakahinas… I know… but I tried! And I have read Kakahinas so I do like the couple, if I didn't, I wouldn't be writing it… I think… Anyway!!! I posted it now and it's a late v-day fic. It 100 KakaHina. Also 100 oneshot… I really hope you like it!!!!!


She stood at the rooftop, looking at the soon to be sunset. The slight breeze flew right through her hair, making it whip. Midnight blue coloured strands were there, making her look wild and cute. She wore a serious look and she looked at her watch.

The door to the rooftop opened and closed, giving away the fact that there was a new arrival. She looked at the source of the noise and found grey almost white hair, siding to the right, one onyx black eye and half of a face covered by a blue bandana. The sight made her giggle. He had always liked the idea of ninjas, so he tried his hardest to look like one.

"Hinata? You asked me to come here, is there something you need to tell me? Is it about the excursion?" charcoal black bore deep in amethyst pools. A cute hue of pink coloured her cheeks. She looked away hastily as her feet shuffled, kicking non-existent dust.

"Sensei… I'm sorry for missing school all this days. I really wanted to say I really enjoyed the excursion to Tokyo. It was really cool…" she shifted and looked away. Kakashi smiled at her and walked towards her.

"I'm really glad you liked it. You seemed down, since everyone was with their own friends and I thought you needed company"

"Sensei… did you really meant it when you say that you wanted to be my friend?" Kakashi cocked an eyebrow and frowned.

"Yes, why would I be lying? Do you really not trust me?" She quickly looked at him in shock and shook her head desperately.

"No! It's not that! I just… didn't think anyone paid mind to me… I thought it was a joke…" a small smile graced his features. "I honestly… was shocked you said that. Sensei… um…?" Red seemed to be her favourite colour considering that she was as red as a delicious and juicy cherry. Kakashi licked his lips. He shook his head to rid himself from his weird thoughts and nodded.

"Um… I wanted to tell you, sensei… I-I… l-like you!" he looked taken aback, but she soon added " B-but I'm not expecting an answer right now! I just want you to know… but if I still like you by graduation, expect another confession!" she confidently said without the blush leaving her pretty face. He looked away quickly and mumbled something. Hinata cocked an eyebrow, seeming that she didn't quite catch what he said so she walked closer to him.

"Ano… sensei, what did you say?" he looked at her his face tomato red and his hand covering his mouth and part of his fire ignited cheeks. He leaned towards her and lightly brushed his lips (covered by the mask) against hers. He stood up straight and spoke.

"You better still like me by the end of graduation!" and with that he left, leaving a shocked and madly blushing Hyuuga behind.


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