Full Summary:

Nick is the jock of High school, and Miley is the geek. They have been living next door from one another for a while, but never noticed each other. Until the day that there English teacher gives them an assignment together.

Miley: Lives with her dad, mom, and sister. She is a Sophomore in High School in this story. Her best friend is Leslie.

Nick: Lives with his Mom, Dad, Kevin, Joe, and his little brother Frankie. Is also a Sophomore in this story.


She awoke to the sound of her mother and father arguing again. This time it was serious. She heard a small knock on the door, and her little sister Kayla walked in.

"What's the matter?" She asked already knowing the answer. As she waved her sister to come and join her in her queen sized bed.

Kayla quickly ran inside of Miley's bed and embraced her big sisters hug. "Are mommy and daddy going to get a divorce?" She asked as she was still hugging her sister.

Miley kissed her little sister on the top of her head. "I don' t know."

"Was it always like this?"

Miley stopped hugging her sister and looked her into the eyes. "No" She paused before she began. "When you were about two it was always happiness, but then daddy lost his job. Then he began to drink, and all of the arguing began."

"I don't remember the good times. All I ever remember is the fighting."

Miley reached into her nightstand and took out a picture. "Here." She said as she gave it to her sister.

Kayla looked at the picture confused. "What's this?"

"This is our last family vacation before all the arguing started. We went to Disney Land and daddy took me on this big roller coaster. I was scared, but he told me that I could trust him. And every time I feel like there is nothing good happening in my life. This picture reminds me of how it used to be, and I want you to have it."

"Wow, thanks Miley." Kayla said happily.

"Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

Kayla nodded her head yes.

"You can sleep on the other side."

Kayla smiled happily and jumped on the other side of the bed.


Nick woke up to the bright sun in his face, and the smell of his brothers smelly under arms. "Ewwww..." He screamed as he woke up.

Kevin laughed at his little brother. "What's the matter, Bro? Can't take the smell of man oder?"

"That's not man oder." He replied sleepily. He scratched his head, and rubbed his brown hair up and down. "That's just plain smelly arm pits." He finished.

Kevin jumped on top of his brother and began to shove his face in the pillow. "Learn your plasm little brother." He bullied.

"Get off, before I'm late for school." Nick said.

"No, not until you say your sorry, and that I'm the best Jonas there is."

Nick flipped Kevin over and began to shoved him into the pillow. "No way in hell."

"Did I just hear somebody swear in my house?" Theresa Jonas came into the room. "Nicholas get off of your brother."

"Mom, he started."

"And I'm finishing. Now get off of your brother and go get in the shower."

Nick got off of his brother and looked at him. "Fine." He stated and walked out of the room.

Miley at School:

Miley walked the halls with her head down. There was no reason for picking them up, because she might as well have been invisible to the world.

"Hey, Miles." Her best friend came up to her and said.

"Hey, Les. How's life?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"Boring." She replied following her best friend to her locker.

Miley put her books in her locker and looked at her best friend. Who was obviously drooling over some boy she was never going to get. "Who is he?" She asked as she closed her locker and looked at where her friend was staring.

"His name is Nick Jonas. He is like the hottest, jock in the world."

Miley looked him up and down. "He's not all that." Miley lied. Actually she thought he was pretty cute, but she had gone through this a long time ago. There was no way on earth that a guy like that would be interested in a girl like her. SO she just learned how to shun them out of her life.

"Are you kidding me he is dreamy." Leslie replied to Miley's earlier statement. "But of course he goes out with that Lisa girl." Leslie said in disgust.

Miley knew Lisa. She was the girl that Miley wanted to be. She was popular, and she had a great body. She could get any boy she wanted, and she had the boy that everybody wanted. She was slim, with red hair, and she had a model look to her.

"Anyway, might as well just go to class. It's not like there is anything else to do." Leslie said.

"Yeah, I have to go to AP English." Miley said making her way to her class.

Nick At School:

Nick laughed at his friend Josh's joke. He was the pitcher for the varsity baseball team that Nick was on. He was holding his girlfriend Lisa by the waist.

"Man, I can't believe that the Baylong, Seagulls think there going to beat us."

"I know they have no idea what's coming for them." Nick laughed at the thought. The team was undefeated and had been undefeated since 1999.

"Yeah, especially with my baby Nick on the team." Lisa chimed in as she hit him on the behind.

Nick kind of blushed at his girlfriend. She was great and everything, but all he felt was physical attraction to her. The only reason he stayed with her was out of spite. Just because he knew that every guy wanted her and he had her.

The bell rang indicating they had one minute to get to their classes.

"Aite, man I got to go before my Math teacher has my ass." Josh said giving his friend a five and running to class.

"Finally I have you all to myself." Lisa said wrapping her arms around her man. She placed small kisses behind his ear. "You know..." She whispered. "I have the house to myself tonight..." She said seductively in his ear.

"Baby, I wish I could, but I got to baby-sit Frankie tonight." He said placing a kiss on her lips.

"Nickie, what's the matter?" She asked in a dull voice. "I mean I know you want me. Why haven't we had sex in like three months?" She asked upset.

"Lisa, I just don't feel right about having sex with you anymore." He said slowly.

"Why the hell, not?"

"Well, I sort of made this promise to my dad. That I wouldn't have sex until I was ready. I just really don't feel ready."

"You already had sex with me. Did you forget that night?" Lisa asked confused. "Wait" She paused for a second. "Was that your first time?"

Nick didn't want to lie, but this came down to his manhood. "No, I lost my virginity when I was eleven." He lied.

"Good, because it sure didn't feel like it was your first."

"I have to go to English." He said hearing the bell ring meaning that he was already late to his AP English class.

Lisa went over to him and kissed him on the lips passionately. "Try not to miss me."

Nick smiled after the kiss, and then ran into his English class.

Miley's POV"

I was sitting in my English class, listening to the teacher talk, when he walked in... He was wearing his Baseball jacket, and his brown curly hair floating in the wind.

What am I talking about? I can't like him. There is no way in hell that I could like him. She tried to shake the thought from her mind.

Nick' POV:

I walked in on my teacher telling the class of some project. The teacher didn't say anything to me, because she was in the middle of something.

I went in the back of the class room and looked around. I still couldn't believe that I made it to an AP class. I was actually kind of smart, but I never let any of my friends know that.

I would be the clown of their jokes. I looked at some brunette girl. She was the prettiest girl in the class. Well, she had the potential to be.

All she ever wore was her hair in a messy bun, she had glasses on, and she dressed pretty well. Today she had on a DKNY shirt, and pants, with a pair of vans on her feet. He never really noticed her until a week ago. When she tripped and fell in front of him and all of her friends. They all laughed, then she picked up her books and walked away with her face red.

He didn't know why she caught his eye. She was the exact opposite of everything he was taught was beautiful. But for some reason he couldn't stop looking at her.

Nobody's POV:

"Now, the research paper is going to be assigned by a pair. I will give the pair a topic on which the research paper will be on. I want the paper to be at least eleven pages long. The sources and title pages will not count as the eleven pages."

"Now I will assign partners. I want..." She paused and went over to her paper where she put all of the pairs on.

"Rachel and Mike." She pointed to the two. "You guys are doing Global Warming."

"Lily and James. You two are doing the history of computers."

"Miley and Nick. You two are doing The Middle Ages."

"Oh no!" Miley sighed at the thought of having to spend actual time with him. He is probably a brainless-idiot. She thought to herself.


I am a total Niley fan. I think that they are so cute together. And as a fan I know that Nick wears a Purity bracelet stating that he is going to stay a virgin until marriage, but I wanted him not to be a virgin. What jock do you know that is still a virgin?

I also want to thank whomever reviews because they do mean a lot to me...