Okay, well, I was talking with my sister, and we were joking around, and it gave me inspiration to write the sequel to 'Neji vs the Microwave'

note: If it sounds crazy, it probably is...

It had been seven hours since Neji had been tied up by his teammates. And all because of that evil microwave.

His teammates went to bed, but after realizing Neji hadn't been there to ignore their goodnights, they quickly hurried downstairs to untie him, with profuse apologies, of course.

Neji seemed calmer somehow, and accepted their apologies without one word of complaint. Which was unusual for Neji. But, his teammates didn't want to look a gifthorse in the mouth, so they didn't say anything.

They all tucked themselves in bed and called goodnight to each other. Three pairs of eyes closed, but when the others began snore softly, okay, loudly in Lee's case, Neji's eyes snapped open.

He still had a microwave to destroy, after all.

He carefully picked his way across the hallway, making no sound whatsoever.

And then he fell down the stairs.

Picking himself up, he was grateful that Lee snored so loud.

He carefully walked into the kitchen, where, low and behold, the microwave was sitting, it's clock glowing in the night, casting eerie shadows on the wall.

But Neji was not afraid.

As he moved closer, he made out the outline of a cord.

'That is what must be giving this evil machine power' He thought, and quickly sliced through it with a kunai.

And, suddenly, it was pitch black.

Neji could feel the darkness closing in around him, stealing his breath, and crushing his hopes.

He had to stop the evil machine!

He ran outside, searching for someone, something, anything that could help.

And help appeared in the form of an ugly cat statue, which Neji tripped over and discovered it to be quite sharp.

He quietly made his way into the kitchen again, armed with an ugly cat statue. That microwave wouldn't even see it coming!

With a wild yell, he swooped down upon the unsuspecting microwave, bringing the ugly cat statue crashing through it's top.

He continued hitting it until he was sure it was dead.

Then, he set it on fire, watching it burn with an eerie look in his eyes.

After he was sure it was completely destroyed, he went back up to bed, leaving a trail of ashes behind him.

The end.

Man wins...this round...

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