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Chapter 1: First Look

"What happened?" Alice asked as I walked through the door of our apartment with a tear-stained face. There was more mascara on my cheeks than on my eyelashes.

"Nothing." I mumbled throwing my keys in the key bowl before walking towards my bedroom.

"Rosalie!" Alice screamed as my other roommate and best friend appeared from her room.

"Something is wrong with Bella." I heard Alice say her foot stopping me from closing the door.

"There's nothing wrong." I stated forcefully trying to close the door, but was pushed back when Rosalie joined in.

"That's bull, and you know it. Nobody comes home looking like that when nothing is wrong." Rosalie said triumphantly opening the door and giving me a hug.

"Now spill!" Alice ordered sitting on my bed.

"I broke up with Mike this afternoon." I mumbled studying the stitching of my light blue comforter.

"It's about time." Rosalie stated grinning. Her dislike of Mike had never been a secret. "I don't see why you're crying. You got rid of that scum bag."

"I don't remember how to be single." I protested. "I've been with Mike for over two years."

"Not much has changed." Alice said with a giggle.

"And you yourself said that you guys have been having problems over the past few months." Rosalie stated running her fingers through her blonde hair.

"I know, but it just seems so final now. I'm not crying over the relationship, he is obviously not worth it. But I just wasted two years of my life." I explained with a sigh. I should've paid attention to my two best friends when they had warned me.

"Then let's make up for it. Look at the bright side all the college men are not going to know what hit them." Rosalie said with a smirk.

"I have been in college for two years, Rose. I think most of them know me by now." I answered.

"That's where you're wrong, Bella. They haven't met single Bella." Alice interjected bouncing happily on my bed her eyes shining with excitement.

"I'm not going to jump into a relationship." I stated dabbing my eyes with a tissue.

"Who said anything about a relationship?" Rosalie questioned sarcastically. "You are going to start dating."

"Can I have some time?" I inquired. I knew they never liked Mike, they hated him, but I still needed time to get over the relationship.

"Fine. We'll give you until school starts again in two weeks. Then we'll start enjoying the single life. After all this is the first time we've all been single since high school." Alice responded hugging me tightly.

"And no more crying." Rosalie urged wiping my remaining tears. "There are other fish in the sea, and all of them are better than that sad excuse of a man."

I knew they were right. Mike had been a terrible boyfriend, especially over the last couple of months. I needed to move on, and I had my best friends to help me.

The next few weeks passed extremely quickly, and before I knew it was time to return class. I was extremely excited, because I was now going to be taking courses exclusively in my major. I didn't need to take any more boring prerequisite courses.

"Are you ready, Bella?" Alice asked opening the door of my room. She was dressed to the nines, with a tight pair of dark designer jeans, a hot pink fitted shirt, and strappy sandals.

I nodded taking one final look in the mirror. I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans a white tank top, a blue cardigan and ballet flats. "I told you it would look nice." Alice stated as she handed me my bag.

"I still think I'm overdressed. After all I'm going to be in class all day and then at work." I stated grabbing my keys as Rosalie made her appearance.

She was wearing a small jean-skirt with a tight tank top showing off her newly acquired tan. "Come on we don't want to be late." She teased as she walked towards the door.

Alice dropped me off by the psychology building. I had decided to pursue a major in psychology after my first semester in college. I was fascinated by how the human mind worked and couldn't wait to help people.

"We'll meet by Starbucks at noon for lunch." She said as I watched them drive off towards their building.

Alice and Rosalie tended to have all their classes together since they were both majoring in journalism. They both dreamed of working for a big time fashion magazine. However, no matter what our schedule we always made time to enjoy lunch at the school's Starbucks. It was a tradition we rarely broke.

I looked down at my watch and realized I still had an hour before my first class. I decided to head to the library to enjoy the novel I was reading. I was a sucker for love stories, and I really couldn't get enough of them.

I quickly found my favorite armchair in deserted corridor of the library. It was behind all the journals, and students rarely ventured that far into the library, especially during the first week of school.

As I was just starting the next chapter I heard some loud mumbling coming from one of the aisle. I looked up to see some guy chatting away on his cell phone. I rolled my eyes, and was about to say something when he turned around. I was immediately taken aback by his beautiful green eyes and bronze hair.

He must have noticed my agitation, because he mouthed 'I'm sorry" before hanging up a few seconds later. Smiling at me.

I couldn't help, but giggle as he walked away. He was very cute, but probably really dumb. Throughout my twenty years of life I had learned that you had one of two things. You were either good looking or smart, never both.

After finishing the chapter I quickly made my way to my first class, Advanced Theories of Personality. I arrived about five minutes before class started taking a seat near the front of the class. I wanted to be able to concentrate on the class, and not be totally distracted by the other students in the class.

I noticed that our class was particularly small with only about ten or fifteen students. But I was distracted as soon as an older man walked in. "Good morning everyone, I'm Professor Johnson and this class is Advanced Theories of Personality." He greeted before passing out the syllabus.

"The requirements for this class is rather extensive, but not that hard to follow. The class is kept small on purpose. There shouldn't be anymore than ten kids in the class. You will have a midterm and a final, as well as a twenty page paper to turn into me at the end of the semester." The professor couldn't stop laughing as everyone was immediately floored by the length of the paper.

I found myself dreading the work to come. I knew that this class was going to be a challenge, but it was subject I honestly enjoyed. I just hoped that I wouldn't regret it.

"The paper seems extremely long to you, but it's not going to be done individually. In an effort to broaden the scope of your knowledge and to challenge that of my graduate students this will be a combined paper. I have pre-selected the group assignments based on past performance." The professor glanced down at his watch and smiled. "The ten of them should be here in the next couple of minutes, and I will assign them then. Are there any questions?"

I groaned to myself as I realized that I would be working with someone else on a project. I hated having to depend on others for my grades, and I really hoped that I would not be stuck doing all the work. My thoughts were brought to an end as the students made there way inside waving at the professor.

I immediately noticed the guy from the library as he walked in. He really was a lot better looking than I originally had thought. He was wearing dark jeans and a Ralph Lauren Polo. I couldn't help, but giggle. I was able to quickly spot designers, due to Alice's and Rosalie's influence.

"Now that we are all here I will begin to pair the groups. The class will not be meeting every week, we will meet only on scheduled days as listed in the syllabus. I suggest you use the free time to work on your paper. You're are free to leave once you have your partner." The professor said picking up his group list.

"Group 1, Heather Andrews and Michelle Sanders." The professor called as the two girls left the room.

"Group 2, Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan." He stated my jaw dropping as I saw him walking towards the door with a wide grin on his face.

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