Chapter 21: Thanksgiving Part 1


I couldn't believe that it was already Thanksgiving. Time had flown by, and we were already on our way to my mom's house. I really didn't know how my mom would react to Edward. She was so unpredictable that I was honestly scared. Would she like him? Or would she hate him?

"You know I don't like it when you're so quiet." Edward said knocking me out of my trance.

"I'm reading." I replied showing him my book.

"You've been on the same page since we left New York, Love." Edward added with a chuckle. "Please tell me what's wrong."

"I'm worried, that's all." I responded as he took my hand in his.

"About?" He inquired.

"Whether or not my mom is going to like you." I said honestly biting my lip nervously. "She's extremely free-spirited and not very easy to read."

"Well, I guess I have to be extra charming." He stated easily kissing my hand. "You worry too much."

"So you're not worried?" I inquired curiously. It seemed that nothing ever seemed to frazzle Edward. He always seemed to be in total control.

"I'm worried, but I'm not going to change anything by being a nervous wreck. All I can do is be myself, and hope that she likes me as much as you do." He answered. I knew Edward was right, but I just had the tendency to worry excessively about every little detail.

"Edward, I think there's something you should know." I finally said.

He turned to look at me attentively. "I haven't exactly told my mom that we're living together." I admitted staring down at my lap.

"Is she against it? Does she think it's immoral or something?" He questioned.

" No, Phil practically lived with us for a year before they got married." I replied. "It just never seemed like the right time to tell her. It's not something she ever asked. I guess she assumes I'm still living with Alice and Rosalie."

"Do you want to tell her?" He inquired.

"I'm not going to lie about it." I responded, but I really didn't know how to tell her.

"I'm willing to do whatever you want, Bella. But I think you should tell her, I told my parents and they were fine. They actually suspected it." He added.

"I know Edward, but your parents don't have commitment issues. My mom was anti-marriage; she practically walked out on Phil the morning of their wedding. She always told me that I should be careful who I gave my heart to, because it could easily be broken. And moving in together is a huge step." I answered.

"Love, I know things didn't work out well with your parents, but we are not your parents. Plus is not like I'm asking for your hand in marriage the first time I meet her." He said causing my eyes to widen in horror.

"Please, Edward don't." I stated. I would probably marry him in a heartbeat, but I didn't want my mom to have a heart attack the first time she meets Edward.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to ask." He replied before whispering: "Yet." I felt my heartbeat increase at the thought. I had never been one to believe that marriage was something I wanted, but it didn't seem so bad if it was with Edward.

"Is there anything else I should know about your mom?" He inquired as the seatbelt sign return indicating we were just about there.

"She's eccentric, and not your typical mom." I explained. "I sometimes felt I was the adult in the relationship. She means well, but can sometimes be a bit crazy."

The plane landed soon after, and before I knew it we had picked up our bags, and were walking out into the main lobby of the airport.


I held on to Bella's hand as we walked out of the baggage claim. I knew she really wanted her mom to like me, and honestly I did to. It bothered me a little that she hadn't mentioned the fact that we lived together, but I understood her point. Bella's concept of marriage was very different from mine.

"Bella!" I heard someone call and felt Bella run towards her mom. Renee was very beautiful. She was just about Bella's height with short wavy brown hair and big brown eyes.

"Mom, this is my boyfriend, Edward. Edward, this is my mom, Renee." Bella said with a nervous smile.

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Dwyer." I said extending my hand.

"Please, Edward call me Renee. All that formal stuff makes me feel old." She said with a laugh hugging me tightly.

"Mom, where's Phil?" Bella asked looking around.

"He had to go into work this morning, but he should be back soon." Renee answered hugging Bella again. "I've missed you so much, Bells."

"Me too, mom." Bella replied as we walked out to the car.

I stayed quiet for most of the ride home as Bella and her mom talked nonstop about everything. Bella obviously had a great relationship with her mom, and it was nice to see them interact.

Renee and Phil's house was on the beach. It was a beautiful shade of beige with blue shutters and huge wrap around porch. "I like what you've done with house." Bella said with a smile as I opened the door for her.

"It took us a while, but we finally fixed everything up. Actually Phil did, I'm not much help when it comes to fixing things." Renee answered as we walked into the house.

The interior of the house was decorated in beach like them. It was very airy and had a lot of windows allowing for the sunlight to shine through. I couldn't help, but smile when I noticed all of the pictures Renee had of Bella on the walls. The pictures ranged from the time she was an infant to now.

"You were a beautiful baby." I commented as Bella approached me.

"I can't believe my mom hung that picture up." Bella replied turning pink. The picture portrayed a five or six year old Bella missing a tooth standing on her tip toes in pink ballet leotard.

"It's adorable." I stated with a laugh. "You look like a fairy princess."

"Don't make fun of me, or I may have to call Esme and have her send me a bunch of your embarrassing baby pictures." She warned.

"I don't have embarrassing pictures. I was a perfectly photogenic child." I said trying my best to keep a straight face. My mom had all my pictures perfectly organized in scrapbooks, and she had tons of pictures I never wanted anyone to see.

"I'm sure of that." She said with a laugh as we heard a bunch of pans hit the floor. "My mom is just as clumsy as I am." Bella commented as I followed her into the kitchen to help her mom.

"Are you alright, Mom?" Bella asked.

"Ofcourse, Bells. Why don't you show Edward around while I start on lunch. Phil just called that he's on his way." Renee suggested smiling brightly at us.

"Bells, I prepared the guest room for him." She said as Bella immediately tensed up and walked out of the kitchen.

As soon as we were out of earshot I decided to have some fun. "Are you staying in the guest room, too?" I asked as we walked towards the bedrooms.

"Please, Edward. Just play along, I promise to tell her by the end of the weekend." She said with the pout I couldn't resist.

"Fine, but I'm going to be lonely without you." I added as she led me into her room. The room really didn't look like it belonged to Bella. It was all pink and flowery.

"My mom decorated it." She said with a shrug. "She always wanted me to have a girly room as she put it. So when she moved in here she got the chance to do it herself, since I was already in New York."

"It's definitely girly." I added with a chuckle.

"It looks like Pepto Bismol threw up in my room." Bella said laughing.

"It's not that bad, Love." I answered sitting on the bed and pulling her towards me.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a laugh as she sat on one of my legs.

"I just want to hold you while I still can." I replied. I really didn't know how I was going to get through the night without holding her.

"It's only for a few days." She added kissing the corner of my lips. "And I will make up for it when we get home."

"How are you going to make up for it?" I asked playing dumb.

"Would you like a preview?" She asked sexily kissing my neck.

"I think I would enjoy that." I stated as I kissed her lips her arms wrapping around my body.

Our kiss continued to deepen until we heard the front door slam and some mumbling downstairs. I groaned in frustration as she pulled away from me. "Sorry." She whispered giving me a quick kiss before getting up. "Phil is here and its time for lunch."

Phil was a nice man who was very quiet, but Renee more than made up for his silence. "So, Edward tell me about yourself. My daughter here has been tight lipped when it comes to you." Renee stated.

"I'm not that interesting really." I admitted not sure what exactly Bella had told her.

"Mom, there's no reason to interrogate him." Bella jumped up defending me.

"I'm not interrogating him, I'll leave that to your father." Renee replied. "I just want to get to know him better."

"Well, I'm twenty-four and I'm currently working on my Master's in Counseling. I was born in Chicago, my dad is a doctor and my mom does a lot for charities." I added not really sure as to what else she wanted to know.

"You're not following your dad footsteps into medicine?" Renee inquired.

"I was, but medical school wasn't for me. it just didn't seem right." I replied.

"That's interesting. So how did you two meet?" She questioned.

"Two ways actually." Bella began. "We got partnered up for a school project, and Rose set us up on a blind date."

The rest of lunch continued in much the same fashion. Renee would ask questions and we would answer. Phil stayed quiet for the most part, he seemed content to let his wife do all the talking.


After helping my mom pick up, I accompanied her to the grocery store leaving Edward with Phil. Even though I wanted him to come I knew that my mom really wanted to spend some quality time with me.

"You two seem serious." My mom commented as we started to drive away from the house.

"What do you mean mom?" I asked.

"It just seems very sudden for you to be in another relationship. I mean you just broke up with Mike." She explained. I felt myself shudder at his name. I hadn't told her what had happened, because I didn't want her to worry.

"Mike and I were having trouble for a long time before. We haven't really had a relationship for almost a year. And I really love Edward, he's everything I could ever hope for." I replied.

"He seems like a wonderful young man, but I also think you're young to know what love really is." She continued. "I mean your father and I really believed we were in love."

"Mom, love can happen at any age. And just because things didn't work out for you doesn't mean they won't work out for me either." I said defensively. It was still hard to deal with this conversation even though I knew it was inevitable.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt." My mom said with a sad smile as we pulled into the grocery store.

"I said the same thing mom, but Rose and Alice told me something that changed my mind. If you never risk getting hurt you'll never find that special person. And I may be wrong, but I think Edward is my special person." I responded as we began to walk down the aisles of the supermarket.

"It's just hard to see my little girl all grown-up." My mom said as we picked up a small turkey.

"You know I haven't been a little girl in while." I said with a smile.

"I know, but I'll always see you as that." My mom replied giving me a hug before continuing our shopping.

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