Chapter 39:

Chapter 39: The Beginning of Happily Ever After


"Are you guys awake?" Alice called as she opened the door to our room and bounced in. "Come on it's our last day and we still have a bunch to see." She continued as I slowly opened my eyes.

"Alice, go away." Edward mumbled bringing me closer to him before returning to sleep.

"Come on sleepy heads!" She urged "Don't make me take off the covers."

"Alice, you are aware that we have nothing on underneath the covers." I said making sure we were sufficiently covered.

"I know, the whole building must've heard you two last night." She replied with a giggle causing me to burn pink.

"Thank you, Alice for the wonderful wake up call. Now can you please leave the room, and we'll be out in a few." I responded with a sigh.

"If you're not ready in a half-hour, I'm coming to get you." She ordered leaving the room.

I took a deep breath before looking at my fiancée. The word itself made me smile. It was still hard to believe that it was all real. Edward was sound asleep again face down his arm around my stomach and his head on my pillow. He looked exceptionally gorgeous when he slept his hair all disheveled.

"Edward." I whispered running my fingers through his hair.

"Five more minutes, Love." He replied kissing my shoulder.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, and then I'll come wake you up." I explained knowing that he had not heard a word I said.

I slipped out of bed slipping one of his shirts on before looking through the suitcase for my clothes. I heard some incoherent mumbling and couldn't help, but laugh as Edward reached out in the empty bed looking for me. He simply frowned when his mission proved unsuccessful.

When I came out of the shower I saw that he had already chosen his clothes and was waiting patiently for me to vacate the shower. "I thought you were asleep." I commented as I went over to kiss him good morning.

"I was, but I can't sleep without you. The bed feels empty." He explained as he gently tapped my bottom before disappearing into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later we were all on our way to breakfast. "It seems you two had fun last night." Jasper said with a chuckle.

"Who knew our innocent Bella was a screamer?" Emmett added causing me to turn even redder.

"Really guys that's it. I don't make fun of you guys." I complained before going to get my breakfast.

The teasing continued from Emmett and Jasper throughout breakfast. They had even gone as far as to mimic me screaming Edward's name. Not even Edward's glare had any effect on them.

"You know they do it, because it bugs you." Edward told me as we finally made it to MGM.

"I know, but it really gets on my nerves." I answered while walking into the park.

"Where do we start? I really don't want to stand in line all day." Alice asked.

"Well, there's bound to be lines everywhere since some people made us late." Rose interjected looking straight at Edward and I.

"They were kind of busy." Jasper commented leaning on Emmett to laugh.

"Harder, Edward." Emmett yelled as a family quickly moved away from us.

"Can you drop it?" Edward finally said with a scowl. "Yes, Bella and I had sex last night, and we have established the fact that we were loud. The problem with you two is that you're jealous your not getting any." He finished as he took my hand leading us towards the Tower of Terror.


I led Bella down towards the ride knowing full well that the immature cast we called friends were trailing behind us. The first time they said the joke was funny, but the constant badgering was getting old. It was really starting to upset Bella.

"I'll get them back, don't worry." I assured as the perfect plan formulated in my head.

"How?" She questioned.

"Well, Jasper still hasn't done his dare." I said with a mischievous smile as I explained to her what I had planned.

I waited patiently as we made the line for Tower of Terror. I could not put my plan into action until I got to speak to Jasper by himself; I couldn't risk anyone else hearing, as that would ruin the entire plan.

"You seem awfully quiet." Emmett said as he leaned on the fountain that decorated the line to Tower of Terror.

"Just thinking." I answered with a shrug.

The ride was extremely exciting as Bella held on to me tightly. I loved riding all the scary rides with her, because it gave me the chance to hold on to her. I knew I didn't need an excuse to hold her, but it made me feel good. Like she felt I could protect her even against the supernatural.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Emmett announced as he drained his fifth soft drink of the morning.

"I should go too." Bella added winking at me before the girls followed her. I was very glad that women were incapable of going to the bathroom by themselves.

"Jasper, old friend, old buddy." I began sitting next to him on a bench.

"What do you want?" He asked arching an eyebrow.

"I believe you still have a dare to complete." I said with a calculating smile.

"Bring it on." He said with a cocky grin. "You know I never turn down a dare."

I simply laughed. "Alright, Mr. Dare, I dare you to make out with Rosalie before the end of the day. Without telling anybody, including Alice, it was a dare until after the kiss is finished."

I watched as his brain registered the full extent of what I had dared him to do. "You have got to be kidding, Edward. I can't do that to Alice, she'll never hear me out."

"You have until the end of the day." I simply stated as everyone returned.

"Rockin' Roller Coaster time." Alice said happily pulling Jasper's hand as we walked towards it.

"Did you?" Bella questioned giggling as she saw me nod. "This should be fun."

Jasper seemed preoccupied with his thoughts throughout the entire line. I had purposely picked the dare, because it would affect all four of them. They had all spent the morning teasing Bell and I, and now they were going to pay. I knew Jasper was going to do it. He never passed a dare over. He had even stolen the rival school mascot while we were undergraduates. It was part of who he was.

I smiled as Bella danced to the music as we got off the ride. "That was one of the best rides I have ever been on." She said to me kissing me lightly.

"It really is great." Rose commented dancing along as I noticed Jasper watching her obviously calculating what he was going to do.

After a quick lunch and watching a few shows we were waiting for the Star Tours ride. Jasper and Rose were both leaning against the railing talking quietly, and I noticed that Alice and Bella were also lost in their own conversation.

I turned to look for Emmett when all of a sudden I hear a squeal and a slap as Jasper pounced on Rose kissing her fully on the lips.

"What the fuck?" Emmett screamed pushing Jasper off Rose.

Alice looked to be on the verge of tears as she looked at Jasper in shock. While Bella was trying hard to hold back a laugh. "It's not what it looks like!" Jasper defended himself.

"It looks like you had your lips all over Rose, and I know she wasn't choking." Emmett glared at Jasper.

"Let me explain." He cried.

"You better start." Alice said her hands on her hips.

"It was a dare." He said pointing at me. "He dared me to kiss Rose, and you know me. I never pass on a dare."

Emmett, Alice and Rose turned to me eyeing me angrily as Bella started laughing uncontrollably. "Why I ought to pound you to the ground." Emmett said scowling.

"How dare you?" Rose cried in outrage.

"All of you have been relentless with the teasing. So I thought payback should only be fair." I explained as Alice turned to Jasper.

"I never ever want you to kiss another woman even if it's a dare. Do I make myself clear Jasper? She stated.

"Crystal." He said before hugging his girlfriend tightly and kissing the top of her head. "I really am sorry everyone."

The rest of the day proved to be very enjoyable. Rose and Emmett disappeared right after the stunt show. Bella later explained that cars were a major turn on to Rose and that she needed some time alone to relieve her tension. I didn't ask any other question, because it really wasn't my business.

As night began to fall we all made our way to the Fantasmic production. I was was very excited to see it, because I had never seen it. The stadium was packed as we all crammed into the seats awaiting the start of what was sure to be a brilliant show.

I held Bella's body close to mine as we saw the show. I was extremely happy to be with Bella she was my everything, and she was my wife-to-be. She was everything I ever hoped for in a woman, but so much more. And even though our fairytale trip to Disney was coming to an end. I knew that our fairytale was just beginning. And I was looking forward to my happily ever after.

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