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Chapter 2 – Fear ahead

DG walked away from the main hall with fury building up inside of her. She washed her face violently, rubbing a little too hard, adding redness to her already angry face. She was too mad to be delicate. She didn't mind hearing things she did not want to hear, as long as she had the chance to respond. Here was her response.

She burst through the doors of the kitchen, looking around for Cain. He sat by a cooking table on the far left side of the door, eating a brown, square-shaped fruit. DG stomped her way to him, thrusting a heavy hand onto the table. She was too mad, her thoughts needed a second for recollection. Cain looked up slightly surprised, confused and waited for her to speak up.

"YOU IDIOT!" was all DG could come up with, from the mess her thoughts were.

"What? I only did what I always do, I reported the day's events to your mother..." Cain said calmly.

"THAT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE AN IDIOT! What were you THINKING? That my mother was just going to say 'BAD GIRL!' and leave it at that? She doesn't trust me already! You have no business trying to make this worse!" DG said angrily, looking Cain in the eye.

Cain stood up slowly, turned his back to her so he could wash his mouth on the sink to get the uber sweet taste away from it. DG didn't let him. Cain was pulled by a small but strong hand, which gripped his arm very firmly.

"You do not get time OUT on this one. You have to realize that you just FUCKED UP. This was not fair. I didn't even agree to have you following me around, do you think you have the RIGHT to tell on every slip I make to my parents, KNOWING what will happen?" DG got really close, yelling her guts out. She was too pissed off to think anything else.

"Princess, I'm going to say this once. Let go of my arm, step back and calm yourself down. I did my duty. All there is to it. It was your mistake, not mine." Cain said, getting red in the face. This shouldn't be a discussion. He did what he had to do, and nothing more.

DG lifted herself on her toes and said coldly, "I won't obey you. You're not someone who deserves my respect anymore. Somehow I think that you've confused what your job here is. It's time you stop acting like my buddy and trying to gain my trust. You just managed to lose it." DG looked deeply in his eyes, trying as hard as she could to express her hatred.

Cain took a deep breath. She was too close. He couldn't really focus on what she was saying. He could feel her hot breath on his skin, right near his mouth. This was not good. Cain held DG by the wrist of the hand that gripped him, pulling it off him. He turned his back to the princess and walked to the door, thinking of how to explain himself. When he looked back, he could see the tears swelling up on DG's eyes again. It broke his heart.

"Princess… I'm your protector, but most of all I believe I am your friend. I did what I did not because I thought you deserved to be scolded, but because you needed a warning. You need to understand the danger you're in, and why we want you safe. Why we need you safe. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me, and I hope we can continue being friends. If you can't have that.. I'll just fulfil my duty as your body guard without bothering you." Cain managed to say, holding back the need to say much more. Holding back the need to wipe her tears himself, and tell her everything was going to be alright.

DG closed her eyes, feeling the warm tears slide though her cheeks. Her spirits were settling down. She now went over everything she had said inside her head, and regret came as fast as the anger. She passed Cain by the door without looking him in the eye, praying he would hold her. But he did no such thing, and obviously, no such thing should be done. She hurried through the corridors, entering her room and locking her door. She sat down against it, hoping to block everything else away from her.

Cain felt miserable. He felt a desperate need to follow her, make her feel safe. But it wasn't his place to do that. He was someone who was there to protect her, his feelings had no place in this equation. Cain decided to guard her door, just to be on the safe side. He stood near her room, focusing on the wall. Blocking all thought from his mind.

Inside, DG got up, slowly. Tears had fallen and dried already. She felt like such a drama queen. She started thinking about her old self. She would mock herself so badly if she was watching this scene: a girl crying on the floor over her mom and the guy she so desperately loves. Pff, ridiculous. She decided it was time she shook this off. Grow up. She went for a shower, a much needed one. Peeling off her clothes, something strange caught her eye after she threw her jeans on the floor of her room. A piece of paper on her right pocket. She didn't remember putting anything in there. She took it and analysed it. On it, the following was written:

"Tell you precious "sister" we're coming to save her from you. Our queen is still in there, we know. We never stopped believing."

She let out a scream. A long, piercing scream. Cain burst through her door with his shoulder, fearing for her life. He caught one glimpse of DG standing there in her t-shirt and panties and his whole face turned dark red. He was frozen in place.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Look. LOOK, CAIN! LOOK AT THIS!" DG shrieked.

Cain shut his eyes as strongly as he possibly could.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, princess, I didn't mean to, it's just that, er, you screamed... and I … I'm so sorry!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? LOOK AT THIS!" DG got close to him and forced the paper at his face. "LOOK!"

Cain opened one eye, afraid of DG being there completely naked. His head was gone, he thought. But then he read part of the note. And his blood suddenly ran cold.

"What is this? Are you joking with me?" Cain looked pissed off.

"Of course not, what the hell? Do you really think I'd joke about my sister?"

"Then we have a problem. Are you okay? Where did you find this? What happened?"

"I just.. I was going to take a shower, I'm fine, I just took my pants off and it was there on my pocket, and... OH SHI-" DG suddenly realised she was nearly naked next to Wyatt Cain. And it dawned on Cain, as well.

Frantic movements followed: DG grasped her jeans back, trying to hide herself and put it on at the same time. Cain shut his eyes and meant to leave and shut the door, but the door was on the ground, and his eyes were shut, so he fell down.

Quite the funny scene for onlookers, as Az and Glitch were just outside the door, having heard DG scream. Glitch laughed and Az looked red, really really red. Obviously for them, something entirely different was going on. Sadly, it was not the case. Danger was imminent.


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