AN: As promised, the one-shot outtake showing Minato's and Tsunade's reactions to seeing Naruto while he was fighting Sasuke in the Arena.


Tsunade watched as the Uchiha stopped and saw his eyes widen as he turned around. Wondering what had confounded the Uchiha enough, she glanced in the direction he was facing and silently gasped, her hands coming to clutch at the railing in front of her as her mind spun as she spotted Naruto. She barely noticed Jiraiya in the background as he turned a pale shade and eyed the door or Minato who stood in shock.

"Naruto…" She murmured under her breath, absently noticing that Minato had gone stiff as a board.

The small part of her brain that wasn't busy spouting gibberish or making plans of how to hurt Jiraiya watched Naruto as he stalked towards Sasuke, noting the drastic changes to Naruto. She skimmed over the physical changes, focusing mostly on the fox ears that were currently flattened in anger, the angry fox tail and most of all the fox legs that were moving in a deathly controlled manner.

He's definitely changed… Tsunade thought, observing Naruto's lean muscles as they shifted, predatory in their manner. She wasn't too shocked when the genin lunged forward, taking advantage of Sasuke's surprise to end the battle.

She stood absorbed in thought until Jiraiya tried to make his escape. Her eyes narrowed as she remembered that Jiraiya had known both where Naruto had traveled, and shortly after that he had befriended the "Wandering Kitsune". Acting quickly, the busty Hokage threw a spattering of kunai.

"You knew." She hissed through clenched teeth.

Minato narrowed his eyes, waiting for the smoke to clear so he could see who had unnerved the younger Uchiha. From what he'd seen of the boy's fighting style, it took something unusual to throw him so off balance- The Sharingan user was obviously used to dominating a fight, either overtly or covertly.

Finally the smoke cleared and Minato froze as he spotted the strange individual who had shaken the Uchiha. Blue eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of blonde hair, spiked like his, bound into a low ponytail. He barely had time to register that the young teen was sporting fox-like appendages when he heard Tsunade mumble a name that made him stiffen.

"Naruto…" Minato felt his head spin as his eyes darted back to take a second look at who he now knew to be his son, his offspring, and the one he had sealed the Kyuubi inside. His heart dropped into the pit of his stomach as he noticed the clawed fingertips as Naruto spoke in a roughened voice. What happened, the seal should've prevented anything like this from even starting to happen… Minato thought to himself as he watched Naruto bowl Sasuke over and pinned the pale Uchiha to the ground in a style more akin to something an Inuzukawould attempt.

He flinched when Naruto stood up and glanced up towards him, raw anger flickering in crimson eyes as the teen exited the stadium floor. Wait, what am I doing? He asked himself, I've got to go after him! With that thought in mind, the former Hokage bolted from the room as Tsunade's fist started towards a helpless Jiraiya